A self-styled New York hipster is paid a surprise visit by his younger cousin from Budapest. From initial hostility and indifference a small degree of affection grows between the two. Along... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Willie: You're sure you don't want a TV dinner?
Eva: Yes. I'm not hungry. Why is it called TV dinner?
Willie: Um... You're supposed to eat it while you watch TV. Television.
Eva: I know what a TV is. Where does that meat come from?
Willie: What do you mean?
Eva: What does that meat come from?
Willie: I guess it comes from a cow.
Eva: From a cow? It doesn't even look like meat.
Willie: Eva, stop bugging me, will you? You know, this is the way we eat in America. I got my meat, I got my potatoes, I got my vegetables, I got my dessert, and I don't even have to wash the dishes.
Eddie: You know, it's funny... you come to someplace new, an'... and everything looks just the same.
Willie: No kiddin', Eddie.
[last lines]
Eddie: [watches plane take off] Aw, Willie. I had a bad feeling. Damn. What the hell you gonna do in Budapest?
Eva: It's Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and he's a wild man, so bug off.
Eva: I'm going to Cleveland in about a week.
Eddie: Cleveland, beautiful city. It's got a big, beautiful lake. You will love it there.
Eva: Have you been there?
Eddie: No, no.
Aunt Lotte: I am the vinner.
Eddie: You know, last year before I met your cousin, I never know you were from Hungary or Budapest or any of those places.
Willie: So what?
Eddie: I thought you were an American.
Willie: Hey, I'm as American as you are.
[Silence. They begin driving into Cleveland]
Eddie: Does Cleveland look a little like, uh, Budapest?
Willie: Eddie, shut up.
Aunt Lotte: Son of a beeetch.
Willie: Here, let me tell you a joke, all right? There's three guys, and they're walking down the street. One guy says to the other one, "Hey, your shoe's untied." He says, "I know that." And they walk... No... There's two guys, they're walking down the street, and one of them says to the other one, "Your shoe's untied." And the other guy says, "I know that." And they walk a couple blocks further, and they see a third friend, and he comes up and says, "Your shoe's untied." "Your shoe's un - " Aaah, I can't remember this joke. But it's good.
[first lines]
Willie: Yeah.
Aunt Lotte: [speaks indistinctly in Hungarian]
Willie: Oh, hello, Aunt Lotte.
Aunt Lotte: [replies indistinctly in Hungarian throughout conversation]
Willie: Don't speak to me in Hungarian, please. No, I haven't heard from him, not for ten years. Yeah, I got your letter. Speak English, please! Yeah, my little cousin Eva. Yeah, I know, she's come - coming here and she's gonna stay overnight, when's she coming? Today? Straight from Budapest today? Ah, no. No, I never agreed to that. I can't possibly babysit for her for ten days. No, look, it's disrupting my whole life. I don't even consider myself a part of the family, do you understand? Nah, I'm sorry you have to go into the hospital. Yeah. Yeah. OK, bye bye.
Willie: [hangs up phone] Damn. Ship-uh.
Eva: I'm choking the alligator.
[Eva is packing her luggage as she prepares to leave New York]
Willie: Hey, leave me some Chesterfields.
Eva: Can I get them in Cleveland?
Willie: Yeah, yeah, you can get 'em in Cleveland.
Eva: They taste good there, like here?
Willie: It's the same Chesterfields.
Eva: Yeah?
Willie: All over America. Yeah.
Willie: I got something for you.
Eva: What is it?
Willie: It's a present.
Eva: Thanks. What is it? It's a dress?
Willie: Yeah.
Eva: Oh. Thank you.
[she looks at the dress]
Eva: I think it's kind of ugly. Don't you?
Willie: No. I bought it. Why don't you try it on?
Eva: I don't really wear this style.
Willie: You know, when you come here, you should dress like people dress here.
Eva: I'll try it on... later.
[she tosses it aside]
[repeated lines]
Eddie: Where did she get all that money?