Mei, a young girl whose memory holds a priceless numerical code, finds herself pursued by the Triads, the Russian mob, and corrupt NYC cops. Coming to her aid is an ex-cage fighter whose life was destroyed by the gangsters on Mei's trail.

Mei: Why did you save me?
Luke Wright: I didn't save you. You saved me.
Alex Rosen: What is she to you?
Luke Wright: Life.
Detective Lasky: Unbelievable, look at him.
Detective Mears: Look at him. How 'bout the smell.
Luke Wright: [making them wait while eating a sandwich] I've been in restaurants all night. All I got served was lead.
Luke Wright: [looking around] Anyone got a light?
Luke Wright: [to Mei] There's a school for gifted children up in Seattle. It's a nice drive... if you like trees and shit.
Alex Rosen: [about his dead wife] I never understood how you hooked up with a cow like that.
Luke Wright: It was never about her looks, it was her sense of humor.
Alex Rosen: She's not so funny now, is she?
Luke Wright: No, she's not. Neither am I.
Mei: I don't want no more fathers. Will you be my friend?
Luke Wright: Good, if you weren't such a double-dealing asshole I'd almost like you. Almost.
Mei: [to Luke] You're a crazy man, but not so stupid.
Luke Wright: Here's how we do this. You put down your guns, I open the safe. You want to shoot me, go ahead. Make up your minds quick, 'cause the real cops'll be here soon.
Mei: [to Luke driving against traffic] The other way! The cars go the other way!
[first lines]
Emile Docheski: You're lying to me.
Mei: Happiness for you?
[last lines]
Mei: Are we safe?
Luke Wright: One day at a time, Mei. One day at a time.
Luke Wright: What the hell did you do, kid?
Emile Docheski: Do you think you can blackmail me because you have my Vassily? Kill him and go to hell.
Luke Wright: Oh, I'm going to hell alright. But I'm not going to kill your boy.
Captain Wolf: If Luke Wright is so connected, how does he end up in Jersey, cage fighting on the B circuit?
Mayor Tremello: Do I look like a shrink?
Luke Wright: First I'm going to take your trophy wife. Then I'm going to take your trophy children. Then I'll leave you with nothing. When I'm done, you won't even be a memory of a memory.

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