A man with a thirst for revenge builds a full body armor from Kevlar and goes on a killing spree.

Gelato Server: [In the middle of the killing spree, Williamson walks into the same coffee shop from yesterday]
Gelato Server: Uh, hey, man, how are you?
Bill Williamson: Oh, hey man! You remember me?
Gelato Server: Uh...
Bill Williamson: Why don't you make me a Double-expresso... Macchiato... with extra foam?
Gelato Server: Uh, you got it.
[Is about to go make it]
Bill Williamson: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why don't you make it like your life depends on it?
[Gelato server starts to make the Macchiato]
Bill Williamson: With extra foam!
[continues to make it, still nervous]
Bill Williamson: You like to take your sweet fucking time, don't you?
Gelato Server: [Finishes] There you go.
[Gives him the macchiato]
Bill Williamson: [Looks at it and begins laughing manically] Why is it so difficult? I mean, how hard can it be?
Bill Williamson: I'm gonna give you five seconds to get the fuck out of here.
[Points gun at him]
Bill Williamson: I'm gonna start counting right now. One...
Gelato Server: Are you serious?
Bill Williamson: [Yelling] Yeah! Yeah, I'm pretty fucking serious! One!
[Gelato Server begins to run]
Bill Williamson: Two, hurry up, motherfucker!
[Gelato Server is now running out into the streets]
Bill Williamson: Run, Forrest! Now you're getting it!
[Points gun]
Bill Williamson: FIVE, BITCH!
[kills Gelato Server]
Gelato Server: [Bill Williamson enters the coffee shop] Hey, how are you doing?
Bill Williamson: Great, man. Uh, Double-expresso Macchiato with extra foam.
Gelato Server: Sure, that'll be four-fifty.
[Williamson hands him money]
Gelato Server: Here's the change.
Bill Williamson: Thanks, man.
[Gelato server proceeds to make the macchiato]
Bill Williamson: Extra foam, man.
Gelato Server: Got it.
[hands him the macchiato]
Gelato Server: Here you go.
Bill Williamson: [Looks and see's there's barely foam] Uh, it's not what I ordered.
Gelato Server: Yeah, it is.
Bill Williamson: That's not a Macchiato, man. There's no foam in there at all.
Gelato Server: Yeah, there is. There's some right there.
Bill Williamson: No, no, no. A LOT of foam. Dude, look, this is like half-milk. That's not a Macchiato.
Gelato Server: But there's foam in there.
[Takes it and puts in more foam and gives it back]
Gelato Server: There you go, more foam.
Bill Williamson: Yeah, but take some of the milk out of it, man!
Gelato Server: I'm not taking any of the milk out if it. This is a perfectly good Macchiato.
Bill Williamson: Give me back my money, man.
Gelato Server: I'm not giving you your money back.
Bill Williamson: I'm not paying for something I didn't order, man! Give me back my money!
Gelato Server: I make the best coffee in this town, man. Take your coffee and go!
Bill Williamson: I don't give a fuck about what you make, bro! I didn't order it and I don't want it!
Gelato Server: I don't care! That's a good coffee bro! Take it!
Bill Williamson: Why don't you take it and stick it up your ass?
[Storms out]
Gelato Server: Here, take a fucking roll while you're going out the door!
[Throws roll at Williamson]
Bill Williamson: [Stops to reload in the middle of the killing spree; spot's a terrified woman in the corner] Oh, hi! Scary shit, huh? Here we go.
[kills woman]
Bill Williamson: [Last lines]
[in a Vlog]
Bill Williamson: It's, uh... it's a downward spiral... to the end of all times and uh... there's no chance that we can survive. I mean 70 million people every year are brought onto this earth. What are they doing? Sucking up our resources. There's too many people. So, what do we do? Just keep them around? Let's kill them! Let's get rid of them! Good, thanks for coming out! But, uh, you know what? We're at capacity. We're at capacity now. So, uh, sorry. No more. No more. So, that's what I'll do. I mean, why not? That's my plan. That's what I wanna do. Let's just CLEAN the world... so that maybe some of us can sustain a little life! So, that's maybe what I'll do... in the future. I'll help you out. I'll help you out... and I will cleanse... make more room for you. I will exhibit my own brand of population control... for you. That's it.
[Walks off screen]
Title Card: Bill Williamson disappeared that same evening. Two years later, these statements were posted online.
[End credits roll]
Bill Williamson: [in a V-log] In nature, there's Survival of the Fittest. What separates us from the animals? It's our conscious. It's our ego. It's our sense of self. So all of the sudden, we care about ourselves too much. We care about our "fellow man" too much. We have to do whatever we can to keep them alive. You know, the animals just want to eat. They'll kill you so they can eat. Let's face it. If we can just... kill... everybody, you know, in the Third World... people with cancer, people who are sucking up our resources, maybe we can survive. You know, the Survival of the Fittest, that's a real theory... that's a way to create Malice.
Bill Williamson: [At a bingo hall looking at all of the old people; mutters] You guys don't need my help at all.
Bingo Server: Thank you for coming to Tenderville Bingo where everyone's a winner.
Bill Williamson: All talk, no action.
Bill Williamson: [In a Vlog] We're so precious, aren't we? Everyone's gotta live, everyone's gotta be happy... It's a joke. It's an absolute joke. Evan, that's what you didn't get. That's what you didn't get. You think people are equal? They're not. They're not.
Bill Williamson: [in a Vlog] Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan... you're such an idiot. You're like a drop in the bucket... and I just poured the bucket out. You couldn't do anything. All you could do is talk. Meaningless.

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