Set in an era where superheroes are commonly known and accepted, young William Stronghold, the son of the Commander and Jetstream, tries to find a balance between being a normal teenager and an extraordinary being.

[last lines]
Will Stronghold: In the end, my girlfriend became my arch enemy, my arch enemy became my best friend, and my best friend became my girlfriend. But, hey, it's high school.
Principal Powers: What a waste. I can't do anything more to help you. I'm not Wonder Woman, you know.
[walks out of the detention room, leaving Gwen/Royal Pain and the others locked inside]
Gwen: I went through puberty twice - for *this*?
[Will just found out that Gwen and her mother are the same person]
Will Stronghold: Oh my God, I made out with an old lady.
Nurse Spex: The kids who get bit by radioactive insects or fall into a vat of toxic waste, their powers usually show up the next day. Or - they die.
Layla: [after getting punched in the face by Penny] Big mistake!
[Penny backs away slightly and then Layla uses her powers to grow vines in the cafeteria; the vines then grow over Penny and her clones and pull them up in the air]
Penny: But I thought you were a sidekick.
Layla: I am a sidekick.
Magenta: [sitting down beside Layla] Hey, Layla, you did the history homework?
Warren Peace: What are you doing?
Magenta: It's called sitting.
Warren Peace: No one sits here but me.
Magenta: Mm-hmm.
Magenta: [starts talking to Layla again] What'd you get for number four? I wasn't sure if Tigerman was, A: bitten by a radioactive tiger, or B: bitten by a regular tiger, then exposed to radiation.
Ethan: [sitting down beside Warren] Hey. Eating at Warren's table now? I feel extremely dangerous.
Warren Peace: Whoa. Whoa.
Zach: [sitting down on the other side Warren and pointing at Warren] This guy bothering you, Magenta?
Warren Peace: Try the other way around.
[during Power Placement]
Coach Boomer: [to Layla] You, Flower child. Let's go.
Layla: I believe in only using my powers when the situation demands it.
Coach Boomer: Well, you're in luck: This is the situation, and I'm demanding it.
Layla: But to participate in this test would be to support a flawed system. I think the whole Hero-Sidekick dichotomy only serves to...
Coach Boomer: Let me get this straight. Are you refusing to show me your powers?
Layla: Well, it's more complicated than that, I mean...
Coach Boomer: [Yells very loudly, causing all glass in the vicinity to shatter and makes everyone brace themselves] SSSSSIIIIIIIDDDDDDEEEEEEEKKKKKIIIIIIICCCCCCCKKKKKK!
Zach: [dancing ridiculously] Hey, you wanna dance?
Magenta: No.
Zach: [stops dancing] Me neither.
Layla: When life gives you lemons...
[Layla tries to grow a lemon, but produces an apple instead]
Will Stronghold: Make apple juice?
Gwen: I'm a technopath. I can control technology with my mind.
Will Stronghold: Wow. All I can do is... punch stuff.
Mr. Medulla: [passing them] Yet he'll be the one on cereal boxes. Show me the justice in that.
Warren Peace: So you're asking me to the homecoming dance just to get back at Stronghold? Not because you like me or anything?
[Layla nods, Warren smiles]
Warren Peace: I'm in!
Will Stronghold: [narrating] You look at them and see the defenders of the world. All I see is my dad wearing tights.
Principal Powers: [over the intercom] There is no smoking on school grounds. Or freezing, or bursting into flames.
Layla: What's embarrasing him in front of the entire class going to prove? That is so unfair.
Will Stronghold: Yeah, well if life were to suddenly get fair, I doubt it would happen in high school.
Josie: We can't change who he is... not without dropping him in a vat of toxic waste.
Josie: Steve!
Steve: Where would we even find a vat of...
Josie: *Steve*!
Warren Peace: To let true love remain unspoken is the quickest route to a heavy heart.
Layla: Wow, that is really deep!
Warren Peace: [reading off of a fortune cookie] Yeah. And your lucky numbers are... 4, 16, 5... and 49.
Steve: [stretching out his arms for a hug] William Theodore Stronghold, come here!
Will Stronghold: Wait, you're not mad?
Steve: My boy has super-strength! How can I be mad?
[hugs Will, cracking his backbones]
Will Stronghold: [groans in pain] Ow!
Steve: Sorry.
[Will hugs Steve back]
Steve: Ow,you ARE strong!
Steve: All right, if your mom asks, you tell her I read you the riot act and I took away your xBox.
Will Stronghold: But I don't have an xBox.
Steve: Are you sure?
[Steve spins a chair to reveal a large, nicely wrapped present for Will]
Layla: Now I know it's just our first day, but I already can't wait to graduate and start saving mankind... And womankind. And animalkind.
Will Stronghold: And the rainforest.
Layla: Of course!
Ethan: Hey Warren, how about some light?
Warren Peace: Only if you want to get barbequed.
[during Power Placement]
Coach Boomer: Did I say you were next?
Zach: Name's Zach, Coach Boomer. Try not to drop your clipboard.
[claps his hands together and opens his arms again slowly. Nothing happens]
Coach Boomer: Any day now, superstar.
Zach: I'm doing it.
Coach Boomer: Doing what?
Zach: I'm glowing!
Coach Boomer: I don't think so.
Zach: Well, it's easier to see in a dark room, maybe we could turn off these lights, you could cup your hands around your eyes and look real close...
Coach Boomer: Sidekick!
Layla: Hey there, cutie! I was just thinking about you. I'm so excited for homecoming. I can't wait. I can hardly...
[Layla pauses as she watches Will and Gwen walk away; Warren burns her hand]
Layla: ...OW!
Warren Peace: Never call me "Cutie."
Layla: Hi, Warren.
Warren Peace: Did I do or say anything last night to make you think this is okay?
Layla: Funny. No, but, seriously, you're never gonna believe what happened. I was about to ask Will to homecoming when, wouldn't you know it, I said I was going with you instead.
Warren Peace: I don't remember that being the plan.
Warren Peace: Did you want me to heat that up for you?
Layla: We're not supposed to use our powers outside of school!
Warren Peace: I was just gonna stick it in the microwave.
Gwen: When the pacifier exploded, I wasn't destroyed. I was merely turned into a baby. Stitches took me in and raised me as his daughter.
Stitches: Daddy's little girl! HAHAHAHA!
Gwen: Told you never to CALL ME THAT! Lunatic.
Will Stronghold: [bumps into Gwen] Oh! Uh - I'm...
Gwen: Will Stronghold!
Will Stronghold: Aha, Mind Reader!
Gwen: No, name tag.
Coach Boomer: A guinea pig?
Magenta: Yep
Coach Boomer: Not even a swarm of Guinea Pigs?
Magenta: Uh, no.
Coach Boomer: Sidekick, shoo!
Magenta: Bite me!
[after Zach takes the lead in the dark because he glows]
Magenta: [singing] And then all the reindeer loved him.
Layla: So, then there was this time in first grade. You know how you grow lima beans in school? Well, Will could not figure out why mine was growing so quickly, it was driving him crazy. So finally I took mercy on him and I told him about my powers! We've been best friends ever since.
Warren Peace: And falling for him, was that before or after the lima beans?
Layla: What? I am *not* in love with Will Strong... is it that obvious?
Warren Peace: Yeah.
Gwen: And now, so many years later, that plan is complete. My only regret: This may be the finest super-villian speech ever given - and you don't even know what I'm saying!
Layla: The guys at this school are all jerks!
Warren Peace: Thanks a lot.
Steve: [re: the Pacifier] This is my most prized possession, Will.
Will Stronghold: Wow. What does it do?
Steve: No idea.
Ethan: You're on! If Will beats you in Save The Citizen, you lay off the sidekicks for the rest of the year.
Zach: Yeah, and if he loses, you can dunk Ethan's head in the toilet every day until graduation.
Ethan: Yeah! Huh?
Lash: You got yourself a deal!
Will Stronghold: Wait, guys, guys! Come on, guys, are you crazy? No freshman ever won Save the Citizen, and those guys are undefeated!
Layla: And you barely know how to use your powers!
Layla: Sorry... not helping.
Zach: Will, you have no choice. You can't let them dunk Ethan's head in the toilet. Not again.
[dead serious]
Zach: The dunking - must end.
Gwen: Well you've got new friends now. And I think that you need to figure out whether you hang out with us - or with those losers. Come on, let's go.
Will Stronghold: No, forget it! I'm not going anywhere with you. Not now, and not to homecoming. Might as well just find yourself a new date, Gwen.
Gwen: You're dumping me? Whoa whoa, let's just get something straight, ok? *You* do not dump *me*! Not the night before the dance!
Will Stronghold: Sorry Gwen, I, ah, just *did*! You're dumped!
Warren Peace: What are you doing here?
Will Stronghold: I'm, uh, looking for Layla. Do you know where she is?
Warren Peace: How should I know?
Will Stronghold: You're taking her to homecoming.
Warren Peace: Oh, yeah. Right.
Will Stronghold: Well, you don't have to worry about me ruining your night.
Warren Peace: And why is that?
Will Stronghold: Because I'm not going.
Warren Peace: Hmm. Well, that sucks. Because we're only going together to make you jealous.
[watches Save the Citizen with Medulla]
Mr. Boy: Do you remember when we used to play this with *real* citizens?
[Mr Medulla nods and chuckles]
Coach Boomer: Did I mention she's not just her twin, but her *evil* twin?
Mr. Medulla: This Friday, you say?
Coach Boomer: Medulla, you dog!
Principal Powers: In a few moments, you will go through Power Placement and your own heroic journey will begin.
Will Stronghold: Power Placement?
Layla: Sounds fascist.
Ethan: Power Placement. It's how they decide where you go.
Magenta: The hero track or the loser track.
Will Stronghold: There - there's a loser track?
Ethan: I believe the preferred term is "Hero Support."
[Warren shows up at the Homecoming Dance wearing his father Baron Battle's tuxedo]
Layla: I thought you weren't renting a tux?
Warren Peace: It's my dad's. He doesn't have much use for it in solitary.
Layla: [tries to get off the subject that Warren's father is in prison by holding up a cheese cube] Cheese cube?
Steve: What's your name, what's your power?
Ethan: I'm Ethan, and I melt.
Steve: Ok.
Zach: I'm Zach, I glow.
Steve: I see.
Magenta: Magenta, I shape-shift.
Steve: Shape-shift?
Magenta: Into a guinea pig.
Mr. Medulla: Dreadful technique! You've confused rays with beams! D! Minus! I'd give you an F, but that would only mean having to see you in summer school.
Principal Powers: [voice over PA system] Once again the cafeteria staff would like to remind the sidekicks to *stop* ordering hero sandwiches.
Ethan: Way to glow, Zach!
Steve: Son, I'm only going to asking you this.
Will Stronghold: Dad, I swear, I didn't plan this.
Steve: All right. That's good enough for me.
Josie: Steve, I've got half a mind not to let him go to homecoming!
Will Stronghold: That's fine; I'm not going anyway.
Steve: Whoa, whoa, your mom said she had half a mind!
Ron Wilson - Bus Driver: There's only one person authorized to transport superheroes: Ron Wilson - Bus Driver.
[kicks henchman out of bus]
Ron Wilson - Bus Driver: And I'm Ron Wilson - Bus Driver.
Layla: You know how my mom can communicate with animals? Apparently they don't like being eaten.
Will Stronghold: Alright, look. Whatever happened with our dads, it has nothing to do with us. What do you say?
[extends his hand]
Warren Peace: [ignoring his offer] I say if you ever cross me again, I'll roast you alive.
[Will meekly drops his hand]
Warren Peace: [about Layla] Dude, you are so stupid! She's totally into you!
Will Stronghold: [sighs, upset] Not after tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if Layla or any of the other guys never talked to me again.
Penny: Isn't that sweet. I HATE SWEET!
Will Stronghold: [pretending to have super strength by bench pressing an extremely heavy weight] 200... Hi, Dad, just trying to get some sets in before school.
Steve: Yeah, low weight, high reps, that's the key. You don't wanna bulk up...
Will Stronghold: Yeah, I'm going more for definition.
Carbon Copy Kid: Just messin with ya, Sidekick.
[reappears after being thrown through a window several miles above ground]
Will Stronghold: Surprised? So am I.
Royal Pain: [after throwing Will out the gym window] And there goes your last chance of stopping me!
Layla: [furiously] WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!
Gwen: Royal Pain is ME!
Steve: Will, I just want you to know how proud I am that you'll be attending my alma mater and someday following me into the family business.
Will Stronghold: Real Estate?
Steve: Right.
Steve: Real estate.
Coach Boomer: [multiple times, some at thunderous levels] Sidekick!
Josie: [flies to tackle a giant robot on Will's first day at Sky High] You sure he'll be ok? What if he forgets his lunch?
Steve: Josie, Josie, you've got to stop babying the boy!
Josie: You're right, you're right...
Will Stronghold: How was your summer?
Zach: To be honest, it was tough, man. T-U-P-H.
Zach: I'm Zach and I glow...
Twin: You said that?
Mr. Medulla: Yeah!
Twin: You're so funny!
Mr. Medulla: I love life!
Warren Peace: [about the Homecoming dance] But I'm not renting a tux.
Zach: Uh, when do we get to pick our names and costumes? Because I call dibs on Zach-attack.
[Will lifts a lunch table with Warren Peace on top over his head]
Layla: He's strong!
Will Stronghold: [surprised] I'm strong?
Gwen: He's super strong!

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