In Roman-ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavors to honor his father's memory by finding his lost legion's golden emblem.

Marcus Aquila: [about Esca] He's not a slave. And he knows more about honor and freedom than you ever will.
Guern: My shame would not allow me to tell you this before... but I watched your father die. Whatever anyone tells you, he was *not* a coward. He stood his ground to the very end. I saw it. The last Roman to hold the eagle was your father. The order, sir.
Marcus Aquila: You've honored my father's memory enough. You don't have to do this.
Guern: No. When I ran from your father... I ran from myself. Give the order, sir.
Marcus Aquila: Prepare to defend the eagle!
Aquila: No Roman can survive north of the wall alone. You can't.
Marcus Aquila: Then I'll take Esca. I can use his knowledge. He speaks the language.
Aquila: Esca?
Marcus Aquila: Why not?
Aquila: 'Cause he's a Briton. He may not be from the north of the wall, but he's a Briton, and he will slit your throat the minute you're alone.
[preparing to lead a sortie from the fort]
Marcus Aquila: [whispering] Mithras, lord of light, father of our fathers, let me not bring misfortune to my legion. Mithras, lord of light, father of our fathers, accept whatever sacrifice that I may not bring misfortune to my legion.
Marcus Aquila: [shouts] On my command, we form testudo! Ready... open the gates!
Marcus Aquila: [from trailer] Who has the eagle?
Guern: [pointing to Esca] He knows. He's one of them.
Esca: I hate everything you stand for, everything you are, but you saved me, and for that I must serve you.
Esca: How can a piece of metal mean so much to you?
Marcus Aquila: The eagle is not a piece of metal. The eagle is Rome.
[from trailer]
Esca: [coldly] You're my slave. Do as I did for you, and you'll survive.
Marcus Aquila: [to Esca] You're free, my friend.
[first lines]
Marcus Aquila: Marcus Flavius Aquila, Fourth Cohort of Gaul, Second Legion, come to relieve the command.
Lutorius: Lutorius Drusillus Salinator, acting senior officer.
Marcus Aquila: Where's the garrison commander?
Lutorius: He left this morning, sir. Couldn't wait to get away.
[last lines]
Esca: So what now?
Marcus Aquila: You decide.
[Marcus regains consciousness after his surgery]
Marcus Aquila: Did I shame myself?
[Esca shakes his head]
Marcus Aquila: Thank you.
Roman Soldier: Where's our newly-minted commander?
Lutorius: Probably unpacking his rule book.
Marcus Aquila: Who has the eagle?
Guern: They say the Seal People have it.
Marcus Aquila: How do I find them?
Guern: [pointing to Esca] He knows. He's Brigantes.
Marcus Aquila: [praying] Mithras, lord of light, please help me, father of our fathers. Help me lead my men well. Do not let me dishonor my legion. Please help me regain my family's honor.
[after being told he has been discharged from the army, Marcus asks to be left alone. Walking away from the room, Stephanos hears a scream of pain, and turns back in alarm]
Aquila: Stephanos, leave him. There's no medicine for that.

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