When a Miami dentist inherits a team of sled dogs, he's got to learn the trade or lose his pack to a crusty mountain man.

Amelia: [on phone] Hey, honey. How's Alaska?
Ted: Oh, just great. Everything's white. Including my father!
Thunder Jack: I can't believe you actually bit that dog on the ear.
Ted: But that's what everyone says you're supposed to do.
Thunder Jack: Well, sure, but... I never met a man dumb enough to do it!
Barb: Why don't you try biting him on the ear?
Ted: What is it with you people?
Tower Control: 8-6-7-2-4-1-Queen, move it! Or you're going to be the hood ornament on a 737!
George: [reading will] "To Barb, my dear friend and boss, I give my shearling coat, which kept me warmer than any man ever did."
Ted: If you're ever in Miami, look me up. My number's on all the buses.
Thunder Jack: The dogs, where are they?
Ted: They're eating the house.
Ernie: I'm the only man to win the Arctic Flame three years in a row.
Ted: Congratulations.
Ernie: But it is kind of an odd prize. Goes to the musher who finishes last.
Ted: In Miami three-times losers go to prison.
George: [reading will] "First, to Peter Yellowbear, my neighbor and fellow snow golfer, I leave my lucky putter. But don't expect it to improve your game."
[Facing a wild bear]
Ted: Y'know, I'm a big bear fan! Sure. Uh, my man - Smokey the Bear. Yogi. Walter Payton!
George: I'm an attorney, the justice of the peace and a bush pilot. A classic triple threat.
[Barb describes the dog food]
Barb: Mostly the stuff the butcher can't sell. Hooves, lips, organs... slump.
Ted: In Miami, we call them hot dogs.
George: [reading will] "And to Thunder Jack, I leave my outhouse and all its contents."
Ted: Never underestimate Theodore Brooks DDS!
Ted: Mom, I love that you're involved in my practice but you can't be giving out sugar cookies at a dental office.
Amelia: Your father always believed in the personal touch.
Demon: You really stepped in it this time!
Ernie: Demon's got it in his head that he's the alpha dog. You've gotta show him who's boss! Bite him on the ear!
Ted: I am not putting any part of that dog in my mouth!
Thunder Jack: You know, I've always believed that a man who don't tell it like it is, is a liar.
Amelia: I got on a plane, and 14 hours of prayer later, here I am.

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