Coming from a police family, Tom Hardy ends up fighting his uncle after the murder of his father. Tom believes the killer is another cop, and goes on the record with his allegations. Demoted then to river duty, the killer taunts Tom.

Det. Nick Detillo: There's an old Italian saying: Never scald your tongue on another man's soup.
Tom Hardy: Yeah? There's an old Irish saying: don't listen to old Italian sayings.
Jimmy Detillo: I got a new game. Everybody dies.
Tom Hardy: How was California?
Danny Detillo: Sunny.
Tom Hardy: Sunny? You've been out there two years and that's all you've got to say?
Danny Detillo: The Simpsons are on an hour earlier.
Tom Hardy: I've never had a woman partner before.
Jo Christman: Neither have I.
Tom Hardy: Why did you change your testimony?
Jo Christman: Why do you think?
Tom Hardy: You cheat good.
[last lines]
Tom Hardy: Grandkids, Dad.
Jimmy Detillo: You shot your own son? There goes that gold watch
Det. Eddie Eiler: [Eiler comes up to Hardy to unlock his handcuffs after the showdown with Jimmy at the river... Hardy hands the cuffs to Eiler, who shakes his head slowly] I was a real shithead, Tommy. Perhaps you want to take a swing at me.
Tom Hardy: What good would it do, Eddie?
[thinks for a moment, then delivers a right hook to Eiler's jaw]
Tom Hardy: On the other hand...
[walks off]
Lieutenant Vincent Hardy: Loyalty above all else... except honor.
Det. Eddie Eiler: [Hardy, hobbling on a crutch, arrives at the bridge, where Jimmy is preparing to jump after being arraigned on charges of police brutality on Hardy's own testimony... Eiler is at the bridge] What, you're going to give him a push?
Tom Hardy: [During a car chase] He sure drives like a cop
Tom Hardy: Let me rephrase it
[repeated line]
Tom Hardy: [as Jimmy is electrocuted] Who's the best cop now?
Tom Hardy: Maybe you need a drink to ease the pain of being wrong!
[first lines]
Newscaster: The search for the Polish Hill Strangler continues in the wake of the discovery of yet a fourth victim early this morning.
Jimmy Detillo: Who's the best cop?
Tom Hardy: You Jimmy... always you
Jo Christman: [while lying in bed with Tom] We shouldn't be doing this - we're partners.
Tom Hardy: We should be shot.
Jo Christman: We should shoot each other.
Tom Hardy: Too much paperwork.
Jimmy Detillo: Did you get fucked? Because Tommy's made a living out of fucking his partners
Tom Hardy: [Jimmy and Hardy are fighting on the bridge after the boat chase on the river... Hardy has the chain of his handcuffs around Jimmy's neck] You like to jump off bridges?
Jimmy Detillo: No, of course not
[Hardy pulls both of them off the bridge and into the river below]
Jimmy Detillo: .
Tom Hardy: [after being gone for two years, Danny has just sneaked onto Hardy's houseboat in the middle of the night... Hardy believes it to be just another burglar... now hushed with gun drawn] You picked the wrong house to rob, asshole.
Danny Detillo: Who are you kiddin', Tommy? You ain't got nothing worth stealing.
[repeatedl line]
Jimmy Detillo: Now we gotta us a game.
Lieutenant Vincent Hardy: Do you know what my dad used to say? Loyalty before all else exept honor.
Det. Eddie Eiler: You belong on the river, you fuckin' rat!