The day-to-day lives of a number of suburban Los Angeles residents.

Doreen Piggot: Why don't you go get drunk and pee all over...
Earl Piggot: I'm gonna get drunk! I'm gonna get drunk right now! Ah damnit!
Gene Shepard: [when their child walks into the bedroom] Silly daddy, sleeping on mommy
Claire Kane: Oops, excuse me, sweetie. I really like the Wymans, don't you?
Stuart Kane: Who?
Claire Kane: The doctor and his wife, Marian. Ralph, I think his name. You know, the ones from the concert.
Stuart Kane: He seems kind of lofty. You're off to work early, huh?
Claire Kane: Yeah, I got two Birthdays today. He's a doctor, remember? And she is artist, I think.
Stuart Kane: Oh yeah? What kind?
Claire Kane: What kind? She's a painter. She paints pictures, you know? They really want us to come to dinner.
Stuart Kane: Well, We'll see. I'm off.
Claire Kane: What does that mean? We already agreed to go. We made a date. Bye. Close the door, Stuart.
Stuart Kane: Sorry!
Earl Piggot: You know, I don't know who you think would wanna look at your sad,middle aged ass anymore!
Doreen Piggot: Don't talk to me like that and don't you come back here! I'm not taking you back no more understand? No more I'm not taking you back!
Earl Piggot: I'm not COMING back!
Doreen Piggot: Slobbering over Honey like that it was so embarrassing...
Earl Piggot: I never touched Honey!
Doreen Piggot: I didn't say you touched her I said you slobbered on her!
Marian Wyman: Are you cheating Ralph?
Dr. Raplh Wyman: No, Marian. You cheat. Remember?
Gene Shepard: That was a 35 dollar belt!
Lois Kaiser: Don't you want me to lick your balls for you?
Sherri Shepard: Wouldn't it be a trip if Alex Trebek bought a nude painting of me?
Tess Trainer: I hate L.A. All they do is snort coke and talk.
Howard Finnigan: Hey Jer, how goes the war?
Jerry Kaiser: Bad guys are winning, sir.
Stuart Kane: Ah, Christ! That's my half supply.
Lois Kaiser: [talking through sex hotline] Oh! I can feel your balls up against my ass!

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