A disgraced former fireman takes on a group of terrorists holding the Vice President and others hostage during the seventh game of the NHL Stanley Cup finals.

Play-by-Play Announcer: It's so loud in here, I can barely hear myself think.
Color Commentator: You don't have to think, Mike. It's hockey.
Play-by-Play Announcer: He hit his head on the ice. He hit it so hard that his kids will be born dizzy.
McCord: [Pointedly] I'm having a very bad day.
[In the locker room]
Tyler: Hey! There's Brad Tolliver. Dad he doesn't have a rocking chair.
Tolliver: A what?
Tyler: My dad says you should sit in a rocking chair, while you are on the ice.
Joshua Foss: What do you want?
Joshua Foss: What do I want? World peace, an end to bigotry and no more mini malls. What am I gonna get? And I am gonna get it! That, boys and girls, is really hot.
Vice President: [unmoved and a little annoyed] What is your objective?
Joshua Foss: My objective?
Joshua Foss: I get funny all over when you talk like that.
[McCord saw Luc Robitaille]
McCord: Ça va?
Luc Robitaille: Bonjour!
McCord: [in French] How are you going to do tonight?
Luc Robitaille: [in French] We're going to fuck them up!
Carla: [Carla is about to shoot Emily, but her gun is empty] Fuck! You owe me a Mother's day card.
Joshua Foss: [Takes the phone from Emily] Well, now wasn't that sweet? She included me, Tom! Now, you tell me what an AOP is, or I'm gonna shoot this little pumpkin.
McCord: [Pretending to be Tom Castillo] Listen to me! Listen good. If you touch her, you look at her cross-eyed, you lose.
Joshua Foss: [laughs, knowing who McCord really is] How do you figure that, fireman?
McCord: Okay, here's the game, and here are the rules. You've got your bombs, and you've got your hostages, so you can get your money. I'm going to try to stop you, but I don't want anyone to get hurt. You stop me, you win. I get your bombs, I win. That's the game we're gonna play, you piece of shit. Now if you touch her, the game's off. Then, I'll come after you. You'll have to kill me in front of everybody in this arena. There will be panic. The Secret Service, SWAT, the fucking Navy will have to come in here. Then you don't get your money. You lose, pal.
Joshua Foss: [Chuckles] Well now, that's not bad for a civil servant. Oh, by the way - in the Secret Service, AOP is "Assault on Principal" - in this case our esteemed Vice President.
McCord: I don't give a shit.
Joshua Foss: Ohh, now Tom, c'mon. If we're gonna play, you got to play nice. So, you go run your little ass off. I know where the bombs are, so I know where you'll be going.
McCord: Then come and get me.
[Hangs up]
2nd Hostage: [in the Vice President's box-suite, one of Foss's hostages is having a seizure of some kind. Another hostage is examining the first] ... This man needs a doctor!
Joshua Foss: [walks over and guns down the ailing first hostage] ... Not anymore.
Joshua Foss: May I help you?
Hallmark: This is Matthew Hallmark, Secret Service. Put the Vice President on.
Joshua Foss: Hallmark?
Joshua Foss: Well... I see they care enough to send their very best.
Hallmark: Gee, I never heard that one before.
Blair: You're crazy!
Joshua Foss: Me? Ha! I'm not the one paying some neanderthal 40 million dollars a year to skate up and down the ice.
McCord: [their last conversation, until the end of the movie] ... Don't you move. If you need to piss, you sit here and go in your pants; it'll serve you right. But, if the dome is falling down around your ass, *Don't move*! Understand?
Tyler: Sure, I'll remember.
Play-by-Play Announcer: OH STOP THE PRESS
Vice President: What kind of lunatic are you?
Joshua Foss: The best kind.
Hallmark: Have you had any contact with the aggressors?
McCord: I killed two. Is that contact?
Joshua Foss: [Stopping a Secret Service Agent at gunpoint] Go ahead. Dead heroes get the best funerals!