Still a stranger to her own body, a high school student discovers she has a physical advantage when she becomes the object of male violence.

Melanie: [after having anal sex] You know, I do have a perfectly good pussy.
Brad: Oh I'm sure you do.
Melanie: Well, I do and other boys like it just fine.
Brad: Well fuck them then.
Surgeon: [preparing to reattach Ryan's penis] Hardly seems worth it.
Dawn: You can't.
Ryan: Do you want me to stop?
Dawn: No.
Ryan: Good.
Dawn: But they'll get you.
Ryan: Who?
Dawn: The teeth.
Ryan: Come on.
Dawn: Seriously.
Ryan: No, no, look. I'm conquering them. See? Yeah, I'm the hero.
Tobey: I haven't even jerked off since Easter.
Dawn: Can I have a serious talk with you? About you and Melanie.
Brad: There's no me and any bitch.
Dawn: Okay. From what I heard last night...
Brad: That turn you on?
Dawn: I know we've never been close. We've never been like sister and brother, and I really don't know why that is.
Brad: Sure you do. You know.
Dawn: I really don't, but whatever it is, I'd like for it to change.
Brad: You know all that abstinence bullshit. We all know who you've been saving yourself for. And I've been real patient. You think I like living here with these assholes?
Dawn: Mom and dad?
Brad: So why don't you just sit that pretty ass down.
Brad: I think she bit it.
Melanie: She who?
Brad: Dawn.
Melanie: A baby bit into your finger?
Dr. Godfrey: It's true! Vagina dentata! Vagina dentata! Vagina dentata!
[last lines]
Brad: Wait! Dawn, don't leave me!
Ryan: [to Dawn] Your mouth is saying one thing babe, but your sweet pussy is saying something very different.
Ryan: Hey, Brad. Uh, I'm here for Dawn.
Brad: [looking him over] You're out of your league, pussy boy.
Ryan: Excuse me?
Brad: [moving forward] Get the fuck off my property.
Ryan: [backing up] Hey, uh, listen, man...
[Brad punches Ryan in the face and he goes down]
Brad: If you want any more of that, you can come by and see us again, yeah?
Dawn: That's what the ring is all about. The way it wraps around your finger - that's to remind you to keep your gift wrapped. Wrapped... until the day... you trade it in for that other ring. That gold ring. Get it?
Dawn: [her vagina dentata bites down on Ryan during sex] Oh shit.
Dawn: The toothed vagina appears in the mythology of many and diverse cultures all over the world. In these myths, the story is always the same. The hero must do battle with the woman. The toothed creature can break her power.
Dr. Godfrey: I imagine you have no idea what to expect.
Dawn: Not really.
Dr. Godfrey: Well, don't worry. I'm not going to bit ya!
Dawn: Vagina dentata! It's what inside's me. The doctor said so. A hero has to come and conquer them!
Dawn: [after having sex with Ryan] I can't believe you're still alive!
Melanie: What is wrong with you?
Brad: You know what? You look a lot better with a dick in your mouth.
Melanie: Fucking bastard!
[first lines]
Bill: Hey Brad, don't splash your sister.
Dawn: Dentata.
Ryan: What?
Dawn: It's Latin for teeth.
Dawn: I think we can't go out together again. I mean, even in a group. Even in a big group.

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