The group NWA emerges from the mean streets of Compton in Los Angeles, California, in the mid-1980s and revolutionizes Hip Hop culture with their music and tales about life in the hood.

Jerry Heller: [from trailer] What's NWA stand for, anyway? "No Whites Allowed", something like that? *chuckles*
Eazy-E: No...
Eazy-E: Niggaz Wit' Attitudes.
[N.W.A. kicks Felicia out of the party wearing nothing but underwear bottoms]
Ice Cube: Bye, Felicia!
[N.W.A. closes the door on her]
Ice Cube: Yo, Dre.
Dr. Dre: What up?
Ice Cube: I got something to say.
Eazy-E: Hey, ya'll lookin for Felicia?
Felicia's Man: She in there or what?
Eazy-E: She kinda preoccupied with some real nigga dick.
Felicia's Man: [Revealing the gun] The fuck you say little nigga?
Eazy-E: [Comes out with a machine gun, Cube and Ren behind him with guns too] I said, she got a muthafuckin dick in her mouth nigga!
Jerry Heller: [from trailer] Let me tell you what I see here: a lot of raw talent. Swagger. Bravado. People are scared of you guys. They think you're dangerous, but the world needs to hear it.
Ice Cube: Speak a little truth and people lose their minds.
Eazy-E: I liked 'Boyz 'n the Hood.'
Ice Cube: You called it an Afterschool Special.
Eazy-E: I like Afterschool Specials.
Eazy-E: [doing a rap song] Cruising down the street in my '64
Dr. Dre: That was dope, E. That shit was dope, man!
Verna Griffin: Spinning records ain't paying the bills around here.
Dr. Dre: What are you talking about? I get paid.
Verna Griffin: 50 dollars? So that makes you rich?
Dr. Dre: It's a start.
Ice Cube: Eric, you're kind of being a hoe right now.
Suge Knight: What are gonna call that bullshit?
Dr. Dre: Aftermath Records.
Ice Cube: What's your name?
CNN Journalist: Brian.
Ice Cube: Eat a dick, Brian. Get the fuck out my house.
Eazy-E: They want N.W.A, let's give em N.W.A.
Tupac: What up, Dre?
Dr. Dre: What up, Pac?
Tupac: I was about to bust niggas in the mouth with this new album.
Dr. Dre: I feel that.
Tupac: Suge said you got some heat for a nigga.
Dr. Dre: Hell yeah!
[Plays Tupac a "California Love" Instrumental]
Dr. Dre: Fuck wit it.
Tupac: California love.
Ice Cube: [Upset that Bryan hasn't paid him his money] You should've kept your word, Bryan.
[Smashes up Bryan's office]
[repeated line]
Dr. Dre: That shit was DOPE!
Jerry Heller: You can't come down here and harass my clients because they're black!
[Eric is in a hospital after collapsing in a recording session]
Tomica: Aren't you gonna say something? What is it? A respiratory infection, pneumonia, what?
Young Doctor: Yes, well, it is those things and more, I'm afraid. We ran a full blood battery and... I'm sorry, Mr. Wright, but you've tested positive for HIV.
Eazy-E: Get the fuck outta here.
Tomica: What?
Young Doctor: The normal T-cell count is anywhere between 500 and 1500. Right now, your T-cell count is 14.
Eazy-E: But I ain't no faggot.
Young Doctor: No, Mr. Wright, actually the virus can be transmitted in quite a few ways, including unprotected heterosexual sex.
Eazy-E: That's wrong. You... you gotta test that again. Test that again.
Young Doctor: We've run the test five times, with five different samples, and the results remain.
Tomica: Shit!
[Tomica storms out of the room]
Eazy-E: She's pregnant, Doc! What does this mean?
Young Doctor: It doesn't necessarily mean that she's contracted the virus, but... we'll have to test her, to be sure.
Eazy-E: So what do we do? When do we start the the treatment? I mean, what... I gotta get healthy, I got things to do. I got... What's we supposed to do?
Young Doctor: Mr. Wright, you need to understand that you are very, very sick.
Eazy-E: But I don't even feel that bad Doc, don't tell me that.
Young Doctor: With care, and palliative care, we can probably keep you comfortable for... maybe six months, at the very most.
[by this time, Eazy is in a deep panic and is beginning to cry]
Eazy-E: Comfortable? What do you mean comfortable?
Young Doctor: It's just a matter of time. I am, I am truly, truly sorry, Mr. Wright. I'll leave you time to process this.
Eazy-E: Doc, come on, Doc, no. Doc?
[the doctor has left the room]
Eazy-E: Come, Doc!
[Eric is upset that Jerry had embezzled money from him]
Eazy-E: Here's what's about to happen. I'm gonna get N.W.A back together. And you ain't gonna have nothing to do with it this time.
Jerry Heller: Why the fuck can you even say something like that? What the fuck is going on with you, man? I know what's good for you, I know what's good for Ruthless, and we have worked up a trust after years of hard work and that trust is our foundation, Eric. I don't give a shit.
[Eric is coughing]
Jerry Heller: [concerned] Eric? How is it man? Are you okay?
Eazy-E: Trust? Trust is a muthafucka!
Jerry Heller: Is it? May I ask you something? Eric, If what I'm doing is so illegal, how come I've never been sued? If I'm such a fucking thief, such a liar, such a motherfucker, how come nobody's ever come to collect? Because this is business. And this is how it works. And it's not always pretty, no. Do I cover my own ass? Do I cover my own end? Absolutely. But don't you dare fucking tell me that I have not taken care of you. Don't you fucking tell me that I've not had your back from day one! DAY ONE!
Eazy-E: Is this taking care of me?
Jerry Heller: Are you fucking kidding me? It's taking care of the whole fucking thing! It's business!
[repeating what he said earlier]
Jerry Heller: And this is how it works. Have I covered my end? Do I cover my ass? Absolutely. But don't you dare fucking tell me that I have not taken care of you.
Eazy-E: Is this business too?
Jerry Heller: Yes, this is business, this is how fucked up it can get. But I didn't start this! I didn't fuck it up! You did!
Eazy-E: No, you did. You're fired, Jerry.
[Eric leaves Jerry's house]
[N.W.A have been warned not to perform Fuck tha Police. This takes place after they perform Straight Outta Compton]
Ice Cube: Hey, hold on, hold on! Y'all know what the motherfucking police try to tell us back stage? They try to tell us what the fuck we can't play. Motherfuckers try to tell us what the fuck we can't say. This N.W.A.! We do what the fuck we wanna do, we say what the fuck we wanna say! So with them high, put the middle fingers high in the sky to the punk ass cops backstage. Yo, Dre?
Dr. Dre: What up?
Ice Cube: I got something to say.
[they perform Fuck tha Police but get interrupted halfway]
[Jerry Heller pauses No Vaseline, a diss track made by Ice Cube, after hearing him being mentioned as a Jew]
Dj Yella: That's shit's kinda funny.
MC Ren: The motherfucker got us! Yo what we 'bout to do?
Jerry Heller: First thing we're gonna do, we're gonna sue this ignorant fuck. That's what we're gonna do. Defamation of character, libel, I don't really care of that anti-Semitic piece of fucking shit, who the fuck does he think he is? Unfucking believable! That kind of fucking bullshit! Jew bashing bullshit! You know what, I'll call up my friends at the J.D.L. They'll handle him, we'll see how much he likes that.
Eazy-E: Jerry, you gotta relax. Alright? Niggas don't even know what anti-Semitic means anyway, it's a fucking battle rap.
Jerry Heller: C'mon, Eric, we gotta get organised. We gotta fight this kind of ignorant fucking bullshit. You know what? I always knew he was a hateful human being. This is your ignorant shit. He calls it political? This is ignorant shit! I always knew it. Now the whole world is gonna know. I'm gonna make sure of that, okay? I don't understand why the fuck you're not more angry about this? Did you hear what he said?
Eazy-E: I heard what he said.
Eazy-E: I heard what he said!
Jerry Heller: About you? About me? Come on!
Eazy-E: You got your way of dealing with it, I got mine. We could just go to the studio and just end his fucking career anyway.
Dj Yella: I don't know about all that.
Jerry Heller: Fine. You'll do that. You call Dre and you guys go do that! Do something.