Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house.

Floyd Morgan: [from trailer] I gotta ask you a few questions. Ten million dollars is missing from your cartel bust. Did you steal it?
Breacher: No. And fuck you for asking.
Breacher: Look at you, with your 48 percent body fat!
Breacher: [from trailer] Don't blow your balls off.
Monster: Don't worry, they're made of brass.
Breacher: Are they as big as your wife's?
Breacher: [from trailer] Wake up, you drunk fuck!
Breacher: Don't fucking scream at me! Look at you! With your fucking 48% body fat! And you, you scrawny little bastard! Fuck you guys!
[from trailer]
Breacher: I'm gonna destroy them.
Lizzy: [from trailer]
[testing for drugs]
Lizzy: Liquid meth, hell yeah!
Grinder: You're one fucked up bitch.
Lizzy: [from trailer] Sweetheart, you're so in over your fucking head.
Monster: Breach, that's not them.
Sugar: It's not the Kaibeles?
Lizzy: What do you mean? What are you talking about?
Sugar: You mean we killed six motherfuckers, and it ain't them?
Breacher: Well, check again.
Monster: Okay.
[turns around for a second, leaning down and pretending to check one of the bodies before turning back]
Monster: No, still not them!
[from trailer]
Breacher: In what we do, there is only trust.
[from trailer]
Sugar: Some of us are getting paid, the rest of us are just getting dead.
Stripclub Waitress: Why they call you Pyro, honey?
Tom 'Pyro' Roberts: 'Cause I hooked a flashbang in a meth lab, burned down the whole fucking apartment building.
Breacher: Concentrate, it's pay day!
Breacher: You smoke?
Caroline: Only when I find my witnesses nailed to the ceiling.
[last lines]
Breacher: You're mine.
[knocks his hat off and pins him down]
Brujo: You wife - I was the last to have her. You can't take that back.
Breacher: I can take *your* family.
Brujo: No!
Breacher: But I'm not like you.
[shots him]
Floyd Morgan: The only thing anyone in law enforcement has is their credibility. It's like virginity. Once it's gone, it's gone forever.
Breacher: When did you lose yours?
Monster: I came here to help you...
Caroline: No, you didn't.
Monster: help you understand.
Caroline: You came here 'cause you think you're gonna be next. You came here to steer me, okay? If you wanna help me, if you don't wanna get nailed to the ceiling or run over by a train, you need to break free from your buddies and tell me something I don't know about John Wharton. 'Cause I can't read him. Tell me something I don't know.
Monster: [pauses] Two years ago, we arrested Edgar Rios in Juarez.
[a flashback of the team doing the operation runs simultanously with Monster's story]
Monster: He was an old school drug lord. Ran all their operations. It was a big deal. We handed him over to the Mexicans, when some brod pulls her shit and dons him. The cartel didn't want him debriefed by our intel people. Problem solved. But they had a bigger problem. They wanted the man who could get the man that nobody can get. John gets a call from the bad guys. They snatched his wife and kid right at his house. They were holding them in Juarez. They make him an offer: Surrender yourself to the cartel, and your family lives. John's family is everything. John was married forever. His son, Jacob, was his best friend.
Jacob Wharton: [in the flashback, while getting car keys from his father] Love you, Dad.
Monster: [narrating] They tortured Karen and Jacob to death. There's a video. Evil shit.
Karen Wharton: [in the flashback] No! No! No...!
Monster: [narrating] They mailed the pieces of them to his home for weeks. So John went down there. Alone. Hunting the man who killed his wife.
Grinder: [in the flashback] John, we're coming in.
Monster: [narrating] He didn't find him.
Grinder: [in the flashback] We're here to bring you back home. This isn't gonna bring them back. Come on, let's go home.
Monster: [narrating] John is obsessed with finding his wife's killer. It's like a cancer in his soul.
[the flashback ends]
Monster: Caroline... we lost John when they died.
Caroline: I've known some cops in my time, but your people don't seem like cops.
Breacher: Good. They're the best undercover agents in the DEA.
Grinder: The DEA, they wanted to throw us in a hole, and throw the hole away.
Monster: We're not a team anymore. Just a gang.
Lizzy: Sweetheart, you're so in over your fucking head. You need more than a Glock and sensible shoes.
Detective Sergeant Ted Spencer: [trying to calm crowd down demanding their money back after a power outage] It's an act of God, I tell you!
Member of Cinema Crowd: And what do you call an act of God?
Detective Sergeant Ted Spencer: I call your face one, and you won't get your money back on that.
Jackson: Mm mm mm, what ever happened to "never date a cop?"
Caroline: Who said anything about a date...
Caroline: You some kind of a big deal?
Breacher: Yeah, I've been around.
Caroline: Just because you're not in jail, doesn't mean you didn't do it.
Breacher: You're awesome on a road trip, you know that?
Caroline: Yeah, I've heard that before.
Grinder: Ammo's cheap, my life ain't. It's over...
[first title card]
Title Card: [camera zooms in on definition] sa-botage sà-bo-tarj. Wilful destruction of buildings or machinery with the object of alarming a group of persons or inspiring public uneasiness.
[first lines]
Man in power plant: Sand.
2nd Man in power plant: Sabotage.
3rd Man in power plant: Wrecking.
4th Man in power plant: Deliberate.
2nd Man in power plant: What's at the back of it?
3rd Man in power plant: Who did it?

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