A German plot to kidnap Winston Churchill unfolds at the height of World War II.

Heinrich Himmler: So you see... Radl. Under the terms of that document, even I find myself under your personal command!
Admiral Canaris: That meeting, you should have seen it, Radl. There was Hitler, first ranting, then cajoling, then perfectly rational... then raging and stamping like a - like the ringmaster of some freak circus! Goebbels, hopping from one foot to another like a - like a schoolboy. Bormann... hmph... a vulture, perched in the corner, watching, listening, never speaking. And Mussolini - Mussolini! - an automaton, Radl! And I looked round that room, and I wondered: am I the only one who can see it? And if so, what must I look like to them?
Col. Max Radl: A wink from a pretty girl at a party results rarely in climax, Karl. But a man is a fool not to push a suggestion as far as it will go.
SS Officer: Herr Oberst Radl? In the name of the Fuhrer, you are under arrest.
Col. Max Radl: May I be permitted to know the charge?
SS-Obergruppenfuhrer: Sturmbannfuhrer Stauff was doing his duty!
Colonel Kurt Steiner: He reminds me of something that I occasionally pick up on my shoe in the gutter! Very unpleasant, on a hot day. And if you have the dubious honor of commanding this senseless slaughter, then I'd advise you to keep him downwind at all times! That is, of course, if you can tell the difference anymore.
Col. Max Radl: [Handing Devlin an envelope] Your complete instructions
Liam Devlin: What - all of it?
[Holds the envelope to his ear and crinkles it]
Liam Devlin: No cyanide pill?
Col. Max Radl: I couldn't conceive of a situation which would require you to take one!
Col. Max Radl: [reading mission orders from Hitler] "Herr Oberst Radl is acting under my direct and personal orders in a matter of the utmost importance to the Reich. All personnel, military and civil, without distinction of rank, will assist him in any way that Oberst Radl sees fit to demand... Adolf Hitler."
Colonel Pitts: Where you from, son?
Soldier: Omaha, sir.
Colonel Pitts: By this time next year pigeons are going to be crapping on statues of you across the whole damn state of Nebraska.
Captain Clark: Colonel, there's no such thing as "death with honor". Just death.
Colonel Kurt Steiner: I have no intention of dying now. But if I'm going to, allow me to choose where and how.
Colonel Pitts: If anything happens to Churchill, they're going to hang you from Big Ben by your balls.
[Seen fighting in a churchyard, speaks as he fights]
Liam Devlin: It's all right, Father, I'm just telling him about the Holy Trinity. You know it? Footwork, timing, and hitting! And a little bit of dirty work. Learn these, my uncle'd say, and you'll inherit the Earth as surely as the meek.
Maj. Corcoran: That is one George Fowler lying there. He is a variety artist, of a sort. And a very brave man. Incredible! He knew this sort of thing could happen; he didn't even call out. Played it straight through to the end.
[the disguised Steiner gets into the jeep with Capt. von Neustadt]
Colonel Kurt Steiner: [under his breath] Not too slowly...
Colonel Kurt Steiner, Capt. von Neustadt: And on the *left... hand... side* of the road!
Molly Prior: I'm sure you could find a hundred things wrong with me, Mr. Devlin. A thousand. But you wouldn't throw me out of your bed on a wet saturday night i'm sure. That's men for you! Anything is better than nothing.
Liam Devlin: Wait a minute, come here!
Liam Devlin: You don't know the first thing about me. Because if you did you'd know that i much prefer a warm afternoon under the pines to a wet Saturday night any day. And the sand has a terrible way of getting where it shouldn't be.
Col. Max Radl: Your meeting went well? The F├╝hrer had something specific in mind?
Admiral Canaris: A simple exercise in logistics, nothing very complicated: he merely wants Winston Churchill brought from London to Berlin. And we are ordered to make a feasibility study. Today's Wednesday. By Friday he will forget it, but Himmler will not.
Father Verecker: Colonel, my one consolation is that that thanks to my sister, your plot has failed.
Colonel Kurt Steiner: Really? I thought the plot failed because one of my men died saving the little girl out there.
Woman: [a Nazi paratrooper has died while rescuing a drowning girl, revealing the plot to kidnap Churchill] Colonel, I understand none of this. And I don't wish you well. But i'm grateful for the life of my child.
Colonel Kurt Steiner: So am I.
[seeing the german paratroopers in the air]
Liam Devlin: Mother of God... Flying pigs!
Father Verecker: My God, You're a German!
Laker Armsby: More bloody foreigners!
Liam Devlin: [to the pilot] How do I jump out of this thing?
Pilot: Undo your safety belt. I turn the aircraft upside down, you drop out.
Liam Devlin: [turning to Steiner] Has it occurred to you that piece of paper you keep waving about could just be a clever forgery?
Colonel Kurt Steiner: Why don't you fly to Berchestgarden and ask him yourself?
Liam Devlin: Oh, let's not bother the man!
Liam Devlin: Give me another one of those Bolshevik firecrackers. I think I fell asleep in the snow!
Colonel Kurt Steiner: [about SS-Obergruppenfuhrer] There you are. You see Hans? It's infallible. I can always tell a thorough-going bastard when I see one.
Colonel Kurt Steiner: You are going to jump in those clothes?
Liam Devlin: It might look a bit silly going down Mr. Steiner, but i'll be hell of a lot safer when i land on the ground. There is an old poem i know, which freely translated from the Irish says; i realized fear one morning, when the blare of the fox-hunters sound. When they are all chasing after the poor bloody fox, it's safer to be dressed like a hound.
Col. Max Radl: You're quite a literary man, Devlin.
Liam Devlin: The truth be known, Colonel, I'm a bloody literary genius.
Admiral Canaris: This operation could make the Charge of the Light Brigade look like a sensible military exercise!
[first lines]
Narrator: [WWII News Story] September 12, 1943, German paratroopers snatched Mussolini from his mountaintop prison in Italy.
Liam Devlin: [after using a whistle to subdue a gauard dog at the airfield] A little trick I learnt from an uncle I've got in Belfast.
Colonel Kurt Steiner: In the Middle Ages, they'd have burned you for that!
[last lines]
Liam Devlin: [Molly reading letter from Liam. The letter is read in Liam's voice] Molly, my love... as a great man once said, I have suffered to see change and yet nothing can ever be the same again. I came here to Norfolk to do a job... not to fall in love. By now you'll know the worst of me. Try not to think it. To leave you... is punishment enough. But it will not end here. For as they say in Ireland, we have known the days. Liam.
Liam Devlin: The only time this plan makes any sense to me is when I'm drunk.
Colonel Pitts: You speak English?
Corpral Kuniski: Yes.
Colonel Pitts: I'm gonna give you five minutes to lay down your arms, and surrender your hostages. You understand what I'm saying?
Corpral Kuniski: Yes.
Colonel Pitts: Where's your commanding officer?
Corpral Kuniski: Yes.
Colonel Pitts: Are you makin' fun of me, soldier?
[Kuniski just grins]
Liam Devlin: You think I'd sell out.
Col. Max Radl: It's just that you've been so expensive to buy in the first place.
Corpral Kuniski: Hello Grandfather!
Laker Armsby (standing in a grave): Foreigners?
Corpral Kuniski: Polish. Corpral Kuniski.
Laker Armsby: Kuniski? Well, that's not your fault, son, is it?
[Devlin has just provided Steiner with a much-needed resource]
Colonel Kurt Steiner: Mr. Devlin, you are an extraordinary man.
Liam Devlin: Col. Steiner, you're an extraordinary judge of character.

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