When her father disappears, Heather Mason is drawn into a strange and terrifying alternate reality that holds answers to the horrific nightmares that have plagued her since childhood.

Heather Mason: Go to hell!
Alessa: Can't you see? We're already here.
Heather Mason: You think there is a difference between dreams and reality?
Vincent: [laughs] What happened to the small talk? "What's your favourite band"? "Do you facebook"?
Heather Mason: Fuck facebook. Do you?
Vincent: I don't really think about it.
Heather Mason: Everybody think about it.
Vincent: Not me. Look my life is complicated enough. You should talk to my grandfather. It's all he ever thinks about. Drove him crazy.
Heather Mason: It's driving me crazy.
Vincent: No. He's insane. Batshit nuts. Back in my sweet little hometown old man Leonard drolls in a padded cell. He will tell you there is no such things as dreams, only endless realities thats all piled on top of each other. Some people sees monsters. Other people just see people.
Heather Mason: And they locked him up for that?
Vincent: My mother had him committed.
Heather Mason: Jesus
Vincent: My mother... She's kind of intimidating my mother.
Dahlia: The darkness is coming. It's safer to be inside.
Heather Mason: I'm looking for my father.
Leonard: Is he lost?
Heather Mason: He's in Silent Hill.
Leonard: There are many Silent Hills, are you sure it's this one?
Claudia Wolf: You have the seal of Metatron. With it, I can summon the God. Give it to me.
Heather Mason: Take it. I want to see the truth of what you are.
Douglas: Everything your father ever told you is a lie!
Leonard: My own daughter says I am corrupted by the darkness. She says I am a monster. He he, She is far worse than I am!
Vincent: Never build on a ancient Indian burial ground! I thought everybody knew that.
Leonard: Come closer so I can touch you.
Vincent: You are part of that evil!
Rose Da Silva: Farewell my love...
Heather Mason: You created this nightmare...
Alessa: Everyone has a diffrent nightmare in Silent Hill, I am theirs.
Travis Grady: I haven't taken this way in a long time...
Leonard: Don't be afraid.
Heather Mason: I don't think I like my reality.
Vincent: Who does?
Heather Mason: Alessa...
Alessa: Daughter... Sister... Self.
Heather Mason: No!
Alessa: I gave you life so you could live my dream. You're the part of me that could be free of this pain, could live and feel love!
Heather Mason: Do you feel nothing?
Alessa: Nothing but hate.
Heather Mason: They say you are a demon...
Alessa: They are right.
Heather Mason: You created this nightmare...
Alessa: Everyone has a different nightmare in Silent Hill... I am theirs...
Heather Mason: I have to save my father!
Alessa: He's not my father, or yours... And sacrifices, have to be made.
Heather Mason: Go to hell!
Alessa: Can't you see it? We're already here... And you are not welcome!
Alessa: Do you think, I won't destroy you?
Heather Mason: How can you? I am you.
Alessa: Time to take back what I gave you!
Alessa: Stop!
Alessa: We are one, again.
Douglas: They know where you are...
Mannequin Girl: Run.
Harry: More will come. It's still a place of lost souls.
Heather Mason: It is a key! What does it unlock?
Leonard: [Long pause] The true nature of things.
Claudia Wolf: You're insane. Just like your grandfather.
Claudia Wolf: You have delivered us.
Harry: It's only a dream kiddo.

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