26 men are chosen to participate in the roles of guards and prisoners in a psychological study that ultimately spirals out of control.

Archaleta: Justice is what keeps us safe as a society. Ordered law.
Travis: Justice is what starts wars. And eye for and eye for an eye. It takes a turning of the cheek for this species to evolve.
Archaleta: Ah, so you're the one who knows what it's going to take for this society to evolve.
Travis: I'm just regurgitating what people have been saying for a long time.
Chase: I only have three rules: eat twat, smoke pot, and smile a lot.
Barris: We are strangers in a strange time.
Oscar: [to Helweg] Memo to Adolf, the uniform isn't real.
Nix: Still think we're higher on the evolutionary chain than monkeys?
Travis: Yeah, 'cause we can still do something about it.
Nix: Expert in the penitentiary system, are you boy?
Travis: I just watch a lot of Discovery Channel.
[first lines]
Travis: [playing shuffleboard] You suck, don't you?
Gertrude: You suck.
Travis: Yeah, I suck so bad I just skunked you. Which means, you gotta eat your pills.
Gertrude: You're supposed to be nice to me.
Travis: I am nice to you. It's not my fault you got no game.
Gertrude: You suck, Travis.
Travis: I know.

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