A convicted arsonist looks to manipulate a parole officer into a plan to secure his parole by placing his beautiful wife in the lawman's path.

[first lines]
Young Madylyn: Look at me.
Young Jack: Hmm?
Young Madylyn: I'm not standing for this.
Young Jack: Say what?
Young Madylyn: You keep my soul in a dungeon. I'm leaving.
Young Jack: [runs up the stairs, grabs his daughter out of bed, and holds her out the window] If you leave me, I'll throw her.
Stone: You ever think about things they say go on forever?
Lucetta: What?
Stone: Things they say go on forever - like... what's that mean, you know? The sky, like, they say the sky goes on forever. But what is that really? That's - I mean, you can't see nothing you can't see, so... it's like a big bowl of blue above you. You can see clouds during the day or you can see stars at night maybe, but even with a telescope you can't see forever. So how do they know?
Lucetta: Know what?
Stone: What it is. Eternity - how do they know?
Stone: I'll tell you between you and me,
[my wife]
Stone: , she's an alien.
Jack Mabry: Alien? What do you mean? Like an illegal?
Stone: No, she ain't illegal man. She's whiter than you.
[last lines]
Radio Interviewer: [talking calls] Next up here is Gerald, from south west Detroit. Welcome, Gerald.
Stone: I, I just wanna say, I got this book. They say that when you experience a spiritual truth, that it comes to you through sound. If you let this sound go through you, it changes you, you know? Puts you back into harmony. You know, it makes you like a tuning fork of God.
Radio Interviewer: Okay...
Stone: Yeah. They say, they say, you can start with small things, like little vibrations. You know, sound of a bee, sound of a buzzing light, and then it grows.
Radio Interviewer: All right. That's interesting.
Stone: Well, they say that everything that happens to you is what was supposed to happen to you, for you to advance. But you gotta come back lots a times, cycle through many lives until you learn, so you can grow.
Radio Interviewer: Well, thanks for your input. Next time up here in the WDDL listener line is Kathy in Farmington...
[fades out]
Stone: [about parole] Don't get me wrong, I want to be out. But I don't want to wrestle with the same shit if I'm out, and I don't want to keep this feeling if I'm in.
Stone: They say the sound part comes first. They say, when you experience a spiritual truth, that it comes to you as a sound that goes through you, changes your vibration, gets you back in the harmony. Like God's tuning fork or something... And then, if you let that happen to you, then you get the light, you get an illumination.
Stone: We're all God's co-workers.