An American attorney on business in China, ends up wrongfully on trial for murder and his only key to innocence is a female defense lawyer from the country.

[last lines]
Shen Yuelin: [to Jack] Remember, everything is different now. Now you have someone on the other side of the world who is family. You will always have a family.
Shen Yuelin: If you plead not guilty, you will be sentenced to death. And, unlike in your country, Mr. Moore, sentences are carried out within a week. You will be shot, and the cost of the bullet will be billed to your family.
Shen Yuelin: In China, we hold the welfare of the state above that of the individual. We have six times the population of your country, Mr. Moore, and one-tenth the crime rate. Tell me, who is right?
Ambassador Reed: Your attorney, Shen Yuelin, is at the guard station. She wishes to see you.
Ed Pratt: I would advise no contact. It will only make things harder for her.
Jack Moore: What are you talking about?
Ed Pratt: Yuelin put up your guarantee.
Jack Moore: I thought the embassy put it up.
Ed Pratt: No.
Ambassador Reed: In China, bail has nothing to do with money. It's reputation. To have you released today so that she could prepare a defense, Shen Yuelin put up her career, her future.
Ed Pratt: It was really quite unique.
Director Liu's Associate: The director has real concerns about your programming package. He says they're pornographic, violent, and superstitious.
Jack Moore: As of course they are.
Shen Yuelin: Lin Dan!
Shen Yuelin: You come from a country where the infant mortality rate is higher than ours!
Jack Moore: The reason you know that is we don't delete the records!
Jack Moore: What are you gonna do, you gonna shoot me twice?
Jack Moore: I'm innocent.
Jack Moore: Why are you doing this?
Shen Yuelin: I am doing this because I do not wish to be silent any more.
Jack Moore: Why did you risk your life for me if you didn't believe me?
Shen Yuelin: I always assumed the worst about you. I've never questioned. I have always accepted things. It is the same as when I was a child.
Jack Moore: What?
Shen Yuelin: I was blind, I was mute.
Jack Moore: When you were a child, it was during the Cultural Revolution, wasn't it?
Shen Yuelin: Yes.
Jack Moore: What is it?
Shen Yuelin: I went to school, until they closed down and everything went mad. I do not know if you could understand this, Jack Moore.
Jack Moore: Try me.
Shen Yuelin: I... I watched... I watched my father be humiliated, and I said nothing. I watched my father be spat on, I did nothing. I even watched my classmates pour black ink over his head, one after another and after another. What did I do? I hid my head in shame while he was dragged away. I never questioned. I was blind. I'm very sorry that I did not believe your innocence. But now, I do. I do.
[first lines]
Shen Yuelin: When I was a child I would come to this park and play, and my grandmother would tell me why the bamboo was here. She said, it is waiting for the wind to touch it. It is filled with emotion. Listen to the sound, and you can feel that.
Shen Yuelin: Why can we not conduct our affairs in daylight? Why can we not trust the people to witness them? Why can we not allow their voices to be heard rather than crushing them into muteness? I am willing to pay the price if I am wrong. Are you willing to pay the price if I am right?
Marine Guard: May I see your passport, sir?
Jack Moore: If I have a passport, I wouldn't need asylum!
Jack Moore: All right? Put a nice drop cloth down here. You can put a bullet right in the back of my head, all right! Do it right here! Bang! Look, right in the back of my head! Right in the back of my head! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Come on, do it right here, right now! I don't want to wait!

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