Kenya McQueen, an accountant finds love in the most unexpected place when she agrees to go on a blind date with Brian Kelly, a sexy and free-spirited landscaper.

Walter: ...At the end of the day it's not about skin color or race. It's about the love connection: the vibe between a man and a woman.
Brian Kelly: I take it you don't do white guys.
Kenya Denise McQueen: I just happen to prefer black men. It's not a prejudice, it's a preference.
Brian Kelly: Sure, it's your preference to be prejudice.
Edmond McQueen: The point is, love is an adventure, Kenya. It's not a decision you make for others. It's a decision you make from your heart. Anyway, the boy's just white, he ain't a martian.
Sommore: But I ain't never dated a white man before. Not that I'm not attracted to white men. Oh, cause there's some fine looking white men in here. But my only problem with the white man is that ya'll don't know how to break up with a woman. I watch the crime channel. You date him, you come up missin', don't cha? Everybody be looking for you. You be chopped up in the freezer in the sandwich bags, with a barbeque sign on your head.
Kenya Denise McQueen: I don't do dogs.
Brian Kelly: Neither do I. We're just good friends.
Walter: You know what, you oughta feel real, real blessed since you even invited to this Negro spiritual.
Kenya Denise McQueen: Can you believe he had the nerve to show up here with that white woman?
Nedra: Last time I checked, Brian was white too.
Cheryl: You did what?
Nedra: With who?
Kenya Denise McQueen: I know. But... it was raining and we were hiking and...
Cheryl: You were hiking?
Kenya Denise McQueen: And we just got carried away.
Nedra: All right. Well, can he bone?
Cheryl: Nedra!
Nedra: What?
Cheryl: Don't be so crass!
Nedra: Oh, please.
Cheryl: Well, can he?
Nedra: See.
Kenya Denise McQueen: Well, yes.
Nedra: [Nedra, Cheryl, and Suzette all become excited] Now you're talking, girl. He got a big...
Kenya Denise McQueen: Yes!
Joyce McQueen: This looks like a bordello in Bangkok.
Kenya Denise McQueen: [about Nelson's girlfriend Stacy] I hope she has a magic coochie.
Young Woman: [walks into the bathroom and sees Kenya's dad] Whoa...
Edmond McQueen: Don't worry about me, I'm a doctor. And a father. Seen it all, heard it all. Handle your business.
Brian Kelly: Can I ask you one more question?
Kenya Denise McQueen: Hmm?
Brian Kelly: [grabs a piece of her hair] Can you take this off?
Kenya Denise McQueen: [opens eyes] What do you mean?
Brian Kelly: I mean, it's not a wig, right? But it's not your real hair either, is it?
Kenya Denise McQueen: [stares at him for a moment, then sits up] I can't believe you just asked me that.
Brian Kelly: I'm sorry, I'm just curious.
Kenya Denise McQueen: It's a weave, if you must know. I thought you dated black girls.
Brian Kelly: They had real hair.
Kenya Denise McQueen: I have real hair too.
Brian Kelly: Underneath?
Kenya Denise McQueen: Yes, underneath!
Brian Kelly: So what, they just... they sew it in?
Kenya Denise McQueen: Something like that.
Kenya Denise McQueen: I know you must think I'm combative, neurotic, picky... And maybe I am. But the weird thing is, I've never had to be anything but myself with you right from the beginning. And with you I feel like I can do anything, say anything, try anything. And that's the life I want. I want an adventure with you. You don't understand, we're suppose to be together.
Brian Kelly: I'm never going to be your dream man Kenya. I just... I won't be the fall-back guy.
Kenya Denise McQueen: No, see that's the thing. I don't have to wonder about that anymore. I know this is right. Hey, when I was younger, my dream was to marry Rick James. You're the one I want Brian. I love you.
Brian Kelly: I love you Kenya. I've never stopped loving you.
Brian Kelly: Kenya, I love you.
Kenya Denise McQueen: [turns away] I don't know what to say.
Brian Kelly: Uh... should I give you a hint?
Nelson McQueen: By the way, what's this I hear about you skiing the slopes? Are you sneaking off to the OC? Are you sleeping with the enemy?
Kenya Denise McQueen: [to Brian, after Nelson reluctantly shakes his hand] Forgive him, he was born arrogant.
Nelson McQueen: It's the help!
Brian Kelly: I swear I didn't see it coming.
Joyce McQueen: Kenya, look at this place. You've gone all Bohemian, my dear, what on earth has gotten into you?
[turns to Kenya]
Joyce McQueen: Do NOT answer that.
Brian Kelly: You know what, I'm never gonna be on the right side of the war going on inside your head, because I'm not black. Alright, I'm never gonna be black. So maybe this isn't what you want.
Cheryl: Let's go.
Kenya Denise McQueen: We just got here. You got something else to do?
Cheryl: Yes! I could be at home pleasuring myself -
[to passing guests]
Cheryl: Hello! Lovely party!
Nelson McQueen: Mommie, Kenya's dating white boys now.
Kenya Denise McQueen: I promised my girlfriends that I'd be more open.
Brian Kelly: But not this open.
Nedra: Kenya, I don't know what your problem is girl, but Mark is a catch. And if you don't know what to do with him, girl, pass him onto me, 'cause I will show you what to do with him. I'll marry his ass quick and give him a shitload of babies. Black, ashy babies!
Mark Harper: And if things keep going well, six months from now, who knows what we'll be celebrating.
Joyce McQueen: Oh my God!
[jitters excitedly]
Joyce McQueen: Oh, Mark! Oh my God.
[starts sobbing]
Joyce McQueen: Oh my God!
[Nelson rolls his eyes]
Joyce McQueen: Let's just forget the coffee and pop some champagne!
Sommore: [nods to Brian] I see ya brought your night light with you.
Sommore: Girl, you either got your swirl on or you're with your parole officer.
[more laughter]
Brian Kelly: I take hard earth and make things bloom.

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