The real story of a dance teacher who believed in the talent of a group of problem kids.

Pierre Dulaine: To do something, anything, is hard. It's much easier to blame your father, your mother, the environment, the government, the lack of money, but even if you find a place to assign the blame,it doesn't make the problems go away.
Morgan: I've never seen anyone move like that before.
Sasha: I'm sure.
Kurd: Why you gotta be such a ballroom weirdo?
Kurd: Check this out!
Ramos: Dance to this.
Kurd: We don't need any more white bread tourists seeing how the other half lives. We don't.
Caitlin: White bread? Excuse me, do you own a mirror?
Big Girl: [after being told to take Kurd's hand] Hold up. How the hell do I know where his hand's have been?
Kurd: Here I'll show you!
Kurd: [put's his hands down the front of his pants] Now you know!
Pierre Dulaine: That's not right! That is NOT right!
Eddie: Now that's "ball" room.
LaRhette: You think you one of us now?
Caitlin: No.
Pierre Dulaine: What if I said these dances would make you look cool?
Rock: I'd say you're full of shit.
Rock: No one does somethin' for nothin'.
Pierre Dulaine: I want to teach your kids to dance.
Principal Augustine James: If theres' one thing they can do, it's dance.
Pierre Dulaine: Ballroom dance? Waltz, the foxtrot?
Principal Augustine James: Ok, where's the camera? Because if you're saying that you want to teach my kids the foxtrot I have to be on TV.
Sasha: Look we don't need your charity or anything.
Ramos: What? ┬┐Tu no sabes? I can shake it.
Pierre Dulaine: Then I suggest you shake it with the partner that I assigned you.
Rock: Doctor's note. I can't dance, I have a heart condition.
Pierre Dulaine: Interesting man, your doctor. Not many doctors write notes on three-hole paper.
Caitlin: I'd kill to dance like that. It's like sex on hardwood.
Pierre Dulaine: Thank you.
LaRhette: Uh-huh.
Pierre Dulaine: I believe the appropiate response is "you're welcome"
LaRhette: Uh-huh.
Caitlin: Mr.Dulaine? Morgan says the kids you teach up town are a bunch of no-talent losers.
Pierre Dulaine: You cannot always believe what Morgan says.
Caitlin: I would really like to join them.
Rock: Hey man, this is just for the night, you know? Don't think I'm gonna come to your class or anything. We ain't kickin it, we ain't friends.
Pierre Dulaine: Got it.
Rock: And maybe I snore a little, I don't know...
Pierre Dulaine: That's okay, because I know *I* snore.
Rock: This is a nice place you got here. I'm gonna have me a spot like this someday. Someplace clean.
Pierre Dulaine: You can get whatever you want, Rock.
Rock: No, only some people get the shit they want.
Pierre Dulaine: That's true. Those are the people who show up to get it.
Rock: [pause] Anybody ever tell you you talk too much?
Pierre Dulaine: Yeah, they do.
[they share a mutual smile]
Pierre Dulaine: Good night.
Eddie: [seeing Pierre for the first time in a suit] Yo son, who died?
Pierre Dulaine: Apparently, good manners.
Pierre Dulaine: Sometimes the best way to conquer an enemy is to get right up in his face.
LaRhette: I'd rather be dead than up in his face.
Rock: You know what? I feel the same way.
Pierre Dulaine: You know, guys, you're lucky. Common emotions can be very powerful.
Ramos: [Danjou and Sasha kiss during tango dance] Whaaat?
Caitlin: Look, I want to be here. Not because I'm
Caitlin: "slumming it", but because I feel better here.
Principal: For these kids life is a fight to stay alive, and a hustle to make ends meet.
[from trailer]
Pierre Dulaine: You can get what you want.
Rock: No, some people get what they want.
Pierre Dulaine: Those are the people who show up to get it.
Pierre Dulaine: I understand six languages and I speak five - all with a Spanish accent
Eddie: Check Mr Dulaine! He's just gettin' his flirt on.
Principal Augustine James: [on the phone about her car] I don't want it pimped I want it fixed!
Eddie: Man, punk moves like that won't get you no play around here, trust me I've tried it.
Pierre Dulaine: [watching Rock shooting hoops] Nice job. We could've used that in class today.
[Rock grabs his backpack and starts to leave]
Pierre Dulaine: Rock, just a second. The night you destroyed Miss Augustine's car, why did you do it?
Rock: Because it felt good.
Pierre Dulaine: That's all?
Rock: Why you in my business, man?
Pierre Dulaine: It's hard to lose someone you love. It hurts. It's easy to think that something on the street can fill the bad feeling inside, but you know what? It won't.
Rock: You need to stop acting like you know my life.
Pierre Dulaine: Stop assuming I was talking about your life.
Rock: [pause] What are you doing here?
Pierre Dulaine: Not everybody has ulterior motives.
Rock: In my world they do. And if our worlds ain't that far apart, you would understand that. Youcome around here with your fancy suits on, your slick little dance moves, you think you're better than us, don't you?
Pierre Dulaine: No no, you don't know who I am...
Rock: Oh I don't know anything, huh? You can know about me but I can't know anything about you?
Rock: I got work.
Pierre Dulaine: If she allows me to lead she trusts me, but more than that she's trusting herself. Now if your 16-year-old daughter is strong and trusts herself. How likely is she to let some idiot knock her up? And if your son can learn to touch a girl with respect, how will he treat women throughout his life?
Ramos: I'm so fly I can make anyone look good.
Eddie: Yo son, who died?
Pierre Dulaine: Apparently your manners...
Principal Augustine James: You know who did that to my car, don't you?
Pierre Dulaine: He may have been black, or hispanic.
Principal Augustine James: ...Let me know if you remember...
Pierre Dulaine: Do you love to dance?
Caitlin: Yeah
Pierre Dulaine: Then you're meant to dance.
[from trailer]
Pierre Dulaine: What I teach has value.
Ramos: Not where I live.

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