The young attendees of a space camp find themselves in space for real when their shuttle is accidently launched into orbit.

Tish: Whip me, beat me, take away my charge cards... NASA is talking!
Kevin: All right, who talked?
Max: It wasn't me, Han Solo, Zach got the information from Jinx.
Kevin: Max... I am not Han Solo. You are not Luke Skywalker. There's no Empire. There's no Force and there's no Dark Side!
Jinx: Max and Jinx... Friends... For-e-ver.
Andie: Name?
Rudy Tyler: [while chewing gum] Rudy Tyler, Ma'am.
Andie: Spit it out, Rudy.
Rudy Tyler: RUDY TYLER, MA'AM!
Andie: I meant the gum, Rudy.
Kevin: What's the worst thing that can happen? We'll all die, right?
Andie: [in the space shuttle] Max, Tish, take your seats on the main deck. If you need any help, just holler.
Max: Roger, Commander. I'll arm the laser guns... May the Force be with you.
Kevin: Ladies and gentlemen, please return your seats and tray-tables to their full upright positions, and extinguish all smoking material, as we're about to land in the red zone. Ahh! No survivors!
Max: Somebody get me down from here, or I'm going to be SICK!
NASA #3: This bird wasn't flight ready, Zack. They only have short range radio.
Andie: Shit!
Commander Zach Burkstroom: You want space camp?
Kevin: No. My father wants space camp, but I want my head examined. But it was worth it for the car, don't you think?
Commander Zach Burkstroom: Yeah well, let's hope so.
Kevin: Yeah.
Commander Zach Burkstroom: Yeah. By the way, would you get your ass OUT of my parking spot?
Andie: So what brings you to space camp?
Tish: Well I did this audit at GPL on Radio Astronomy; it was unbelieveable! I mean can you imagine an extra terrestrial disc jockey? I mean like listening to radio waves from space? I mean like waiting for signs of intelligence?
Andie: ...Like I know the feeling.
Kathryn: In space, anything is possible.
Kevin: [Kevin is trying to give Max the courage to save Andy during a space walk, in an Obi-Wan Kenobi voice] Luke... Luke! Use the Force, Luke... stretch out your feelings... The Force is always with you...
Rudy Tyler: Don't worry about a thing, Max, ol' Rudy knows this arm like the back of his hand.
Max: It's me! I'm here to rescue you!
Andie: Kathryn! Get in the seat!
Tish: What're you doing...?
Kathryn: Trying to figure out how to work this thing...
Tish: What, the multi-access trainer?
Kathryn: Yeah... you know anything about it?
Tish: [closes her eyes, reciting from memory] Three concentric circles spinning in opposite directions; object to stabilize utilizing hand controls.
[Kathryn is amazed; Tish offers her a piece of gum]
Tish: You wanna piece...?
Kathryn: [taking it] ... How'd you know all that?
Tish: I remember everything I read. It's a real drag, sometimes; my mind gets totally cluttered.
Kathryn: What'd you get on your SATs?
Tish: 800's.
[the highest SAT scores available at the time]
Tish: Could you please argue without talking?
Tish: What're you gonna write your essay on?
Kathryn: [Kathryn has been made Pilot after specifically requesting Shuttle Commander] "Why I'm Going to be the First Female Shuttle Commander."
Tish: Oh, that oughta go down REAL big.
Kathryn: Yeah, Andy'll love that. What about you?
Tish: I'm gonna do "I want to go into space to find creatures that exist on chemicals other than carbon and oxygen."
Kathryn: You should visit my high school!
Kathryn: My mom always says that being boss and being bossy aren't the same.
Max: Oh, I mean this is like the greatest thing since the X-Wing fighter!
Tish: [whimpering, after the space shuttle has launched] We're gonna die...
[opens her eyes to see a few of the others floating in zero gravity]
Tish: We're already dead...
Commander Zach Burkstroom: By God... we have liftoff...
Max: Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Help me.
Rudy Tyler: Holy shit!
Jinx: "Shit". Solid waste aboard space station. Can be handled in one of two ways...
Andie: Everybody, let's think, where are we going to get more oxygen?
Kevin: I could run down to the 7-Eleven.
[Kevin is showing Max how the shuttle toilet works. It involves a vacuum hose]
Max: I ain't getting in that.
Kevin: No, Max, come on. I mean, it's not like you're using it for much else anyway, right?
Andie: Hideo Takamini... HIDEO TAKAMINI?
Kevin: Right here!
[holding up a stolen nametag]
Andie: Hideo Takamini?
Kevin: Well actually it's pronounced "Kevin Donaldson."
Andie: I don't have a "Donaldson."
Kevin: Well, you have one now.
Kevin: My philosophy is: sleep late, drive fast, and not take any of this shit seriously.
Kathryn: It's just that it's easier to say you don't care, than it is to try and fail.
Andie: I can't believe it; I'm not going up. They chose Andy Miller instead of me... he gets airsick in cars...
Commander Zach Burkstroom: That's why I married you, and not Andy Miller.
Rudy Tyler: Er, you know I once knew this guy who could hold his breath under water for hours. Nobody could ever figure out exactly how he did it. Or maybe it wasn't hours, but it sure was a long time.
Kevin: Rudy.
Rudy Tyler: That was when I, I was on the swim team. It was freshman year. He used to do it too. Hold his breath for hours. Just by thinking about eating French fries. Guess he really got off on eating French fries and uh...
Kevin: Rudy.
Rudy Tyler: Huh?
Kevin: You're using up oxygen, Man.
Rudy Tyler: Yeah.
Kathryn: Wait a minute!
Kevin: We don't have a minute. What's wrong?
Andie: [They're all in a space shuttle simulator] The computer does most of the work. Now the first lesson I want to teach you is...
[Rudy moves the control stick, causing the simulator to lurch backward. Everyone falls]
Andie: [glaring at Rudy] "Why I Won't Touch Anything Until I Know How to Use It."
Rudy Tyler: By Rudy Tyler.
Andie: Right.
Max: Yeah, Rudy.
Kevin: You know, there's this, uh, full moon out tonight.
Kathryn: What, are you gonna turn into a werewolf or something like that?
Kathryn: Why are you so hard on me?
Andie: Because someday, you're goin' up. But the only way that will happen is if you have every drill here down better than everyone else. There's no room for mistakes. Every 'i' dotted, every 't' crossed. That's the way I learned it. That's the way you'll learn it. You copy?
Kathryn: I copy.
Andie: [after saving Max from drifting away from the Daedalus space station] ... You think you're scared now? Wait till your parents get the bill for breaking Daedalus.
NASA #1: How the hell am I supposed to keep a lid on this? People for 500 miles know the shuttle went up.
Commander Zach Burkstroom: Tell them the truth. You sent my wife and five kids up from Spacecamp. They'll never believe it.
Rudy Tyler: What about the propulsion system? We could breathe the liquid oxygen from there.
Tish: The propulsion system uses nitrogen tetroxide, Rudy. We wanna breathe, not dry clean our lungs.

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