Mac Mckussic is an unlikely drug dealer who wants to go straight. His old and best friend Nick Frescia is now a cop who is assigned to investigate and bring him to justice. Mac is very ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Carlos: You son of a bitch! How could you do this? Friendship is the only choice in life you can make that's yours! You can't choose your family! Goddamn it, I've had to face that! No man should be judged for whatever direction his dick goes! That's like blaming a compass for pointing north, for Chrissake! Friendship is all we have. We chose each other. How could you fuck it up? How could you make us look so bad?
Carlos: By the way, you fuck like a world champion. Four fucking hours! I got hungry just watching you.
Jo Ann: What is it? You need some chap stick or lip gloss or something? Because your lips keep getting stuck on your teeth. Or is that your idea of a smile?
McKussic: [Carlos & McKussic struggle for a gun, which fires towards both of them] Shit
Carlos: Oh, Jesus Christ, look at that. You shot me
McKussic: So what? You shot me
Carlos: Look at that! Look at my stomach!
McKussic: You went too far, Goddamn it! Because you're my friend that means you get to kill anybody you want? I mean what the
[interrupted by Carlos]
Carlos: Will you stop talking? It's making me sick
McKussic: Jesus, that looks bad
Carlos: That's what I been telling you, for Christ's sake
Jo Ann: [to Nick] Mr. McKussic, it seems, has been engaged in his business for purely romantic reasons, whilst you have been engaged in romance for purely business reasons.
Nick Frescia: You don't lose sight of the facts. Not unless you're nuts. You just... You lose sight of your feelings. Mac knows how he feels: he's crazy about you and he doesn't want to get caught. For a crook it's crystal clear. On the other hand for a cop it's confusing. Mac's my friend and I like him. Maguire's my associate and I hate him. I probably have to bust my friend if I'm going to do my job. But I *hate* drug dealers and somebody's got to get rid of Carlos. How do I do that?
Carlos: I think it's time for both of us to quit. I've seen it coming for some time now, cocaine is no goddamn good for anyone. The future, the future is grass... grass, buddy. I got sixty ton of Thai stick coming in... it's on the way.
[slumps over dead]
Jo Ann: I'm sorry. I was just joking. I didn't mean to hurt you.
Dale McKussic: Aw, come on. It didn't hurt that bad. Just looking at you hurts more.
Nick Frescia: How's our friend?
Woody, Harbor Patrol Officer: Fine.
Nick Frescia: Fine?
Woody, Harbor Patrol Officer: Aside from a concussion, powder burns, and being generally pissed off, yeah.
Jo Ann: So you thought Andy Leonard would give you respectability.
Dale McKussic: Yes, ma'am.
Jo Ann: Well what do you need it for?
Dale McKussic: ...You.
Dale McKussic: Nobody wants me to quit. You know, don't quit. Don't get caught. Stay on top long enough for us to knock you off. I mean, that's the motto around here. Nobody wants me to quit. The cops want to bust me. The Colombians want my connections. My wife, she wants my money. Her lawyer agrees and mine likes getting paid to argue with him. Nobody wants me to quit. I haven't even mentioned my customers here. You know they don't want me to quit.
Jo Ann: That is completely paranoid.
Dale McKussic: Hey, I'm just talking here. I'm not trying to convince you of a goddamn thing. And I may be paranoid, but then again nobody wants me to quit.
Nick Frescia: Generally I recommend my men stay away from vodka, and stick with scotch and bourbon.
Jo Ann: Why is that?
Nick Frescia: So the brass will know they're drunk and not stupid.
Carlos: Don't worry, buddy. I won't kill her unless you approve.
McKussic: And if I don't approve?
Carlos: Then we'll talk until you do...
Hal Maguire: If you call her... You go anywhere near Mac's I'll have you shot!
Nick Frescia: You mean "arrested" don't you, Hal?
Gregg Lindroff: You meet at Orville and Wilbur's every Christmas. He throws his Chevrolet keys on the bar. You throw your Porsche keys on the bar. You pick up your drink with a gold Rolex on your wrist. He wears a Timex. Even if he wasn't a cop he'd hate your guts.
Nick Frescia: [to Hal Maguire] At least the CIA does it on purpose
Escalante: You go to a good deal of trouble to explain an inconsequential event, Lieutenant.
Nick Frescia: Let's not talk about my business, or his business or your business.
Jo Ann: That leaves us nothing to talk about.
Nick Frescia: Let's eat.
Carlos: [to Nick, about Jo Ann] She would have fucked a snake!
Gregg Lindroff: [off camera] I don't know what it is about going to high school with someone that makes you feel you're automatically friends for life.
Gregg Lindroff: Who says?
Gregg Lindroff: Who says friendship lasts forever?
Gregg Lindroff: We'd all like it to, maybe.
Gregg Lindroff: But maybe
Gregg Lindroff: it just wears out like everything else - like tires.
Gregg Lindroff: There's just so much mileage in them and then you're riding around on nothing but air.
Hal Maguire: Come on Nick. Escalante's waiting. He wants to give you a token of his government's friendship.
Nick Frescia: What?
Maguire: A gun. What can I say? He's Mexican.

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