Three old high school friends pass the time in a Michigan motel room dissecting the painful memories of their high school years.

Amy: People change. They end up having nothing to say to each other even if they were best friends years before.
Vince: What you think I'm a dick?
Jon: Uh, no. But I do know that occasionally you have a tendency to act in a phallic fashion.
Vin: Do you have any idea how much those drugs cost?
Amy: There'll be other drugs, Vincent.
Vin: I know... but, I really liked those ones.
Jon: Since when are you all high and mighty?
Vin: I'm not high and mighty. I'm too high to be high and mighty.
Jon: She's probably scared.
Vin: Oh god, of *what*? I never threatened her!
Jon: ...You sometimes present a threatening appearance.
Vin: Dude... we have been going together for three years.
Jon: So what?
Vin: So... I mean, you'd think she would be used to it by now.
Jon: Thanks, Vince.
Vince: [confused] What?
Jon: Thanks.
Vince: For what?
Jon: For all your *honesty*.
Jon: You don't like my work?
Vin: I like it like I like a shot of whiskey first thing in the morning: it's good for about 10 minutes and then I want my coffee.
Vin: She thinks I have violet tendencies.
Jon: Oh, boy.
Vin: Jon, I never touched her.
Jon: I never said you did.
Vin: well, she thinks I have, uh, "unresolved issues, which occasionally manifest themselves in potentially violet ways."
Jon: [... ] Women these days have no reason to hang around potentially violet guys. It's not an attractive quality anymore. Too many guys out there with "resolved" violet tendencies.
Vin: Oh, so I'm out of fashion?
Amy: I have a boyfriend.
Vince: Who is he?
Amy: He's the District Attorney.
Vince: Oh, God. That is so typical.
Amy: Typical. Why?
Vince: It just is.
Jon: What's up man?
Vince: Oh, nothin' much.
Jon: You're not dressed.
Vince: Lay off.
Jon: Not that I don't like it...
Vince: What?
Jon: Nothing.
Vince: So?
Jon: So nothing.
Vince: Okay.
Jon: Okay.

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