A woman is kidnapped by a stranger on a routine flight. Threatened by the potential murder of her father, she is pulled into a plot to assist her captor in offing a politician.

Lisa Reisert: [referring to the scar on her chest] It happened in the parking lot... the scar... two years ago.In the middle of the day... he held a knife to my throat the whole time. Ever since I've been trying to convince myself of one thing over and over...
Jackson Ripner: That it was beyond your control?
Lisa Reisert: No... that it would never happen again.
[she stabs him in the neck with a pen]
Lisa Reisert: [jokingly] You're a spy. I should've known.
Jackson Rippner: No, no. I'm not a spy.
Lisa Reisert: A hitman?
Jackson Rippner: I'm a lousy shot.
Lisa Reisert: Right. You work for the CIA?
Jackson Rippner: Well if I did I couldn't say could I... but no.
Lisa Reisert: The mafia?
Jackson Rippner: The money's shit.
Bob Taylor: You want us to fill out a comment card?
Lisa Reisert: Yes, I do... and after you finish, you can go ahead and just shove it up your ass.
Lisa Reisert: Is it Jack for short?
Jackson Rippner: No. I haven't gone by Jack since I was ten years old.
Jackson Rippner: Last name's Rippner.
Lisa Reisert: Jack Rippner... Jack theee... oooohhhh.
Jackson Rippner: There you go.
Lisa Reisert: That wasn't very nice of your parents.
Jackson Rippner: That's what I told them. Before I killed them.
Rebecca: [to the flight attendant, after Jackson pushes Lisa back into the airline bathroom] A man went in there.
Young Flight Attendant: Everyone shares the same ones. Here, I'll take you to one closer to your seat.
Rebecca: But a lady's in there, too.
Young Flight Attendant: OK, one of *those* flights.
Jackson Rippner: [smirking darkly at Lisa] That was very clever, Leese. Taking some stress management courses? When we get out of this, I may have to steal you.
Lisa Reisert: Whatever you do, it's your own buisness, just as long as you're not...
Jackson Rippner: What?
Lisa Reisert: ...high-jacking the plane.
Jackson Rippner: Oh!
Jackson Rippner: No, I'm not suicidal.
Lisa Reisert: [relieved] That's good.
Jackson Rippner: And you're right, most days it is my buisness. But as faith would have it, my buisness is all about you.
Lisa Reisert: Okay, I'm not quite sure where you're going with this.
Jackson Rippner: Charles Keefe, VIP, one of your regulars. Ring a bell?
Lisa Reisert: No, should it?
Jackson Rippner: Yes, it should because right now he's on his way to your hotel and that's why you need to keep listening.
Lisa Reisert: No, I don't think I need to do that!
Jackson Rippner: Yes you do if you want your father to live.
Lisa Reisert: Where's your male-driven, fact-based logic now, Jack?
[after the bomb incident at Lux Atlantic]
Marianne Taylor: Lisa! Do you have any idea what we've been through? First, there was no reservation.
[smiles forcedly at Cynthia]
Marianne Taylor: Then, our ceiling exploded. I got chunks of plaster all over me. I could get asthma.
Lisa Reisert: I'm so sorry, Mrs. Taylor. Is there anything we can do to make it up to you?
Marianne Taylor: Yes. Start by cleaning house. Get rid of her. She is completely useless.
Bob Taylor: Absolutely. And cheeky, too.
Lisa Reisert: I see. Well...
[she looks over at Cynthia, then to the Taylors]
Lisa Reisert: Here's what you can do. You can fill out a comment card at our front desk.
Marianne Taylor: A comment card?
[indignantly to Bob]
Marianne Taylor: She asked us to fill out a comment card.
Bob Taylor: You want us to fill out a comment card?
Lisa Reisert: Yes, I do. And after you've finished, you can go ahead and just shove it up your ass.
[both Taylors are struck dumb by this sentence]
Cynthia: Yeah.
[as she walks away with Lisa, arm in arm]
Cynthia: You are so my hero.
Lisa Reisert: Let's open the bar.
Cynthia: Champagne?
Lisa Reisert: Oh, anything but a bay breeze.
Jackson Rippner: Lisa, whatever female-driven, emotion-based dilemma you may be dealing with right now, you have my sympathy. But for the sake of time and sanity, let's break this down into a little male-driven fact-based logic. One simple phone call saves your dad's life.
[from trailer]
Jackson Rippner: Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
Jackson Rippner: So, what are the odds, huh?
Lisa Reisert: Yeah, I know.
Jackson Rippner: Wait a minute. You're not stalking me, are you?
[last lines]
Lisa Reisert: Let's open the bar.
Cynthia: Champagne?
Lisa Reisert: Oh, anything but a bay breeze.
Cynthia: OK.
Lisa Reisert: [on the plane] So what is it you do?
Jackson Rippner: Government overthrows, flashy high-profile assassinations. The usual.
Lisa Reisert: O.K. Why don't you just tell me what you do?
Jackson Rippner: I already did.
Senior Flight Attendant: [after Jackson and Lisa come out of the bathroom] Excuse me! This is not a motel!
Jackson Rippner: [Jackson smiles] Sure.
Lisa Reisert: I need you to do something for me.
Cynthia: Are you sure you're OK?
Lisa Reisert: Cynthia, please don't ask me again if I'm OK.
[line goes dead]
Lisa Reisert: Something's come up. We need to change Keefe's room. Can you pull up the file?
[plane shakes]
Lisa Reisert: Were going to move him to room 4080, and then I need you to...
Jackson Rippner: [grabs phone] Hello? Cynthia?
Lisa Reisert: That's actually my seat.
Jackson Rippner: You're kidding.
Lisa Reisert: Well, I don't know. That says 18G.
[checks boarding pass]
Jackson Rippner: You're not kidding.
Jackson Rippner: You know what I think?
[slams her against the wall]
Jackson Rippner: I think you're not such an honest person. Because I've been following you for eight weeks now, and I never once saw you order anything but a fucking Sea Breeze!
Senior Flight Attendant: [to Rippner while collecting refuse from the passengers and erroneously assuming he has had sex in the lavatory] Trash.
Jackson Rippner: One phone call saves your dad's life.
Jackson Rippner: Pretty clear thinking given the circumstances. Wait, let me guess, some stress management courses? They're really paying off. When we get out of this, I may have to steal you.
Jackson Rippner: I'll finish the job.
Lisa Reisert: Not in my house.
Jackson Rippner: [referring to how the irate passenger is complaining about an airline worker] She's exhausted, she's worked for 18 hours, and she suspects that we all hate her just as much as you do. So why you don't just give her a break? Let her go back to her job which I'm guessing is a lot more thankless than yours.
[He stares at the passenger]
Irate Passenger: This airline *SUCKS*!
Lisa Reisert: Please, just stop whoever's outside my dad's house!
Jackson Rippner: I already have, by twice intercepting these little communiques! You know, if they'd have fallen into the hands of a by-the-book stewardess, she'd have gone straight to the cockpit and we'd have landed somewhere else! If that happens, Leese, our guy in the BMW's gonna know about it, so do Dad a favor and stop gambling with his life!
Jackson Rippner: [to Lisa] You tell the flight attendant and your dad dies.
[Lisa starts to cry as the Senior Flight Attendant arrives]
Senior Flight Attendant: What can I do for you?
Jackson Rippner: Leese, did you need another pillow or anything?
Lisa Reisert: [crying] No, I don't need anything.
Jackson Rippner: She's just had a really rough day. A death in the family.
Cynthia: God they totally threw me. They were *such* assholes.
Lisa Reisert: Cynthia, there are no guests who are assholes. Only guests with special needs.
[first lines]
Marianne Taylor: Taylor. Bob and Marianne Taylor.
Cynthia: Just bear with me one second.
Marianne Taylor: There are other hotels in Miami.
Cynthia: I'm sorry.
Marianne Taylor: What is the problem? We made these reservations over six months ago.
Cynthia: I know, ma'am, I'm just not seeing it.
Marianne Taylor: Well, where's Lisa? Lisa always takes care of us.
Cynthia: I know, ma'am. She's out of town. Her grandmother passed away.
Bob Taylor: Cynthia, is it?
Cynthia: Yes, sir?
Bob Taylor: Would you get in more trouble if you bothered her or if I called corporate?
Taxi Driver: Don't worry, you'll still catch your plane, you got...
Lisa Reisert: 10 minutes!
Jackson Rippner: Before you do that you may want to look at this.
[Jackson puts an initialed wallet on the airline tray]
Jackson Rippner: J.R. Joe Reisert. Your father.
Lisa Reisert: Where did you get that?
Jackson Rippner: An associate of mine grabbed it off your dad's desk... I believe it was next to your graduation picture. J.R. his wallet, his initials. But gee, mine too. And for some reason, stewardess, this strange and rather inebriated girl whom I've never met before tonight suddenly went crazy when I took it out of my pocket.
Jackson Rippner: Thanks for the quickie.
[to Lisa after he hits her head in the bathroom]
Lisa Reisert: Cynthia.
[They hug]
Lisa Reisert: Are you okay?
Cynthia: Yeah, yeah...
Lisa Reisert: Yeah.
Cynthia: Yeah, I mean... I think we had a really good night, all things considered. Just - that one incident, really.
Jackson Rippner: [Jackson has slammed Lisa into the bathroom wall and has begun choking her] You know what I think? I think you're not such an honest person. Because I've followed you for eight weeks now and I never once saw you order anything but a fucking seabreeze!
Lisa Reisert: [Still being choked by Jackson] I can't breathe... I can't breathe
[he lets her go]
Cynthia: [Front Desk phone rings] Got it. Lux Atlantic Resort. This is Cynth...
Lisa Reisert: Cynthia, put me through to Keefe's room!
Cynthia: Lisa, what's going on?
Lisa Reisert: Cynthia, you have got to get Keefe out of that room.
Cynthia: You already changed him.
Lisa Reisert: No, Cynthia. It's got nothing to... Look, I think something gonna happen. You... Listen, pull the fire alarm!
Cynthia: [Confused] What the hell are...?
Lisa Reisert: [yells] Evacuate the hotel! Get everyone out! You have got to go up there now and physically tell them! Tell them that Keefe is a target!
Lisa Reisert: [Screams] Cynthia, Keefe is a TARGET! SOMEBODY'S GONNA KILL HIM!
Cynthia: [Frightened] Oh, Shit! Shit, shit!
Lisa Reisert: [Talking to Jackson at airport bar] No, my grandmother died.
Jackson Rippner: [In an I'm sorry tone] Oh.
Lisa Reisert: It's ok. She was ninety-one.
Jackson Rippner: Ninety-one?
Lisa Reisert: Yea.
Jackson Rippner: That's respectable. What was her secret?
Lisa Reisert: Grapenuts. And a guy named Duke.
Jackson Rippner: Excuse me?
Lisa Reisert: Yea, uh, she said the Grapenuts kept her arteries clean and... Duke helped with the rest.
Lisa Reisert: Thanks for distracting me.
Jackson Rippner: That's not really what I was doing.
Lisa Reisert: What were you doing then?
Jackson Rippner: Just keeping the focus on you and your father.
Jackson Rippner: [after Lisa groans and puts her head between her knees] What's wrong now?
Lisa Reisert: You hit me in the head and slammed me against the wall, remember?
Jackson Rippner: Oh, suck it up. You've come too far - don't blow it now.

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