When Keller Dover's daughter and her friend go missing, he takes matters into his own hands as the police pursue multiple leads and the pressure mounts. But just how far will this desperate father go to protect his family?

Keller Dover: Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.
Alex Jones: [whispering to Keller] They only cried when I left them.
Detective Loki: There's a bag of lye in your basement; it's half-empty... Your wife thinks you've been helping us... but we both know that's not true...
Keller Dover: I used the lye to bury our dog last year... And "helping a cop" sounds better than "I've been out driving around aimlessly in my truck 'cause I don't know what the fuck else to do."
Detective Loki: Is that what you were doing last Saturday night?
Keller Dover: Probably. Am I a suspect?
Detective Loki: No, I'm only asking... I'm only asking because your assaulted man has gone missing.
Keller Dover: [pauses] I heard about that. What happened...? I thought you had him under surveillance.
Detective Loki: [Stammers] I'm gonna assume you're asking because you have no idea.
Keller Dover: Yeah, well I didn't think it was something I could get away with.
Detective Loki: It's not...
Keller Dover: They skip town, this asshole is guilty. Oh, it couldn't be that, right? 'Cause then it'd be your fault, right?
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover... Mr. Dover.
Keller Dover: What?
Detective Loki: You need to take care of yourself and your wife; that's the best thing you can do right now... That little girl is gonna need you when she comes home.
Keller Dover: Kids gone for more than a week... have half as good a chance of being found. And half for a month, almost none are found alive, alright? So, forgive me for doing everything I can to f...
Detective Loki: You know what? It hasn't been a fucking week.
Detective Loki: You're right.
Detective Loki: Day fucking six!
Detective Loki: No.
Detective Loki: It hasn't been a fucking week!
Keller Dover: Day six.
[Eyes well with tears]
Keller Dover: And every day, she's wondering why I'm not there to fucking rescue her! Do you understand that? Me, not you! Not you! But me! EVERY DAY!
Detective Loki: All right...
[pauses as he looks at Detective, breathing heavily in anger; he begins repeatedly bashing his fist against the dashboard]
Detective Loki: Hey, hey, hey, hey...
[Calmly reaches his hand to Keller's shoulder to calm him down]
Keller Dover: [Sharply recoils Detective Loki's hand from his shoulder] Don't follow me.
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover, Mr. Dover...
[Keller sighs and turns to him]
Detective Loki: You don't think I'm gonna let you get behind the wheel after you've been drinking, do you?
Keller Dover: [Opens the car door] I'm gonna walk. You look for my daughter.
[Slams the car door shut]
Captain Richard O'Malley: You think this is gonna lead you to the bodies? Cause I sure as shit don't.
Detective Loki: Do me a favor, captain. Go fuck yourself.
Eliza Birch: Did you feel bad for that deer when you shot it?
Ralph Dover: Do you feel bad for cows when you go into McDonalds?
Keller Dover: He's not a person anymore. No, he stopped being a person when he took our daughters.
Detective Loki: Alex Jones, unfortunately has the I.Q. of a 10 year-old. There's no way someone with the I.Q. of a 10 year-old could abduct 2 girls in broad daylight and then... somehow dissppear.
Keller Dover: Well, maybe he wasn't on his own. How could he drive an RV if he has an I.Q. of a 10 year-old?
[first lines]
Keller Dover: Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and forever. Amen.
Ralph Dover: [shoots a deer]
Keller Dover: Why aren't you sending someone out to go arrest this guy?
Captain Richard O'Malley: Tell Detective Loki what you just told me, and he'll definitely look into it. Go ahead.
Keller Dover: [sighs and turns to Loki] That asshole you promised me you'd keep in custody... Right? And you didn't... And right now, when I grabbed him in the parking lot, he said right to my fucking face, "They didn't cry until I left them." Right to my fucking face!
Detective Loki: He said that to you in the parking lot just now?
Keller Dover: Right now! Yeah! What did I just say? In the parking lot! Before you grabbed me off him.
Detective Loki: Did anyone else hear him besides you?
Keller Dover: I don't know... He was quiet. He-he said it to me. He wanted me to know.
Detective Loki: Are you sure he said that?
Keller Dover: What?
Detective Loki: Are you sure that's what he said?
Keller Dover: Jesus Christ, you think I'm making this up?
Detective Loki: No, I don't think that, I just...
Keller Dover: Why would I make this up? No, no think about! Why would I make this up?
Detective Loki: I'm not saying that to you. I'm just asking you a couple questions... I will talk to him, okay?
Keller Dover: No, don't talk to him! Arrest him!
[Storms out]
Detective Loki: [Turns to Captain O'Malley] What'd I fucking tell you...? What'd I tell you? One more day.
Keller Dover: [Stammers] My-my son already told you th-that the guy was inside the RV just watching them... right?
Detective Loki: We haven't found any physical evidence inside the RV... or at his aunt's house, where he lives.
Keller Dover: Nothing...?
Detective Loki: Alex Jones, unfortunately, has the IQ of a ten year-old... There is no way that someone with an IQ of a ten year-old could abduct two girls in broad daylight and then... somehow, make the disappear.
Keller Dover: Uh, well, how can he drive an RV? If-if he can't answer a question...?
Detective Loki: Well, he has a legal Pennsylvania license.
Keller Dover: And he ran, right? They said he tried to run away.
Keller Dover: Why would he run?
Detective Loki: I've spent ten hours questioning this boy, okay? I hear what you're saying.
Keller Dover: Uh... did-did you give him a lie detector? You gave us a lie dete - did you give him one?
Detective Loki: Sir, I understand what you're asking me: yes we did.
Keller Dover: And?
Detective Loki: We gave him a lie detector, and there's no way of... A lie detector doesn't work if you don't understand the questions.
Keller Dover: Well, maybe he wasn't on his own... How can he drive RV if he has an IQ of a ten year-old?
Detective Loki: Sir, sir, hey, we are considering all possibilities...
Detective Loki: No, I-I-I hear what you're saying, I - S-sir, sir...
Keller Dover: I don't think you are considering all possibilities.
Keller Dover: No, you listen to me! Just shut the fuck up for a fucking second!
[Grace jumps, startled at his frustration and cries softly]
Detective Loki: Here's what I'm gonna need you to do for me: I need you to calm down.
Keller Dover: [Trembles] I'm sorry. I'm s-sorry... Please listen to me for a second...
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover... I understand that this is an incredibly hard time, but I have every uniformed police officer in this State looking for Anna.
Keller Dover: [Fights back tears] I don't understand what any of this means; they said he ran... They said he tried to get away. I don't understand w-why he would try to... run away.
Detective Loki: We're considering all possibilities, Mr. Dover. I hear what you're saying. I'm not crossing anybody off my list... Just... let me do my job.
Keller Dover: He stays in custody till my daughter is found right? Right?
Detective Loki: We have a 48-hour hold on him. It ends tomorrow unless we bring charges.
Keller Dover: Well, then charge him with something... Charge him!
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover...
Keller Dover: [Interrupts] Detective, Detective. Two little girls have *gotta* worth whatever little rule you gotta break to keep that asshole in custody. Now, I know you can't promise me anything, I understand that. But I'm asking you, be sure. Be 100% sure...
[Loki nods]
Keller Dover: Thank you... I appreciate it.
Keller Dover: You wasted your time... you wasted your time following me. You let that happen.
Keller Dover: [driving along] You know the most important thing your granddad ever taught me? Hmm? Be ready. Hurricane, flood, whatever it ends up being. No more food gets delivered to the grocery store, gas stations dry up. People just turn on each other, and uh, all of a sudden all that stands between you and being dead is you.
Captain Richard O'Malley: Look, kid, we can't always save the day. All right? We're just cops. Janitors.
[repeated line]
Detective Loki: Tell me what you're drawing.
Detective Loki: I'm gonna find your daughters.
Keller Dover: Don't talk to them.
Ralph Dover: [Looks up at Keller, confused and distraught] Eliza told me they're dead... Is it true?
Keller Dover: No.
Ralph Dover: Well, she said... they found... their bloody clothes...
Keller Dover: Don't you tell your mother that. Don't you *dare* tell your mother that. Do you understand me? Now, I need you to listen to me...
[Whispers harshly]
Keller Dover: I need you to stay and run the house for a couple of days; and you make sure she does not watch the news and when the paper comes, you just throw it the fuck away! Listen to me... We do *not* give up on your sister. We do *not*!
[pauses, while trembling]
Keller Dover: I'm gonna find her... I'm gonna bring her home; we do not give up.
Ralph Dover: You're gonna bring her *home*? She's *dead*, *you* can't do anything, you've been leaving me and mom here while you've been going out and getting *fucking drunk*! You think I can't smell it on you - ?
Keller Dover: [Keller grabs Ralph's shoulders, whips him around and pins him against the wall in a fury] *SHUT UP*!
Keller Dover: Where's my daughter?
Keller Dover: Someone has to make him talk or they're gonna die!
Detective Loki: Just let me do my job.
Keller Dover: Why didn't you look for my daughter?

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