In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter.

Murad: [Bryan has him cornered] What are you waiting for?
Bryan Mills: You have other sons?
Murad: Two.
Bryan Mills: And if I kill you, they will come and seek revenge?
Murad: They will for sure.
Bryan Mills: And I will kill them too. You can change that. You can go home, live your life, enjoy your sons, your grandsons.
Murad: And my other son, Marko, the son you killed... am I just supposed to forget it?
Bryan Mills: No, you'll just have to live with it. Like the parents of all those kidnapped girls. Or you can die here.
Murad: What are you telling me?
Bryan Mills: What I'm saying is, if you give me your word, I will throw down this gun and simply walk away.
Murad: Why?
Bryan Mills: Because I am tired of it all.
Bryan Mills: Do you know how to shoot?
Kim: No.
Bryan Mills: Then drive!
[last lines]
Kim: Don't shoot this one. I really like him.
Kim: Mom didn't get away, did she?
Bryan Mills: No.
Kim: Oh God, Dad. Tell me the truth! Is she...
Bryan Mills: No, no, no, no, Kim. She's not. But they have her. And they will use her until they get what they want. Me.
Murad: I have come to take you to Tropoje to face you to the people whose lives you have ruined. To give them justice.
Bryan Mills: You mean to give them revenge.
Murad: If it gives us peace call it anything you wish.
Bryan Mills: I have to make sure these people never bother us again in our lives.
Kim: What are you going to do?
Bryan Mills: What I do best.
Lenore: Wait, what about you?
Bryan Mills: I'll be fine. It's the guys following us who are about to have a problem. When a dog has a bone, the last thing you want to do is try and take it from
Lenore: Bryan. Don't.
Bryan Mills: I don't even know where the kid lives!
Lenore: You found her in a city of 12 million people within 72 hours. Promise me.
Kim: [passing her driving test] I was perfect.
Bryan Mills: I've been saying that since the day you were born.
[from trailer]
Bryan Mills: [picking up a gun] My turn.
[first lines]
Murad: He slaughtered our men, our brothers, our sons. The dead cry out to us for justice. On their souls, I swear to you. The man who took our loved ones from us, the man who has brought us such pain and sorrow, we will find him. We will bring him here. We will not rest until his blood flows into this very ground. We will have our revenge.

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