When a congressional aide is killed, a Washington D.C. journalist starts investigating the case involving the congressman, his old college friend.

Rep. Stephen Collins: Am I talking to my friend now or am I talking to a reporter?
Cal McAffrey: I gotta be both.
Cal McAffrey: Mornin'...
Cameron Lynne: So? Where are we, was he nobbing her or not?
Cal McAffrey: Morning, Cam...
Cameron Lynne: That's funny about you. Every time your friend runs for re-election or conducts a hearing, you drop his name to me until we give him some coverage... but he finally does something that actually might sell some newspapers, you render mute. It's, it's - incongruous!
Cal McAffrey: No, it's not... it's inconsistent.
Cameron Lynne: Pfff, don't be an ass. What do you think? Those are the ideas for our facelift. I know, I know... it's crap! Our new owners have this odd idea that we ought to be turning a profit.
Cal McAffrey: Yeah, well I hear our online site is doing great. I mean, not that I get to notice that sort of thing. I've been here what, uhh... fifteen years? I use a sixteen year old computer... she's been here fifteen minutes and she can launch a Russian satellite with the gear she's got.
Cameron Lynne: Yeah, she told me you behaved like a pig.
Cal McAffrey: That's too strong.
Cameron Lynne: Well, pig-ish.
Cal McAffrey: I showed her a little snout, uhuh.
Cameron Lynne: Well, I happen to like miss Della Frye... and yes, I did send her down there to winkle something out of you. She's hungry, she's cheap and she churns up copy every hour.
Cal McAffrey: Yeah, I now... I'm overfed, I'm too expensive and I take way too long.
Cameron Lynne: Yes, you do.
Cal McAffrey: I was Stephen Collins' room-mate in college... I don't live with him now.
Cameron Lynne: Well, that's a shame isn't it.
Cal McAffrey: Yeah... 'cause I could sell some newspapers.
posted sign: [in restaurant] List of who eats free at Ben's / Bill Cosby / NO ONE ELSE / Management
Det. Donald Bell: [to approaching reporter] Whatever you're sellin', I ain't buyin'.
Della Frye: [referring to Foy] And why do you think he's gonna talk?
Hank: Because he's scared.
Della Frye: How do you know?
Cal McAffrey: Because I'm gonna scare him.
[last lines]
Cal McAffrey: Good night everybody. See you tomorrow...
Rep. Stephen Collins: [sarcastically] I see you redecorated.
Cal McAffrey: Yeah, I moved the couch a couple of feet.
Rep. George Fergus: What's up? How did you find me?
Cal McAffrey: I followed the trail of crumbs, congressman.
Della Frye: I'm not giving up this story! Sorry... If I could just... I just need a few more days with it, I promise I'm not gonna let you down.
Cameron Lynne: Oh for Christ's sake. Don't throw those dewey cub-reporter eyes at me, it's nauseating.
[Rachel McAdams smiles as Mirren is letting her stay on the story]
Cameron Lynne: Fuck you very much.
Cal McAffrey: Pleasure.
Rep. George Fergus: [to Cal] You are going to be out of a job even before the devil can even say your name... SON!
Cameron Lynne: I want you to do a complete rundown on this Sonia Baker: who she knew, who she blew, the color of her knickers.
Rep. Stephen Collins: You're just seeking the truth. You're a truth seeker. You can't help it, that is just who you are. You're such a hypocrite. You're not interested in me. You come in here, it's all about you and you getting your story. I trusted you. You're my friend! You were supposed to be my friend anyway.
Cal McAffrey: The newspaper article he types reads: Three Deaths Tied to Gulf War Army Associate New evidence links Rep. Stephen Collins with the suspect in the killings of three people, including Sonia baker, the congressman's political researcher. When confronted by the Washington Globe with information tying him to suspect Robert Bingham, Collins admitted he had directed his former Army associate to follow Baker after learning that she was secretly on the payroll of military contractor PointCorp. Collins, the chairman of the committee investigating PointCorp's government deals, said he authorized Bingham only "to observe" Baker. He said he never intended for her to be harmed. "He just did it," Collins said of Bingham. "He seemed more upset about what she was doing than I was." When police went to arrest Bingham at his Northern Virginia apartment last night, he was found dead, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A rifle was next to his body. Investigators said they believe Bingham pushed Baker to her death under a Metro train earlier this week and later shot two witnesses, Deshaun Stagg and Vernon Sando, to silence them.
Cal McAffrey: Do you have a pen?
Cameron Lynne: [to Cal] So where are we? Was he knobbing her or not?

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