An out-of-control speed freak is introduced his drug of choice's creator by his dealer. A massive three-day adventure ensues.

The Cook: [telling a story to Ross, whose asleep in the passenger seat] I tell ya, I remember a time when I was about... I was little, I don't know... 4, 5 something like that. We had this old dog that had a litter of puppies. And I walked in the bathroom one day and my Mother was standing there, kneeling down... Dog had a litter of about 8, and my Mother was bending over killing each one of these little puppies in the bathtub. I remember I said 'why?'... She said 'Im just killing what I can't take care of' - Then my momma said to me, she looked at me and she said 'I wish I could do that to you'. - Maybe she, maybe she shoulda.
The Cook: She can't handle her shit, man. You know? She's been, like, partying with the candy for ten, eleven days. And then the bitch crashes, and then she starts freaking out. Man, you know, she'll split for a day or two then she'll come back. She's just spun.
The Cook: It's not what the pussy can do for you, it's what you can do for the pussy!
Nikki: Fuckin' fuckface fucker.
Cookie: You know you better get back here and fuck me you bastard, if you wanted me to come up with any kind of dinner!
Spider Mike: Frisbee, Frisbee, sex and travel, man. I told you to sex and fucking travel, right? Take a fucking hike, you understand?
Ross: You know what the best thing is? I'm not hooked... I could stop at any time.
The Cook: Nice titties. Small ass.
Doctor: Ooh, that's gotta hurt!
Cookie: Who called on the *God damned phone?*
Spider Mike: I don't know *you fucking asshole!*
Ross: You guys should *really* open a window in here.
Spider Mike: Who is it?
Fat Boy: It's just me, Spider.
Spider Mike: Hey. Go away, fat boy!... I said, go away, fat boy!
Fat Boy: Okay, okay. I'll see you later.
Ross: It looks like a perfectly healthy green dog.
Ross: Do you shave your balls?
Moustache Cop: [pointing gun] Drop the cheese puffs, ma'am!
The Cook: [at a porn shop] No, that's an example what I don't like; that there is a loose ass, there's nothing more I hate than goddamn loose asses!
Escort: What are you looking at?
Nikki: Your fucking whore bitch face, bitch!
The Cook: You wanna go back to Las Vegas with all them gucci wearing motherfuckers?
Pornclerk: Hey, you're back for me honey, aren't ya?
The Cook: Hey, fuck you pussy boy.
[pushes the Porn Clerk then goes to a private booth]
Pornclerk: Fuckin' asshole!
[dials cops]
Nikki: [revealing to Ross that she has a son] The state took him away. It's weird, cause stuff happens and you don't really notice it while it's happening... life is sort of passing by. I held him once. Yeah, he felt so nice in my arms. And then they took him away. And I'm gonna hold him again. I'm gonna hold him real tight. I'm gonna hold him so tight that no one can ever take him away from me ever again.
Ross: Spoof. Dope. Crank. Creep. Bomb. Spank. Shit. Bang. Zip. Tweak. Chard. Call it what you will. It's all methamphetamine. That's what I'm here for.

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