A young driver, Speed Racer, aspires to be champion of the racing world with the help of his family and his high-tech Mach 5 automobile.

Speed: Racing hasn't changed, and it never will.
Racer X: It doesn't matter if racing never changes. What matters is if we let racing change us. Every one of us has to find a reason to do this. You don't climb into a T-180 to be a driver. You do it because you're driven.
Trixie: Oh my god, was that a ninja?
Pops Racer: More like a NON-ja. Terrible what passes for a ninja these days.
Local Announcer: Folks, I knew Rex Racer and if he's up there somewhere watching this race, you can bet your ass he's damn proud of his little brother.
Speed: [driving] Racing hasn't changed. And it never will.
Mom: [catching Spritle playing with his chimp in the living room] Hey, what are you two doing?
Spritle: Nothing.
Mom: Was that the same nothing that broke my last couch?
Spritle: No, that was a totally different nothing.
Trixie: Cool beans.
Rex: [to Speed] Stop steering and start driving. This ain't no dead piece of metal. A car's a living, breathing thing, and she's alive. Feel it talking to you. Telling you what she wants, what she needs. All you gotta do is listen. Close your eyes and listen.
Mr. Royalton: Pancakes are love.
Pops Racer: [to Speed] I admit, I went to Cortega because I was afraid that what happened to Rex was gonna happen to you, and I just couldn't take that. But what I realized at Cortega... was I didn't lose Rex when he crashed. I lost him here. I let him think that a stupid motor company meant more to me than he did. You'll never know how much I regret that mistake. It's enough I'll never make it again. Speed, I understand that every child has to leave home. But I want you to know, that door is always open. You can always come back. 'Cause I love you.
Spritle: Go, Speed, Go!
Pops Racer: You think you can drive a car and change the world? It doesn't work like that!
Speed: Maybe not, but it's the only thing I know how to do and I gotta do something.
Speed: [At Cannonball Taylor] Ok, Mr. two-time-Grand-Prix five-time-WRL future-Hall-of-Fame, teach me something!
Trixie: [seeing Speed in a formal suit] Hubba-hubba!
Speed: [racing against Cannonball Taylor] Get that shit off my track!
Inspector Detector: Do you think you made a mistake not to tell him?
Racer X: If I did, it's a mistake I'll have to live with.
[during closing credits]
Trixie: Speed, are you all right?
Speed: Never mind that Trixie, I gotta get you out of here!
Trixie: You're wonderful, Speed!
Rex: [to young Speed, on the track at Thunderhead] Feel that shimmy? That's your hind legs trying to outrun your front.
Young Speed: What do I do?
Rex: Stop steering, and start driving.
Pops Racer: That show's in German.
Spritle: Not the monkey parts.
Mom: Distracted?
Speed's Teacher: No, that's not exactly right. Your son seems to be interested in only one thing. All he talks about, all he seems capable of thinking about, is automobile racing.
Mom: Well, you know, his father designs racing cars.
Speed's Teacher: And where is your husband?
Mom: Working. He couldn't be here.
Speed's Teacher: Perhaps the apple hasn't fallen very far from the tree.
Mr. Royalton: A million dollars to the driver that takes out Racer.
Cannonball Taylor: He won't even get out of the blocks.
Mr. Royalton: I prefer him to not even make it out of the locker room.
Trixie: Since when did winning become so important?
Speed: It is important. You gotta win if you want to keep driving, and that's what I want to do. It's the only thing I really know how to do.
Trixie: That's not true.
Speed: Come on, I wouldn't have made it out of high school without your help.
Trixie: Okay, that's true.
[during closing credits]
Speed: Why don't you try to win this race fair and square?
Trixie: [while watching race from above] Move it, Speed! It's getting ugly out there!
[during closing credits]
Speed: Okay, Chim-Chim, go!
Mom: [to Speed] We just have to stick together... and something good will happen. You'll see.
Young Speed: [dazed after crashing] Who are you?
Young Trixie: I'm Trixie. I'm in your class.
Young Speed: Oh yeah. Hey, you want to see my car collection?
Young Trixie: I'd love to!
Speed: I'll see you at Fuji.
Mr. Royalton: Yes, and you'll find out you just made the biggest mistake of your life.
Speed's Teacher: Speed Racer, slow down!
Ben Burns: This isn't a race, it's a showdown!
Mom: Do you remember the day that you rolled the car? How upset I was?
Speed: [laughing a little] I remember. Rex said the only reason we survived was because I was wearing those red socks.
Pops Racer: You want a real kick? You go Bernoulli.
Speed: [to Trixie, about Rex] I finally understand it now, Trix. I know why he left us. He was trying to change this rotten business and they killed him for it.
Speed: [to Royalton] Racing's in our blood. Like for Pops, it isn't just a sport. It's way more important than that. It's like a religion. And in our house, the major sponsors are kind of like the devil. I don't mean to offend you, sir, and I do appreciate your offer, but after all we've been through, I don't think this kind of deal is for me.
Speed: Haven't any of these drivers read the rule book?
Mr. Royalton: [to Speed, laughing] You poor, naïve chump. I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that load of sickening schmaltz, and I'm going to give you a bit of an education - and at the end of it, if you're smart, you'll thank me. And then you'll sign that contract.
Mr. Royalton: Interesting that you and your father were so moved by the '43 Prix. One of the great finishes in the history of racing, right? Everyone remembers Burns and Stickleton slugging it out. But who remembers Carl Potts? Driving this rebuilt Wittigan for lodyne Industries, Potts spun out in the second lap and went down as a DNF, a forgettable and pathetic finish, so bad that afterwards, lodyne stock dropped six points. But as Ben Burns sat guzzling cold, fresh milk in Victory Lane, a thousand cameras taking his picture, Sirrus Aeronautics saw almost a 12-point gain, which immediately blocked Penninsula Power Cell from being able to afford the price of a complete takeover. This put Joel Goldman, the CEO of lodyne, Inc., in the exact position he wanted to be in. By first buying controlling interest in his own company at a devalued price, he then brokered a merger with Sirrus that immediately sent lodyne into the gains record book, the only record book that matters. Look out that window. There isn't a single plane or helicopter or K-Harrier that isn't powered by lodyne fuel cells. That's what racing is about. It has nothing to do with cars or drivers. All that matters is power, and the unassailable might of money!
Taejo Togokahn: I'll see you at Fuji.
Racer X: You won't finish. When you lose - if you can still dial a phone...
[hands over CIB business card]
Racer X: ... call this number.
Ben Burns: [to Speed, in the Fuji locker room] Hey, kid.
Speed: Ben Burns?...
Ben Burns: Nice race. I ain't seen moves like that in a long time.
Speed: [pause] Didn't matter. I still lost.
Ben Burns: Yeah. Tough break.
Ben Burns: Well. Good luck.
[turns to leave]
Speed: [pause] Mr. Burns, can I ask you something?
Ben Burns: Sure, kid.
Speed: The '43 Prix. Did you know you were gonna win?
Ben Burns: [pause] Y'know, everybody thought that me and Stickleton hated each other. Funny, ain't it?
Mr. Royalton: I hope I didn't scare you, Speed, by showing you how hard we push our team. I just want you to see how serious we are about winning.
Speed: [long pause] I get that.
Speed: Okay, no more Mr. Nice Guy!
Johnny 'Goodboy' Jones: I know he blew up at Fuji, but this kid is flat out magic!
Racer X: [about Rex] I'm sure if he were here, he'd be immensely proud of you.
Speed: For what? Making the same mistakes he did?
Racer X: For trying to make a difference.
Sparky: [as Speed preps for a race] How are you feeling?
Speed: [as he observes the coliseum] It's big.
Sparky: Hey, this cockpit is the exact same size as it was at Thunderhead.
Speed: Right.
Sparky: [pauses] Just wanted to say thanks, for what could be the most exciting moment of my life.
Speed: Couldn't have gotten here without you.
[they hug]
Spritle: [sees Racer X and Inspector Detector at the front door] It's Racer X, The Harbinger of Boom!
Trixie: Three, four, ready for more.
Speed: It's going to be okay.
Mom: You wouldn't lie to your mother, would you?
Speed: Never again.
Pops Racer: This is abso...
Speed: ...lutely crazy!
Pops Racer: I couldn't have been more proud of you, son. Not because you won, but because you stood up, you weren't afraid, and you did what you thought was right.
Speed: It didn't amount to anything. It was completely meaningless.
Pops Racer: How could it be meaningless? I saw my son become a man. I watched a man with courage and integrity drive the pants off of every other driver on that road. This is not meaningless. This is the reason for a father's life.
Mr. Royalton: [to Speed] You don't know how many times I've seen that same cow-eyed, say-it-isn't-so look of disbelief. Every bumpkin who comes in from the sticks looks exactly as you do now. I won't bother proving it to you. You walk away from me, you walk away from this deal, you'll know how true it is soon enough. This is your last chance. Are you ready to put away your toys and grow up? Are you ready to make more money in one year than your father made in his whole life? Are you ready to become a *real* race car driver? Then sign that contract!
Speed: I thought we made a good team today. It felt like we've been doing it for a long time.
Racer X: If you say so.
Pops Racer: [to Spritle] Get some exercise. You're too pale!
Speed: [to Mom Racer] Maybe Royalton is right. Maybe racing really is all about the business, and anyone who doesn't understand that is just a chump.
Speed: [shouting at Pops] Don't take it out on me because you feel guilty about what happened to Rex!
Speed: Sounds beefy, Pops.
Speed: [finding him hiding in his truck] Spritle!
Trixie: You little sneak!
Spritle: It wasn't my idea!
Speed: Oh no?
Spritle: [pointing to his chimp, who points back] It was his.
Minx: [after seeing Speed race] He's going to be very good.
Racer X: No, he's going to be the best... if they don't destroy him first.
[first lines]
Race Announcer: All drivers to your cars, please. All drivers to your cars.
Mr. Royalton: So. I can see you've been giving some serious thought to this thing.
Speed: [pause] I have. Yes, sir.
Mr. Royalton: Good. That means you understand we're talking about not just your future, but your family's future.
Speed: My family means a lot to me.
Mr. Royalton: I know. I can tell. That's why this is so important, because you can help them. All you have to say is yes. That's all I need to hear. And I can make so many things happen, for you *and* your family.
Mr. Royalton: You ready for that? You ready to say yes, Speed?
Mr. Royalton: [to Speed] Listen to me and listen good, kid, because I can give you one more history lesson. You're going to go to Fuji and you're going to try and prove that everything I've just told you is nothing but a lie. But no matter how well you drive, you won't win, you won't place. I guarantee you right now that you won't even finish the race!
Pops Racer: [to Speed] God, you sound like Rex! You wanna die like him, too? Will that make you happy?

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