Amidst a territorial gang war, a sophisticated alien hunter stalks the citizens of Los Angeles and the only man between him and his prey is veteran L.A.P.D. officer, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan.

King Willie: You can't see the eyes of the demon, until him come callin'.
King Willie: [before the Predator kills him recites Psalm 87:1] His foundation lies in the holy mountains. Selah.
Predator: Shit happens.
[Harrigan runs through an old woman's apartment, chasing the Predator]
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: It's all right! I'm a cop!
Ruth: I don't think he gives a shit!
[Mike removes the Predator's mask]
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [whispering] You are one big ugly motherfu...
Predator: [grabs Mike by the throat] Motherfucker!
[Throws Mike]
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: And that scares the shit out of me, kid. No one requests to come down here unless they're looking for a reputation. And there's no room for showboats or anyone looking to prove himself. Now, I won't stand for it. Now don't get me wrong, we need good cops down here and they say you're good at what you do. But the team comes first. You live by that and you'll be okay, and we'll all be there for you. Remember, the door swings both ways. That's it.
[Jerry gets up to leave]
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Hey, kid. Welcome to the war.
[first lines]
Reporter: As drought-ridden Los Angeles swelters in agonizing heat, drug lords wage bloody warfare in the streets. Yet another open conflict... Oh, fuck this, get me out of here!
Predator: Want some candy?
Gold Tooth: King Willie says, not only do I have to kill you, but I have to take your soul. Voodoo magic. Fucking voodoo magic, man!
Gold Tooth: But you know what? I tell you what I believe: shit happens!
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: I found this in the rafters near where I found Danny's necklace. I thought you might want to have a look at it.
[hands Predator weapon to lab woman]
Irene Edwards: It has almost no weight.
[feels it delicately with her fingers]
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Yeah but it cuts like steel.
Irene Edwards: let me do an analysis.
[reacts to analysis]
Irene Edwards: Astounding. It doesn't match anything on the periodical table of elements.
Tony Pope: Hey, Harrigan! More victims, more mutilations!
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [punches Pope] Fuck you!
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [talking to himself] I can do it. I can do it. Just like falling off a log.
[his Desert Eagle handgun falls from the holster]
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Like a thirty-story log. Damn.
Peter Keyes: How many times do I have to tell you? You don't know what you're dealing with.
[clicks on computer]
Peter Keyes: There's your killer. Wonderful isn't it? Pheromone signatures left by his body. These are scent molecules.
[to worker]
Peter Keyes: Punch up for me. Ten years ago one of his kind stalked and eliminated an elite special forces crew in central America. There were two survivors. They indicated that when trapped, the creature activated a self-destruct device that destroyed enough rainforest to cover 300 city blocks. Remarkable weaponry. That's right lieutenant. Other-world life-forms.
El Scorpio: Come and get it! El Scorpio is ready!
Leona Cantrell: Mike. Mike, goddamn it. This ain't your personal little war, you know. I loved Danny too.
Jerry Lambert: Lieutenant, I've paid my dues. I had to bust my ass to get my transfer.
Peter Keyes: Finally. Grab a seat. Enjoy the show. This is history.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [grabbing Keyes and violently pinning him against the wall] Listen, shithead. I don't give a fuck who you really are or what you want with this asshole... because now it's personal, and he's a dead man.
Peter Keyes: The concept of what you're dealing with is way over your head. I'm warning you...
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: You!
[shoving Keyes back against the wall]
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: You don't know what you're dealing with... and i'm warning you: stay the fuck out of my way!
King Willie: They say you want to talk to me. They say you offering me favors. Tell me why, Babylon, Mr. Policeman.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Look, I don't care how big this is or who's involved. This guy killed Danny and he's going to fall!
[Harrigan has stabbed Predator in stomach with its smart disc, then shouts]
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Get it straight, asshole!
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [while pulling the smart disc out] Shit happens!
Leona Cantrell: I have heard about you.
Jerry Lambert: Yeah?
Leona Cantrell: Yeah. Like your last partner got shot.
Jerry Lambert: What?
Leona Cantrell: Well...
Leona Cantrell: [grabs Jerry's testicles] Try that cowboy shit with me, fucker, and you can kiss these goodbye.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [is surrounded by more Predators, drops the Predator's disc] Okay. Who's next?
[last lines]
Garber: Harrigan! What the fuck happened in there? Huh? Goddamn it. We came so close!
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Don't worry, asshole. You'll get another chance.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: OK pussyface, it's your move.
Tony Pope: This is Tony Pope, live from L.A., the city of fear, where the psycho vigilante killer continues his daily diet for murder. Bodies strung out. Bodies with the skins ripped off. The hearts torn from the cadavers. And just recently, King Willie, the drug lord, the vicious drug lord, found in an alley just around the corner with his head cut off, and his spinal column torn from the body. A fitting demise to the Prince of Powder.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Hey, what the hell's going on here, Heinemann?
Captain Phil Heinemann: Insubordination, disregard for direct orders from a supervising officer! Now get back to your cage at Alvarado!
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: I'll show you insubordination, you son of a bitch!
Leona Cantrell: Hey, are your balls okay?
Jerry Lambert: Fine. How are yours?
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Shit! Why can't this guy stay on the ground?
Peter Keyes: It's taken us over two weeks to learn his patterns. He comes here every two days to feed. Seems he has a taste for beef.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: I didn't think he was a vegetarian.
Peter Keyes: Well, we've prepared a trap for this predator.
Tony Pope: Watch as we continue our report. Yes, the word is out; L.A is up for grabs. The spoils of our once fine city is going to the ruthless scum who can spread the most carnage and blood in our streets. Our latest update on the scoreboard; Five assorted trash and one good cop. One of the best on our force. Who's next you say? Where's the mayor? He's not even in the city!
Leona Cantrell: So, what happened to El Scorpio?
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Oh, he's out front having lunch.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [to Jerry] This is what I call the speech, kid. It's the only one I got and I only give it once, so pay attention. 'Til now, it's all been fun and games. "Cops and robbers," Dunkin Donuts. But you're in the shit now. Metro Command is a war zone.
Gold Tooth: This is not about money, this is about power. There's a new king in the streets. This is a message he has for your people: "you are history!" Fucking history. Goddamn puto.
Predator: [in a distorted voice after discovering Keyes' men in the slaughterhouse] Now you will die!
Jerry Lambert: Shit, if the Colombians did all this, then why'd they leave their boss Ramon over there hanging ten and his girlfriend naked on the floor?
King Willie: This is dread man. Truly dread.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Captain, Danny and I came up together. Fifteen years on the fucking street! Whoever killed him's gonna pay. I'm gonna finish it.
Captain B. Pilgrim: Heinemann's already been up my ass so far I won't be able to sit down for a week. We're not winning this war. As much as it's going to piss you off, you're going to have to play the game in this one.
Captain Phil Heinemann: You let me down, Mike. You're making me look bad. I thought we had an understanding. I put my ass on the line to get you here, and all I expect is a little cooperation! Now you were told that this was a federal matter, yet you disobeyed a direct order to stay out of the building.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Don't let this get out, Phil, but it's a fuckin' war down here.
Captain Phil Heinemann: You're a soldier, and you take orders. Now don't push it.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: We're fighting for our lives down there, and you're downtown pushin' pencils and kissing ass! I don't roll over for anybody, especially for the feds, without a goddamn good explanation!
Leona Cantrell: First Danny, then King Willie, and you were right there. He's playing with you Mike. You gotta be careful.
Jerry Lambert: Yeah. They're setting up these weird radar sensors all over downtown. I mean, I used my whole repertoire just to keep up with 'em. I had scanners on them, but they scrambled my shit up. They had equipment I can't even begin to touch, and then this morning... I lost 'em.
Subway Gang Leader: You look like a sympathetic dude. My partner here needs an operation, but we're a little short on cash if you know what I mean.
Tony Pope: Tony Pope, live with Hard Core. On the scene and in your face, it's like Dante's Hell down here. Smoke, fire, oppressive heat. As Columbian and Jamaican drug fiends once again transform the streets of L.A. into a slaughterhouse! Who the hell's in charge down here? The cops? Uh-uh! They're outmanned, outgunned, and incompetent! Mr. Mayor, on vacation at your home in Lake Tahoe: Get off your butt, get down here, and declare martial law!
Captain B. Pilgrim: What about ten commendations for valor? And the best felony arrest record in the history of this department?
King Willie: There's no stopping what can't be stopped, no killing what can't be killed.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: [reviewing the reports about the dead gang members in the opening shootout] All right Danny Boy, what have we got?
Danny Archuleta: What have we got? Five low life Scorpions make it into the building, the next minute they're all shish kebab, not one bullet wound.
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Well, it wasn't for drugs or money, there's a shitload of that for the taking. Maybe King Willie brought in some outside talent. He's making his big move.
Danny Archuleta: A pro would have split the moment he heard the action. More than one we would have seen them. Whoever did this waited until the last minute, and then took out five guys armed with machine guns by hand -ha!-, then got by us. Maybe we should give him a job and put him on the payroll.
Jerry Lambert: Okay everybody, just take a deep breath. Loosen your sphincters. We don't need any rush hour Rambos here.
Irene Edwards: He was boned like a fish.
Jerry Lambert: And you told me, lieutenant, "the only way you survive down here is because you're a team." "The door swings both ways," remember?
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: You're rippin' my dick off and shovin' it up my asshole!
Jerry Lambert: [noticing footage on a subway public television of himself assaulting Tony Pope] H-Hey, it's me! I look great!
Leona Cantrell: Oh, shut up.
Jerry Lambert: [to elderly man recognizing him from the footage] No autographs Pop.

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