A group of scientists try to track down and trap a killer alien seductress before she successfully mates with a human.

Dr. Stephen Arden: [Stephen and Sil have just finished having sex. Sil seems distant for a second, but then chuckles excitedly] What?
Sil: I felt it!
Dr. Stephen Arden: Felt what?
Sil: It's started!
Dr. Stephen Arden: What's started?
Sil: Life!
Dr. Stephen Arden: Oh, my darling girl!
[laughs condeceningly]
Dr. Stephen Arden: Now, I know in some south african tribes women believe they know the exact moment of conception, but really...
Sil: Don't you beleive me? Here, feel!
[She grabs his hand and holds it against her belly]
Dr. Stephen Arden: [Stephen does indeed feel something in Sil's womb and his smile suddenly fades] Holy Shit!
[Sil covers Stephen's mouth to muffle his screams as she transforms into her alien form and kills him]
Dr. Laura Baker: I got his machine. Should I leave a message?
Preston Lennox: Yeah. Tell him he's about to copulate with a creature from outer space.
[Preston laughs and Laura smiles]
[while drinking Long Island Iced Tea]
Dan Smithson, Empath: These are some good cups of tea, man.
Preston Lennox: No one ever asked me to find anything they didn't want dead.
Dan Smithson, Empath: I feel sorry for you.
Preston Lennox: Yeah? That's great. I feel sorry for her.
Dr. Stephen Arden: [to Sil, after they finished having sex] Oh my dear... I enjoyed that immensely!
Xavier Fitch: A train came through here about the time she escaped.
Agent: Is she that fast?
Xavier Fitch: She is *that* fast.
Xavier Fitch: We decided to make it female so it would be more docile and controllable.
Preston Lennox: More docile and controllable, eh? You guys don't get out much.
Sil: [on Laura's perfume] Smells nice. Can I try some?
Dr. Laura Baker: Yeah, help yourself.
Sil: Does it work on your boyfriend?
Dr. Laura Baker: Yeah, as a repellent.
[walks away]
John Carey: Oh, no. I think someone's at the door.
Sil: Don't go. Please. I want a baby.
John Carey: [shocked] *What?* Excuse me?
Dan Smithson, Empath: I thought I was dead.
Preston Lennox: I thought you'd drank your last Long Island Iced Tea there, Dan.
Dr. Laura Baker: Yeah, I thought we all had. Hey, you okay?
Dan Smithson, Empath: Yeah, I'm okay. My pants are a little messed up, but I'm okay.
Dr. Laura Baker: She was half us, half something else. I wonder which was the predatory half.
Preston Lennox: The dead half. Let's get the hell out of here.
Dr. Stephen Arden: [Last line before Sil pounces on him, naked and they have sex] What about protection?
[first lines]
Xavier Fitch: I'm sorry.
Young Sil: [mouthing] I'm sorry.
Preston Lennox: Let go of him you motherfucker.
Dan Smithson, Empath: Something bad happened here...
[last lines]
Dr. Laura Baker: Ahh! I never thought I'd be so happy to be back in a sewer.
Dr. Stephen Arden: [to his surprise, Stephen walks in to his motel room to find a stranger, Sil, standing inside listening through the wall to a couple having sex in a neighboring room] Who are you? What are you doing here?
Sil: I saw you downstairs, but you were with all those people.
[She approaches him, slipping the shoulder straps off her dress to expose her breasts]
Dr. Stephen Arden: Wh... What are you doing?
[Sil kisses him]
Sil: It's not too soon for us to be together.
[She kisses him again. Stephen stops resisting and starts undressing, himself]
Dr. Stephen Arden: [Seconds after meeting him, the beautiful Sil is undressing and trying to seduce Stephen] This sort of thing doesn't usually happen to me.
Agent: Criminologist says there's no evidence of semen in the hot tub water.
Preston Lennox: Well, maybe she took it with.

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