A former FBI agent turned small-town sheriff agrees to help the FBI chief infiltrate the Chicago mafia when the FBI chief's son is killed by them.

Baker: [reading ID] Joseph P. Brenner. What's the "P" stand for?
Mark Kaminsky: Pussy.
Mark Kaminsky: You should not drink and bake!
Mark Kaminsky: He molested, murdered and mutilated her.
Mark Kaminsky: [Splashes red paint in a gambler's face having dragged him along a table] This is what you're going to look like dead!
[grabs gambler's head to face a mirror]
Mark Kaminsky: Max, if you're the best there is, the wheel would never have been invented.
Monique: The only way you'll ever end up lying next to me, Max, is if we're run down by the same car.
Monique: Losing improves your character.
Mark Kaminsky: What do you think I look like, Dirty Harry?
Mark Kaminsky: You're under arrest.
Fake State Trooper: For what?
Mark Kaminsky: Impersonating a human being.
Luigi Patrovita: Mr. Rocca thinks you would make a worthwhile addition to our various endeavors.
Mark Kaminsky: I like to think so.
Luigi Patrovita: Oh, you're a thinker.
Mark Kaminsky: Sometimes. Not enough to get me into any trouble.
Luigi Patrovita: From what we know, you don't stay anyplace too long.
Mark Kaminsky: If you're not part of an organization that can protect you, moving around is the next best thing.
Paulo Rocca: He's looking for a home.
[Luigi get his lighter to light his cigar before smoking]
Luigi Patrovita: You kill anybody, Joey?
Mark Kaminsky: Yeah.
Luigi Patrovita: More than one?
Mark Kaminsky: Three. You want names and addresses?
[Luigi turns off his lighter and puts it down his desk and get up]
Luigi Patrovita: Smart, I like. Smart-ass, I don't. All right. Forget it. Go back to the party. I want to talk to Mr. Rocca.
Mark Kaminsky: Nice meeting you.
[Joey Brenner leaves the office and heads back to the party. Luigi is going to talk to Mr. Rocca private]
Luigi Patrovita: I don't know.
[But the door didn't closed tight enough, so Luigi closed the door]
Luigi Patrovita: You don't let him in too far, too fast. Give him a little time to impress us. If he doesn't, we'll use him for something dirty and dump him in the pit.
[Luigi grab and looking of the little girl in the photo]
Luigi Patrovita: Cute, huh?
Luigi Patrovita: What a doll.
Mark Kaminsky: Because of you a lot of people are dead. And now it's your turn.
Jogger: Hi. When was the last time you had a good piss?
Mark Kaminsky: He has good taste in jewelry. But you have bad taste in men.
Chief Harry Shannon: You remember my son Blair?
Mark Kaminsky: Yeah. We went to a few ball games together. He joined the bureau, didn't he?
Chief Harry Shannon: Yeah.
Mark Kaminsky: How is he?
Chief Harry Shannon: [pauses] Dead.
Mark Kaminsky: You gave me a Raw Deal.
[Taking off Kaminski's shirt]
Monique: Oh... my... God!
Max Keller: Get in my way again and I'll kill ya.
Mark Kaminsky: I hope your not your mother's only child.
Marvin Baxter: Look, I know with you its personal, but we're both after the same thing - justice. Right, Harry? Justice?
Chief Harry Shannon: Fuck justice!
Max Keller: I'll get you a nice eight by ten.
Mark Kaminsky: Keep it. I'm not sentimental.
Dangerous Man: [Holding an informant in front of a mirror] So you wanna be a witness? Witness This!
[shoots said informant in the head]
Mark Kaminsky: This must be when they mean by poetic justice.
Mark Kaminsky: Magic? Or magnet?
Luigi Patrovita: [Knocking on the door here at Patrovita's private home office] Come in.
[the door has opened to welcome someone as a guess]
Paulo Rocca: Joey Brenner, Luigi Patrovita.
Mark Kaminsky: My pleasure.
[Luigi is very impressive]
Monique: When I want to make friends, I'll go to summer camp.
Elevator Operator: Good evening, sir.
Mark Kaminsky: Down.
Elevator Operator: There is no down.
Mark Kaminsky: Hey, I'm not a cop. I'm a player.

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