We shot 'Delusion' in the middle of the desert and outside of Las Vegas where they did those underground nuclear bomb testings. So I only ate oysters and drank coffee because I didn't want to turn into a mutant. Jennifer Rubin
He who would search for pearls must dive below. John Dryden
Ten percent of the big fish still remain. There are still some blue whales. There are still some krill in Antarctica. There are a few oysters in Chesapeake Bay. Half the coral reefs are still in pretty good shape, a jeweled belt around the middle of the planet. There's still time, but not a lot, to turn things around. Sylvia Earle
Pearl is a disease of oysters. Levant is a disease of Hollywood. Kenneth Tynan
My style was nostalgic and involved pearls and penny loafers, always with the pennies in them. Mia Sara

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