Dirty Harry must foil a terrorist organization made up of disgruntled Vietnam veterans. But this time, he's teamed with a rookie female partner that he's not too excited to be working with.

Harry Callahan: Here's a seven-point suppository, Captain.
Capt McKay: What did you say?
Harry Callahan: I said stick it in your ass.
[Callaghan learns he is being transferred to Personnel]
Harry Callahan: Personnel? That's for assholes!
Capt McKay: I was in Personnel for ten years.
Harry Callahan: Yeah.
Mustapha: You really *are* a dirty bastard, ain't you, Harry?
Harry Callahan: The dirtiest.
Kate Moore: [queasy and sweaty as autopsy surgeon is examining subject's brain]
Autopsy Surgeon: Subject brain shows no contrecoup-type damage or blood clotting.
[peering closer]
Autopsy Surgeon: Oh, Jesus H. Christ, Harry, come here and look at this! It's the damnedest thing I ever saw.
Harry Callahan: What's that?
Autopsy Surgeon: What it says: "Eat at Luigi's!"
[he starts laughing. Harry just rolls his eyes. Autopsy surgeon continues laughing, and his assistant joins in on the laughter]
Kate Moore: [gulps and rushes out of room]
Mustapha: Callahan, you're on the wrong side.
Harry Callahan: How do you figure that?
Mustapha: You go out and put your ass on the line for a bunch of dudes who'd no sooner let you in the front door than they would me.
Harry Callahan: I'm not doin' it for them.
Mustapha: Who then?
Harry Callahan: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Capt McKay: $14,379.
Harry Callahan: How can that be?
Capt McKay: You want an itemized account? You took out two front doors, one front window, 12 feet of counter, plus damages to the stock, plus one city vehicle totaled, not to mention three hostages in the hospital, all of whom will probably sue the city.
Harry Callahan: For what?
Capt McKay: Excessive use of force. For your information, Callahan, the minority community has just about had it with this kind of police work.
Harry Callahan: By the "minority community", I suppose you're talking about the hoods.
Capt McKay: I said I wanted the hoods run out of town but I never said to use violence!
Harry Callahan: What did you want me to do, yell trick-or-treat at 'em?
Lt. Al Bressler: [Harrys playing pool when Bressler and KcKay approach him about the case] No. We play as a team.
Harry Callahan: As I remember, the last time we played as a team I got the cue stuck in my ass.
Harry Callahan: May I make a statement, McKay?
Capt McKay: Go ahead!
Harry Callahan: Your mouthwash ain't makin' it.
Harry Callahan: [speaking to the mayor & Capt. McKay] If you're talking about the Mustapha bust, nobody smashed anything. In fact, I made a deal with Mustapha - he was gonna help me find out who the people were!
The Mayor: [stunned] What's he talking about?
Harry Callahan: Doesn't it bother anyone that no weapons were found?
Capt McKay: We'll find them!
Harry Callahan: [to McKay] Meanwhile, the people are still out there and they're going to blow the HELL out of half this city. And meanwhile, you're telling everybody how great we are!
Capt McKay: All right, Callahan, button your lip, that's an order!
Harry Callahan: Captain, if you want to jerk all these people off, you can, but don't do it with me.
Capt McKay: That's it, Callahan! You just got yourself a 60-day suspension!
Harry Callahan: [angrily] Make it 90!
Capt McKay: 180! Give me your star.
[Harry pulls out his badge and angrily hands it to Capt. McKay]
Harry Callahan: [angrily] Here's a 7-point suppository, Captain!
Capt McKay: [stunned] WHAT did you say?
Harry Callahan: [angrily] I said STICK IT IN YOUR ASS!
[Harry walks down the steps toward the mob of reporters, but does not stop. Kate Moore soon follows him out]
Police officer: [At the scene of an explosion in a men's room] Well, we were lucky this time.
Harry Callahan: Getting so a fellow can't even go to the can in peace.
Harry Callahan: [tackles Henry Lee in a church while knocking over some pews] All right, speedy, you're under arrest!
Father John: In the name of God, man, this is a church. What are you doing?
Harry Callahan: I'm a police officer, this man's under arrest.
Henry Lee: Father, help me, I wasn't doing a damn thing. This guy is just rousting me.
Father John: Would it be asking too much to see some credentials, Officer?
Harry Callahan: This guy runs like a rabbit. I'm not about to let him go.
Father John: I'd like to see the credentials, right now.
Harry Callahan: If you insist.
[slugs suspect out cold and then gets his credentials out]
Harry Callahan: Callahan, Inspector.
Father John: Well, Callahan... I think you're a disgrace to this city!
Kate Moore: [bursts into the church, gun drawn] Okay, nobody move!
Harry Callahan: Marvelous.
[about Kate Moore]
Harry Callahan: She wants to play lumberjack, she's going to have to learn to handle her end of the log.
Harry Callahan: I'm looking for Ed Mustapha.
Abdul: You holding some kinda warrant, honky?
Harry Callahan: What I'm holding is Henry Lee Caldwell.
Abdul: [beat] Hey, well, I never heard of him. Now let's see how fast you and the lady fuzz can get your little white asses out of here!
Kate Moore: You laugh at me, you bastard, and I'll shoot you where you stand.
Harry Callahan: I'll tell you what you are to me, little man. You're just a maggot who sells dirty pictures.
Autopsy Surgeon: [checkiing the brain] Son of a bitch, Harry... look at this!
Harry Callahan: What?
Autopsy Surgeon: It's the damndest thing I ever saw... what it says right here... 'eat at Luigi's
Liquor Store Lead Punk: [to Harry, while booting him out the door] Run, you jive-ass bastard!
Mustapha: [inviting Harry to come in and talk] Why don't you just come into my office here.
[Inspector Moore starts following Harry in]
Mustapha: Uh, just you.
Black Guys: Don't worry, pig, we'll see she don't get lonesome.
Harry Callahan: Well, that's mighty white of you.
Black Guys: [start to move closer to Kate Moore with mischief looks]
Kate Moore: Now gentlemen, before anybody does anything uncalled for, I'd like to take this opportunity to point out to you that I am a police officer, and if you touch me with intent to do bodily harm...
[fades out as Harry continues inside]
Kate Moore: [... moments later when Harry exits shop, the confrontation is still going on]
Harry Callahan: Having fun, Inspector? If you're through socializing, we do have work to do.
[leaves the shop]
Kate Moore: [to herself] Son of a bitch.
[She catches up to Harry]
Kate Moore: Look, Inspector, if you have some sort of objection to the way I handled myself, I wish you'd just say so... I thought I was doing all right.
Harry Callahan: [aside to the camera, after getting in] Marvelous.
'Big Ed' Mustapha: [studying a list of suspects] Bobby Maxwell. He's the main man.
Harry Callahan: You know him?
'Big Ed' Mustapha: Stone waste of white.
Kate Moore: That's a conspiracy under title 7, Section 182, Paragraph 1 of the California Penal Code. A conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is in fact a felony, and according to People vs Basso...
Harry Callahan: A 357 magnum is a good weapon, but I've seen 38's bounce off of windshieds. No good in a city like this.
Harry Callahan: Is that a confessional over there?
[Harry points to the corner of the church]
Father John: [smugly] You wanna make a confession?
Harry Callahan: You first!
[Harry grabs Father John & shoves him roughly into the confessional]
Harry Callahan: I want Maxwell!
[pulls his gun out]
Abdul: [Callahan and Moore enter "Big Ed" Mustapha's barber shop headquarters] Well, well. If it ain't the Mighty Whitey and friend.
Harry Callahan: I'm looking for "Big Ed" Mustapha.
Koblo: Sorry, honky. She can stay, but, uh, you got to go!
Abdul: Yeah, baby, we trying to keep up the standards. You understand.
Harry Callahan: You're not making us feel too welcome.
Koblo: Oh, you welcome! 'Bout as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool!
[Crowd laughs until Callahan and Moore display their badges]
Abdul: [slowly and sarcastically] Well, lookee here. If it ain't the fuzz.
Harry Callahan: [has Buchinski's head over toilet] Wanda, where is she?
Buchinski: Go to hell.
Harry Callahan: [takes nearby plunger and presses it on man's face] One more time. Wanda.
Buchinski: All right, all right. She quit a couple of weeks ago, that's all I know.
[Harry presses harder with the plunger]
Buchinski: She got religion!
Harry Callahan: What do you mean?
Buchinski: She been hangin' around that little church down on Garvey.
Harry Callahan: [jams plunger down, off camera. The toilet flushes. Harry departs]
Lalo: [crying after Miki is accidentally shot; due to Maxwell stabbing DiGiorgio] Miki. Miki! Oh, baby, it's all right, I'll get you out. I'll get you home. Bobby, hey, Bobby, help me. Help me get her up.
Bobby Maxwell: [trying to pull him away] Come on, man, you're just going to screw around and get us caught!
Lalo: No, she's all right, we're gonna make it!
Bobby Maxwell: Forget it, she's dead.
Lalo: She's not dead!
Bobby Maxwell: The hell she isn't!
[pumps three more bullets into her with DiGiorgio's gun]
Bobby Maxwell: Come on, it's over.
Lalo: [shocked] Bobby!
'Big Ed' Mustapha: Why don't you just come into my office.
[indicating Callahan]
'Big Ed' Mustapha: Uh, just you.
Abdul: [approaching Moore] Don't worry, pig. We'll make sure she don't get lonesome.
Harry Callahan: [turning to Abdul] Well, that's mighty white of you.
Frank DiGiorgio: [DiGiorgio is dying] Harry, listen, the punk who cut me. I've seen him before.
Harry Callahan: Where?
Frank DiGiorgio: ...I just can't make the name.
Lt. Al Bressler: Well, where do you know him from, Frank?
Frank DiGiorgio: That homicide, remember, Harry? The old hooker, Filmore district. The summer of '71?
Harry Callahan: Yeah, well, what about it?
Frank DiGiorgio: He was one of the pimps we questioned. We liked him for it, Harry, we liked him real good.
Harry Callahan: As I recall, we liked everybody north of Market Street on that one.
Frank DiGiorgio: He had one of those cutesy-pie, little boy names: Charlie, or something... or Bobby...
Lt. Al Bressler: I'll check Records, they should have your notes.
[Bressler leaves]
Frank DiGiorgio: Ten-to-one they blow it.
Harry Callahan: Not this time, Frank.
Massage Girl: Hi, there.
Harry Callahan: You're not Wanda.
Massage Girl: Well, these are the breaks. Needs air. Can't hump a limp dummy, I always say.
[picks up rubber dolly and starts blowing air into it]
Massage Girl: Uh, speaking of limp dummies, don't you think you better strip?
Harry Callahan: Where's Wanda?
Massage Girl: Beats the hell out of me, Tom.
[continues blow air in dolly. Harry picks up her cigarette and burns a hole in the dolly]
Harry Callahan: [grabs lady's throat. Air hisses out of the dolly] Now, I'm going to ask you just one last time, where's Wanda?
Massage Girl: I don't know, man, I don't know. She left here a couple of weeks ago. Ask Buchinski, he runs the whole damn street.
Harry Callahan: Where do I find this Buchinski?
Massage Girl: Down the hall, to the right.
[Wanda walks into the Third Street Drawbridge operator's office]
Wanda: Hi there.
Bridge Operator: Hello, young lady. What can I do for you?
Wanda: [smiles] Raise the bridge.
Bridge Operator: [incredulously] Raise the bridge?
Bridge Operator: Are you kidding?
[Wanda draws her gun]
Wanda: When I tell you to.
[cuts to Maxwell's van following the Mayor's car along Third Street towards the bridge]
The Mayor: Wish we could've stayed. Think the Giants are finally gonna win one.
Mayor's Aide: I don't know, Mr. Mayor. Looks like it's gonna end up as a no-hitter.
[checks his watch]
Mayor's Aide: Besides, you do have the testimonial this evening.
The Mayor: Oh, god, testimonials. They never end, do they?
[cuts to Maxwell's van]
Bobby Maxwell: Lalo, hand me the taser gun.
Lalo: Karl?
[Karl pulls a taser gun out of its box]
Karl: Man, this looks like something from a James Bond movie. You sure it will work?
Lalo: Karl, there's 25,000 volts in this thing. Even the fat boys are gonna do what we want once we hook it up to them.
[hands his taser gun to Maxwell; meanwhile, Wanda - still holding the bridge operator at gunpoint, sees the Mayor's car and Maxwell's van approaching]
Bobby Maxwell: Okay, Tex.
[Tex moves the van into the left lane, speeds up, and passes the Mayor's car; Wanda observes them]
Wanda: Raise it.
[the operator presses a button; the warning bells go off and the gates begin to lower. Maxwell's van stops at the street corner adjacent to the operator's office. As soon as the gates have lowered, the operator moves a lever, and the bridge begins to rise; the Mayor's car stops at the intersection. Maxwell and his men get out]
The Mayor: [spots them] Wait a minute. What the hell? Okay, get me out of this!
[the driver immediately floors it and turns right onto the side street; and Maxwell's men open fire, blowing out the tires]
Lalo: [shoves Tex's gun aside] Save the mayor, goddamnit!
[the mayor's car stops within a few feet of a semi-truck blocking the road. Maxwell fires off a LAWS rocket that hits the truck's engine, causing it to explode. The mayor's driver gets out, only to get gunned down by a hail of bullets. The PRSF members then open the passenger's doors and shoot the mayor's aide in the head]
The Mayor: Who the hell are you? What do you want?
Bobby Maxwell: You.
The Mayor: Get away from me, you son of a bitch. I'm not going anywhere with you.
Bobby Maxwell: The hell you aren't!
[shoots him in the chest with the taser gun; Maxwell, Lalo, Tex, and Karl take the mayor by his arms, and lead him across an industrial lot to a waiting motorboat. As the boat speeds off into the bay, Wanda sticks a star on the bridge operator's dead body]
Frank DiGiorgio: Hey, what's with the citizen?
[Harry turns the car around and approaches a restaurant, with a worried-looking waiter outside. Harry addresses the waiter as he pulls up]
Harry Callahan: Police officer, what's the problem?
Waiter #1: Oh, thank God. He's inside.
[he turns to go back into the restaurant]
Waiter #1: [Harry looks at him puzzedly, doesn't move]
Waiter #1: [noticing Harry isn't following him] Come on, it's a heart attack!
Harry Callahan: [to Digorgio] Wait here.
Waiter #1: Make some room, please. Please move aside. Please, move aside, this is an emergency.
[Harry and the waiter continue into the restaurant]
Waiter #1: Excuse us, please. Would you please move over. Would you please give us room.
[to the owner]
Waiter #1: He's a police officer.
Restaurant Owner: Police? But where's the ambulance?
Waiter #2: [to Harry] This poor man's had a heart attack. I think he's still breathing, though.
Harry Callahan: [gazes down at the man on the floor, then begins kicking him in the ribs] Come on, get up. Get up! Get up. Come on.
Waiter #2: What are you doing?
Harry Callahan: [continuing] Come on, get up, get up, get up! Come on!
[Harry grabs him by the tie and yanks him to his feet]
Restaurant Customer: [shocked] I say!
Harry Callahan: [pulling the man out of the restaurant by his tie] Party's over.
Freddie the Fainter: Thanks a lot, Harry.
Harry Callahan: What are you squawking about? You got the free meal, didn't you?
Freddie the Fainter: Yeah, but I always enjoy that ride in the ambulance.
Harry Callahan: Get out of here.
[shoves him away]
Harry Callahan: What about that punk?
Lt. Al Bressler: You mean the suspect?
Harry Callahan: Suspect my ass!
Wanda: [after going over the evil plan] Alright now remember! This is for the people!
Lalo: [with disgust] Spare me.
Lt. Al Bressler: [on phone as Harry enters] Hey Harry, I'm just talking to...
[Harry drops a defused bomb on Al's desk]
Lt. Al Bressler: Jesus Christ!
Harry Callahan: Give him my best...
Harry Callahan: [heading into the Coroner's office] Tell me, ever been to one of these before?
Kate Moore: No.
Harry Callahan: In that case, I'd like to suggest that you sit out here.
Kate Moore: Please don't concern yourself, Inspector.
Harry Callahan: Where is he?
Mustapha: He went white. Why, did he do something else foolish?
Lt. Dobbs: Are you finished with the questioning, Callahan?
Harry Callahan: Hypothetical situation, huh? All right, I'm standing on the street corner, and Mrs. Grey there comes up and propositions me. She says if I come home with her, for $5 she'll put on an exhibition with a Shetland pony...
Mrs. Grey: If this is your idea of humor, Inspector...
Lt. Dobbs: All right, what are you trying to do here, Callahan?
Harry Callahan: I'm just trying to find out if anybody in this room knows what the hell law is being broken, besides cruelty to animals.
Kate Moore: That's a conspiracy under title 7, Section 182, Paragraph 1 of the California Penal Code. A conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is in fact a felony, and according to People vs That's a conspiracy under title 7, Section 182, Paragraph 1 of the California Penal Code. A conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is in fact a felony, and according to People vs Basso...
Harry Callahan: [in bar late one night is playing billiards when Bressler and McKay enter]
Lt. Al Bressler: Harry?
Harry Callahan: What can I do for you?
Harry Callahan: We've got to talk.
Harry Callahan: Go right ahead.
Capt McKay: I want all the information that you have on this case, Callahan.
Harry Callahan: You've got it - black militants, remember?
Lt. Al Bressler: Come on, Harry, so we were wrong.
[to black militant groupies]
Harry Callahan: That's mighty white of you.
The Mayor: Who the hell are you? What do you want?
Bobby Maxwell: You.
The Mayor: Get away from me, you son of a bitch. I'm not going anywhere with you.
Bobby Maxwell: The hell you aren't!
[shoots mayor in chest with taser gun]
Kate Moore: [arriving at Mustapha's barber shop headquarters] OK, I give up... what's this?
Harry Callahan: This is the Fillmore chapter of the VFW... Very Few Whites.
Harry Callahan: For $75, you get to make it with a rubber dolly.
Harry Callahan: Maxwell!
[Maxwell fires at Callahan]
Harry Callahan: You fuckin' fruit.
[Callahan fires an M72 LAW rocket launcher, obliterating Maxwell]
'Big Ed' Mustapha: Why should I help you?
Harry Callahan: Because if you don't, I've talked to Robbery. They might be interested in these elaborate furnishings you have.
'Big Ed' Mustapha: What are you talking about?
Harry Callahan: [picks up animal figurine] Room 401, Fairmount.
[picks up another figurine]
Harry Callahan: Rest easy at the Holiday Inn.

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