A computer hacker breaks into the computer system of the Seabourn Legend cruise liner and sets it speeding on a collision course into a gigantic oil tanker.

Annie Porter: Jack, he was never the romantic type. For our anniversary he gives me pepper spray. PEPPER SPRAY. I think it's perfume. I end up in the emergency room.
Alex: Go faster.
Maurice: Give me one good reason!
Alex: If you don't, I'll push you off the boat.
Maurice: That's a good reason.
Annie Porter: I'll swear, I'm never leaving the house again.
John Geiger: ANNIE! Come back, your my hostage!
Annie Porter: I've been in worse situations than this, and panic does not help, trust me!
Merced: [after opening the ballast doors] I can't... close it just like that
Alejandro: [half dressed] I took off mine...
Marifa: Bad luck to run ship over town.
Maurice: No shit, bad luck! I just bought a condo here!
Annie Porter: Who's ready to party on the big boat besides me?
Maurice: Look what I found in international waters!
Alex Shaw: [referring to the flooding of the ballast room] How much longer?
Merced: Look, I've never let a million gallons of water into a ship before. Gimme a second.
Annie Porter: [after just using a chainsaw to cut through a locked door but not removing chainsaw from the hole] Can you lot get out?
Passenger: If you back off with the saw, we'll give it a try!
Annie Porter: Ok, lets go out on vacation. Where?
Alex Shaw: The Caribbean.
Annie Porter: Oh, The Caribbean, do you have a concussion?
John Geiger: What're you gonna do, splash water on me?
John Geiger: So you've met my nurses? They clean the copper out of my blood. Doctors gave me a couple of years to live, those bloodsuckers might give me a few more.
John Geiger: How do you like your vacation so far?
Alex Shaw: [after telling Merced to open the ballast doors] SHIT! CLOSE IT, CLOSE IT, CLOSE IT
Alex Shaw: Relationships based on extreme circumstances never work out.
Juliano: With all due respect miss, this is not your car, this is a cruise liner!
Merced: We can not stop the ship!
Alex Shaw: Then we have to slow it down.
Merced: What are you gonna do, are you gonna let the air outta our tires?
Constance: [to her husband about her nicotine patch] The only way that patch is going to help me is if I roll it and smoke it.
[repeated line]
Alex Shaw: I'll be right back.
John Geiger: I wouldn't trade you for all the pearls and diamonds in the world. You take care of me, I'll take care of the ship.
Alex Shaw: I gotta get my girl.
Annie Porter: This night seems almost too perfect.
Alex Shaw: Want me to step on your feet?
Annie Porter: You already did.
Alex Shaw: Oh, I mean again?
[in the control room]
John Geiger: [acting drunk] I saw all the lights, thought this was the casino...

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