The vampire Lestat becomes a rock star whose music wakes up the queen of all vampires.

Jesse: Boo.
Lestat: Boo back.
Lestat: You're beautiful to me because you're human. Your frailty. Your short years. Your heart. All that suddenly seems more precious than anything I've ever known.
Jesse: I'm not as precious as you think.
David Talbot: Can I ask...?
Jesse: What's it like?
David Talbot: Yes.
Jesse: Do you want to find out?
David Talbot: Me? No, no - I'm too old to live forever.
[first lines]
Lestat: [voiceover] There comes a time for every vampire when the idea of eternity becomes momentarily unbearable. Living in the shadows, feeding in the darkness with only your own company to keep, rots into a solitary, hollow existence. Immortality seems like a good idea, until you realize you're going to spend it alone. So I went to sleep, hoping that the sounds of the passing eras would fade out, and a sort of death might happen. But as I lay there, the world didn't sound like the place I had left, but something different.
[rock music begins]
Lestat: Better. It became worthwhile to rise again as new gods were born and worshipped. Night and day, they were never alone. I would become one of them.
Lestat: Whether it was that first meal, or a hundred years of rest, I'm not sure. But suddenly I was feeling better than ever. My senses so high they led me straight to the instrument of my resurrection, playing in my old house.
Club Vampire: Like him, do you?
Akasha: He reminds me of someone.
Club Vampire: All he's going to remind you of soon is a pile of bones. We're going to dismember him, bleed him dry.
Akasha: Really? Is that what you're going to do?
Lestat: Boo! That was quite a performance. You should learn to be more careful.
Jesse: Thanks.
Lestat: For what?
Jesse: You saved me.
Lestat: How presumptuous.
Lestat: A London goth. It's funny. I would have pegged you for a Talamascan.
Jesse: Maybe in another light.
LA Groupie: I'm an Episcopalian!
Roger: And I'm a friggin' Buddhist. Uh, Lestat...
Lestat: Roger, would you take our little Episcopalian back to church?
Jesse: [Lestat turns to walk away] I know something that wasn't in your journal.
Lestat: Oh. What is that?
Jesse: You still have the violin, don't you.
Lestat: I don't have time for this.
Jesse: All a vampire has is time.
Lestat: Not this one!
Lestat: So, you know Marius?
Jesse: I know a lot of things.
Lestat: Not how to stay alive, apparently.
Jesse: Oh, I guess we have that in common, though I think I'm a little ahead of the race, here.
Lestat: Well, I can fix that.
[reaches for her neck]
Jesse: [quickly] Your song "Redeemer" is about the girl with the violin? Right? Right?
Lestat: Right? What else do you think you know?
Jesse: [nervous] I...
Lestat: You're... shaking.
Jesse: I'm cold.
Lestat: Still cold?
[backing her up against a wall]
Lestat: So, go on, tell me more about me.
Jesse: You want...
Lestat: What do I want?
Jesse: You yearn...
Lestat: What do I yearn?
[pierces her finger]
Lestat: What do I yearn?
[sucks the blood from her finger]
Jesse: To walk with the living... out of the cold dark wasteland of eternity.
Club Vampire: Your host... what's his name?
Jesse: Marius?
Club Vampire: Marius... Never heard of him.
Jesse: Of course you wouldn't, he's an ancient.
Club Vampire: There aren't any ancients left.
Club Vampire: They all turned to dust.
Club Vampire: So unless you got him in a bottle somewhere...
Jesse: You know you're brave joking like that, I wish you could meet him.
Club Vampire: And why's that?
Jesse: Because you might learn something.
Akasha: My children. Warms my blood to see you all gathered plotting against me.
Maharet: Akasha.
Akasha: Maharet. You will address my king first.
Jesse: Lestat, what has she done to you?
Marius: Lestat, step aside.
Lestat: Never.
Maharet: The world has changed since you reigned.
Akasha: Then we shall change it back. Human are animals. Brute creatures. Their destruction can only make sense.
Marius: Akasha, please!
Akasha: You think you can change my will? I've had enough of this discussion. Join me or die!
Maharet: I will not.
Pandora: I will not.
Armand: I will not.
Marius: I will not.
Akasha: [to Lestat] Do you love me?
Lestat: Yes.
Akasha: Then prove it. Kill her.
Lestat: She means nothing to me.
Akasha: Just the same. I'd like for you to kill her.
Maharet: You will not touch her!
Akasha: You dare to challenge me, Maharet?
Jesse: No it's all right, Aunt Maharet. It's what I want.
Akasha: How sweet.
Akasha: [after Jesse is killed] See my children? Remember your real family, or join hers.
Lestat: [after sensing Akasha has awoken] Akasha!
Marius: Arisen. She has taken the King's blood; absorbed his power.
Lestat: Good. Let her come.
Marius: Cancel the concert.
Lestat: Never.
Marius: You're no match for her Lestat, you're not a god. We were once mortals, too; it is our heritage we protect.
Lestat: Such reverence for mortals. Then you should have left me as one.
[Maharet has just become a living statue]
Armand: She drank Akasha's last drop. She took Akasha's death into herself.
Marius: She's not dead. She sleeps.
Marius: [sarcastic] Impressive. Reminds me of old mad Druids running around chanting in the forest. A return to the primitive.
Lestat: Out there. My fans. Thousands and thousands. They worship me. Millions of arms reach out to embrace, beg me to come into their lives.
Marius: It's what you've always wanted.
Lestat: With all my black little heart.
Marius: Do you think of anyone but yourself?
Lestat: I only have myself. You taught me that.
Marius: It may be time to get ready for some company.
Lestat: What's that supposed to mean?
Marius: [referring to Akasha] Your music's woken a very old friend...
Lestat: [looks at Marius, trying to understand]
Marius: Can't you hear it? Or is the applause all you can hear now?
[last lines]
Marius: Hello, David.
Lestat: [voice over] Many times since, I have called to Marius. I howled into the night in loneliness and pain. But there was no answer, just the endless procession of days, months, years... My teacher left me to my darkest lesson, that in the end, we are alone.
Lestat: Many times I've called for Marius, but there was no answer. Just the endless procession of days, months, years... My teacher left me to my darkest lesson, that in the end, we are alone, and there is nothing but the cold, dark wasteland of eternity.
Club Vampire: Hi.
Jesse: Hi.
Club Vampire: Come here often?
Jesse: All the time.
Club Vampire: [Inspecting Jesse's neck] I don't see any marks.
Jesse: Well, you haven't seen the rest of my body.
Club Vampire: Is that an invitation?
Jesse: Sorry, I'm taken.
Club Vampire: And, where is your host?
Jesse: Oh... he's here somewhere.
Lifestyle Journalist: Do you have anything you want to say to the other vampires listening out there?
Lestat: As a matter of fact, I do. Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Lestat: Well, that makes you a very clever librarian, Talamascan. I knew I left that journal somewhere. So, was it a good read?
Jesse: It touched me.
Lestat: Did it now? Don't worry, Jesse. Your kind never satisfies my thirst.
Lestat: How did you manage to slip through the 50's in red velvet?
Marius: I slept.
Lestat: Don't think you've missed much.
Marius: Elvis?
Lestat: Elvis, yes.
Marius: You're bigger than he is now.
Lestat: With all my black little heart.
Lestat: Akasha!
Akasha: Why so surprised, my love? You've called, I've come.
Lestat: My love?
Akasha: Never fear me, Lestat. All of your wishes have come true.
Lestat: My wishes?
Akasha: For a companion. Someone to share eternity with. You're bold like your music. You live your life in the open like I did... long ago... when I had a king.
Lestat: Had a king?
Akasha: He is no more. Now you are my consort. That's why I kept you safe... alive!
Lestat: You?
Akasha: [smirks] You thought it was all you? The ego of a king as well. Yes! I know you, Lestat. I know you crave to have the world at your feet. So I've come to give it to you.
Lestat: Where are we?
Akasha: We are home. We live everywhere and anywhere we choose. The world is our garden.
Lestat: [meeting for the first time in 200 years] So, after all this time, what's the occasion?
Marius: You've just become very hard to avoid these days, at least in conversation. What are you trying to prove Lestat?
Lestat: Oh please, it's a little too late to come over all paternal now Marius. Two-hundred years and not a word from you.
Marius: You almost cost me everything, and now you've done it again. This isn't the time to settle old scores.
Lestat: Vampires don't settle old scores, we harbor them.
Lestat: From that moment on, they were my friends, my children, my band. Giving the world a new god... me.
Lestat: [in a TV interview broadcast worldwide - talking to all the vampires listening] Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Lestat: [chained to a bed] More!
Marius: I don't think so, my little lord.
Lestat: Let me go!
Marius: No. You've drunk the purest of blood, seen the oldest of things. Far too much for one as young as you.
Lestat: Her blood is like liquid fire. Who is she?
Marius: She is your mother. She is my mother. Akasha, queen of all who are damned. And he is her king. Akasha and Enkil nearly drank the earth dry when they ruled over Egypt. They drank and drank until Enkil lost his will to drink. Without a mate by her side, she lost hers. They became living statues. She has no respect for anything, except for the taste of blood: human and immortal alike.
Lestat: No! Release me!
[breaks through his chains, but Marius stops him]
Marius: She has made you quite powerful.
Lestat: You'll not stop me!
Marius: I can hear her blood in your voice. In all those years I've kept them, not once have they moved.
Lestat: Until tonight, and she chose me.
Marius: I chose you!
Marius: A vampire's life is a life of discretion.
Lestat: Discretion? Why should we hide, Marius? We are the powerful. We are the immortal. We should walk fearless in the open.
[They both stop to watch a girl playing a violin]
Marius: That cannot be. We are vulnerable during the day. Mortals must never know of us.
Lestat: So I could never know her?
Marius: Not unless you wanted to kill her.
Lestat: So I can never be known?
Marius: You must be dead to the world.
London Groupie: I heard that Lestat keeps all his girls in his cellar, and it's really nice and they give you food and cable and weed.
London Groupie: Oh, please.
London Groupie: That's what I heard. But you have to let him suck you on your neck whenever he wants.
London Groupie: Doesn't sound too bad. I've done worse.
London Groupie: I'll say.
Roger: This way, girls.
[Teaching Lestat how to kill]
Marius: Appreciate your prey.
Journalist: Yes, but these other vampires, aren't they going to be pissed off at you giving away their secrets?
Lestat: Mmmmm... I imagine they are... Yes...!