The Cortez siblings set out for a mysterious island, where they encounter a genetic scientist and a set of rival spy kids.

Dr. Romero: Do you think God stays in heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he's created?
Carmen: Okay, Mom, if you want information, just go straight to the source.
Carmen: [she taps some keys and "Welcome to the Pentagon" appears]
Ingrid: How did you do that? You can't - You cannot do that. There is no hacking in this household!
Carmen: [Carmen taps another key and disconnects]
Carmen: I know. Sorry.
Ingrid: [sighs]
Ingrid: Show me that again.
Juni: Skeletons! Dead skeletons!
Carmen: Are there any other kind?
Carmen: Well, there it is.
Juni: How do you know?
Carmen: 'Cause it's big, and weird, and in the middle of the room.
Carmen: [to Gary] You're so full of shiitake mushrooms.
Carmen: Soon you will know when that time will come.
Gertie Giggles: I think that time has come.
Gertie Giggles: Just wait 'til Mom finds out that you tried to take over the world again!
Carmen: How long have we been falling?
Juni: I don't know; my watch doesn't tell time!
Carmen: Best guess?
Gary Giggles: You take her, and I'll take this
[gesturing to devise]
Gary Giggles: . That way we both look good.
Juni: I'm not in this for looks Gary
Juni: I do not understand you
Carmen: And you never will
Alexander Minion: Be a good girl and swat your brother for me.
Carmen: We're kids, not monsters.
Dr. Romero: What's the difference?
Juni: Well, at least we can still laugh.
Carmen: About what?
Juni: Thinking about whatever Gary and Gerti are doing right now!
[Felix has betrayed the Cortezes, the family he was assigned to protect, by taking the Transmooker from them]
Carmen: Uncle Felix, how could you?
Felix Gumm: I'm not your uncle!
Ingrid: But we treated you like family.
Felix Gumm: Donnagan said that if I join with him, he won't get rid of me like he's going to get rid of you.
Juni: One necklace to rule them all!
Donnagon Giggles: Well, Cortezes, any last words?
Ingrid: None that I can say in front of my children.
Grandmother: Not to mention your mother.
Juni: I wonna pull him up here, so I can push him back over myself.
Gertie Giggles: You're fighting a girl. You're gonna loose.
Gary Giggles: Remember, an agent is only as good as his gadgets...
Grandmother: You tried to save us. Why?
Carmen: How can you be eating at a time like this?
Juni: You know that tickling sensation you get when you fall?
Carmen: Of course.
Juni: That pretty much went away after the first hour.
Gertie Giggles: [horrified] Camel Poop!
Gary Giggles: Excuse me there, sport.
[Carmen and Juni are free-falling into the volcano]
Carmen: How long have we been falling?
Juni: I don't know, my watch doesn't tell time!
Dr. Romero: Do you think God lives in Heaven because He too lives in fear of what He created?
Carmen: Family is sacrifice.
[to Juni about Romero]
Carmen: What a bizarre man...
Juni: [sees the Giggles are at the OSS dinner] No wonder your buddy's here. Your buddy with the weird laugh.
Carmen: He does NOT have a weird laugh.
Gary Giggles: Can't let you bust up my dad's machine... so I'm gonna have to... bust you up!
Ingrid: Do what I taught you last night... Suplex.
Donnagon Giggles: What happened to the Transmooker?
Dr. Romero: I don't know.
[Gets nudged by Donnagons henchman]
Dr. Romero: The Spork took it.
Dr. Romero: I'm no loon!
Gary Giggles: Too bad your dork sister's not here to cheer me on!
Carmen: [sees her brother eating a granola bar] How could you think of eating at a time like this?
Alexandra: You're fired.
Donnagon Giggles: No, no, my children are fine... somewhere in the Gobi desert.

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