Carmen's caught in a virtual reality game designed by the Kids' new nemesis, the Toymaker (Stallone). It's up to Juni to save his sister, and ultimately the world.

[Rez is watching all 100 of "The Guy's" lives pass away]
Rez: Oh, my!
Juni: I never even got her e-mail address!
Man: Mr. Cortez. Your children called. Some sort of emergency.
Gregorio Cortez: [flies off]
Felix Gumm: Well, I'm their uncle.
[follows Gregorio]
Grandfather: [in a wheelchair] Don't touch; this is Corinthian leather.
Carmen: You'll have to go through me first... Game-Boy!
Juni: Which is worse! Lava or Tinker Toys!
Francis: Definitely Tinker Toys!
Juni: I haven't seen Carmen since Christmas. Last year.
Juni: Arnold, you should know, when we reach Level 5...
Arnold: Don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise.
Juni: Believe me, it will!
Gregorio Cortez: Glasses, Quick!
Rez: [after coming out of the lava thinking he'd be out of the game] I thought I was a goner!
[Rez spits lava out of his mouth]
Arnold: [getting lava out of his ears] I saw all my points flashing away before my eyes. All I could hear is my father saying, "You blew it Arnold! No untold riches for you!"
Carmen: Juni! The Toymaker is the one who put grandpa in the wheel chair!
Juni: I can't beat you, Arnold!
Arnold: I know.
Juni: I'm trying to reach level 2!
Toymaker: Am I insane?
Toymaker: [his Dictator personality] Completely!
Demetra: Sorry Juni, but it's in my programming.
Juni: Why is it that every video game has lava in it?
Francis: Technically, that's not true. There's no lava in Halo. And in Metroid, it's molten magma.
Toymaker: [posing as President Devlin after being freed from the game] I've come back to settle the score. For imprisoning me! For using me!
[repeated line]
Toymaker: Game over.
Carmen: She's the reason why this level is unwinable. She's the deceiver.
Toymaker: [to his three other personalities] I don't mind talking to myself, but when you guys start to cut me outta the conversation. That's when it gets a little... strange!
Juni: You sound close?
Carmen: I am!
Agent Damage Report: [Shows Juni the beta tester boys in their real life form] Cortez, are these the boys that were in the game with you? We tracked them through their email addresses.
Juni: [Sees the boys] Yeah that's them. They wouldn't know anything about...
[doesn't recognize the boys in their non-game form]
Juni: Hey,wait a second; what happened to Francis the Brain, Arnold the Strong and Mr. Cool?
Francis: Well, in the real world, I'm not that smart.
Arnold: I'm not strong.
Rez: I'm not cool.
Juni: [Winces] Reality check...
Rez: [Sees Juni standing in front of a giant billboard of the game near a guy wearing a similar game suit to him] Will you look at this?
Francis: [getting his analysis scanner and finds a match] Hold to your joysticks boys. I think we got him.
[the boys walk over to Juni]
Francis: You're The Guy.
Juni: I'm the Who?
Francis: The Guy. The guy from the poster.
[Turns around and points to the suit in the billboard]
Francis: That guy.
Juni: [Looks at the poster and is confused] No, wait a minute; I'm only looking for my sister. She's somewhere on Level 4. Them I'm heading out through Level 5.
Rez: So you can win the game?
Juni: I guess that's one way of putting it.
Francis: You see, according to the tech manual,
[opens the tech manual up]
Francis: if we find The Guy...
[turns around and points to the poster]
Francis: The Guy... he'll lead us through the unwinnable level.
Rez: Hey, just because he made out of RoboCon in one piece doesn't mean he's The Guy!
Francis: He's the first I've ever seen to make it out with the power suit.
[taps Juni's suit]
Rez: Man, give me a break. This wimp's a phoney.
Francis: There's only one way to find out.
Rez: [Turns around to see a racetrack behind him] Mega Race. The fastest, most dangerous race in the game world.
The Guy: Cake.
Carmen: Juni, she's not real.
Rez: Who are you?
Cesca Giggles: Special Agent Cortez, we need you.
Juni: [boys stare at him in wonder] I'm just Juni.
Juni: Mr. President.
Devlin: Oh you can call me Devlin.
Juni: Weren't you already running the country when you were head of the OSS?
Toymaker: Game... Over.
Toymaker: I'm taking this to the next level!
Gerti Giggles: Remember, everyone's your family.
Toymaker: Thank you for freeing me, Valentin, but it's too late. Nothing can stop me now... not even you.
Grandfather: That's true. Only you can do that. You double-crossed us. The agency, your fellow agents and me. Your mistake cost me my legs! Well a mistake like that could only someone further into the dark, and it has. Look at you now.
Toymaker: But I gave you back your legs when you were in the game - *I* did that for *you*!
Grandfather: Let me tell you all of the things I've missed in my life because of the accident you caused: I can't walk on the beach with my wife. I missed my daughter's birth... and wedding. Shall I continue? Now... let me tell you all the GOOD things that came of it. Humility. Spirituality. Understanding. You've been living in fear of me all these years, but I've only been searching for you so I could tell you... that I forgive you.
Toymaker: I've only dreamed I would hear you say something like that...

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