In a hospital on the outskirts of 1920s Los Angeles, an injured stuntman begins to tell a fellow patient, a little girl with a broken arm, a fantastic story of five mythical heroes. Thanks to his fractured state of mind and her vivid imagination, the line between fiction and reality blurs as the tale advances.

Roy Walker: [finishing the story, both he and Alexandria are crying] He can't win. That's because our masked bandit is a coward. Yeah. He never took an oath, he's a fake. He's a liar and a coward.
Alexandria: You're lying.
Roy Walker: No. He had his fingers crossed. He has to die.
Alexandria: I don't believe you.
Roy Walker: He's dying.
Alexandria: Don't kill him.
Roy Walker: There's nothing left for him.
Alexandria: His daughter.
Roy Walker: He wasn't her father, either.
Alexandria: She loves him.
Roy Walker: She'll survive, she's good.
Alexandria: I don't want you to die. Roy. Don't kill him. Let him live. Let him live. Don't kill him. Roy? Promise? And don't cross your fingers.
Roy Walker: Promise.
Alexandria: Show me your hands.
Roy Walker: [raises his hands] See?
Alexandria: Why are you killing everybody? Why are you making everybody die?
Roy Walker: It's my story.
Alexandria: Mine, too.
Blue Bandit: What a mystery this world, one day you love them and the next day you want to kill them a thousand times over.
Roy Walker: [as he is about to try to overdose with morphine pills] When I fall asleep. You have to go.
Alexandria: Why?
Roy Walker: Because I don't want you to see me like this.
Roy Walker: You should ask someone else. There's no happy ending with me.
Alexandria: I still want to hear it.
Roy Walker: It was the natural order of things... all things must die.
Luigi: [reading from Evelyn's locket] My dearest daughter, never marry for money, fame, power or security. Always follow your heart. Your ever loving father...
Blue Bandit: It says all that on that little locket?
Luigi: Si.
Alexandria: I fell again.
Roy Walker: I heard. Everybody's heard. You're famous.
Alexandria: Are they angry?
Roy Walker: Yeah, but not at you.
Roy Walker: And she turned from the masked bandit and she said...
Nurse Evelyn: [in the story, as Sister Evelyn] May I be frank with you?
Blue Bandit: Of course.
Nurse Evelyn: Although I've dedicated my life to God and His goodness, I secretly love throwing oranges at our priest.
Blue Bandit: [as Roy, talking to Alexandria] Take two turns to the left and go to the bathroom.
Alexandria: [squirming because she has to use the restroom] No. You read my note.
Roy Walker: What are you talking about? Go to the bathroom.
Alexandria: No. How did you know about the priest and the oranges?
Roy Walker: Everybody knows you like to throw oranges at the priest, even the priest knows. But I didn't find that out from your gibberish message.
Alexandria: Is not gibberish.
Roy Walker: [to Alexandria] We're a strange pair, aren't we?
Alexandria: Make them kiss.
Roy Walker: No, I don't want to make them kiss.
Blue Bandit: I will destroy him. And every Spanish thing.
Alexandria: I thought he was Spanish.
Roy Walker: [covering for himself] No... he was French...
Roy Walker: All right, close your eyes. What do you see?
Alexandria: Nothing.
Roy Walker: Rub them... Can you see the stars?
Alexandria: Yes.
Roy Walker: Can you read English?
Alexandria: Ya.
Roy Walker: [pointing to a word he's written] What's this?
Alexandria: Paper.
Roy Walker: [laughs] No. What's this?
Alexandria: [reading] M-O-R-P-H-I-N-3.
Roy Walker: [pointing at the letter 'E'] What's this?
Alexandria: Three.
Roy Walker: Yeah... that's it. I'm having a hard time sleeping and remembering the story. I need some pills. I need pills in a bottle that has this written on it.
Alexandria: M-O-R-P-H-I-N-3?
Roy Walker: Yes. And it's in the main block. In that room in the main block. You understand?
Alexandria: Ask the head nurse.
Roy Walker: I'm asking you as a friend.
Alexandria: But it's stealing.
Roy Walker: No it's not, not if you need it. It's no different than stealing bread from a church.
Alexandria: I'll ask them for you.
Roy Walker: No. It's a bandits' secret. I need the pills to finish the story. Do you understand?
Alexandria: I'll do it.
Roy Walker: Thanks.
Alexandria: [crying as Roy finishes the story] Why are you making everyone die?
Roy Walker: Because... everything dies
Alexandria: They burned it.
Roy Walker: Who burned it?
Alexandria: Angry people.
Roy Walker: I'm sorry to hear that.
Alexandria: Hmm?
Roy Walker: I said I'm sorry to hear that.
Alexandria: [confused] ... angry people.
Roy Walker: Yeah, I know I'm just sorry. I'm sorry that your house got burned.
Roy Walker: That story was just a trick to get you to do something for me.
Alexandria: You always stop at the same part, when it's very beautiful. Interesting.
Alexandria: Why he speaks like this?
Roy Walker: Because he's your father.
Alexandria: But my father is dead!
Roy Walker: What? Okay, how do you want him to speak?
Alexandria: Normal. Like you.
Roy Walker: It won't take long, just go outside and touch one of my toes.
Alexandria: Okay.
[gets off of Roy's bed and goes outside the curtain surrounding it]
Alexandria: I am touching your little toe.
Roy Walker: No, please, please don't tell which toe your touching, I gotta guess. That's the whole point of the game.
Alexandria: [touches on of his little toes] I'm touching one... I'm touching one.
Roy Walker: [guessing] You're touching my big toe.
Alexandria: [she switches to his big toe] Mmhmm.
Roy Walker: Are you telling the truth?
Alexandria: Mmhmm. Look! Really!
Roy Walker: Huh. I got that?
Alexandria: [asking about the story] What happened with his brother, did he save him?
Roy Walker: [suspicious] Were you telling a story?
Alexandria: [doesn't understand what he means] Uh huh.
Roy Walker: No. No, no, no. Were you telling the truth just now?
Alexandria: Yeah... no... I was telling the truth.
Roy Walker: No, you just said no, you weren't telling the truth.
Alexandria: No, I tell it.
Roy Walker: Were you telling the truth?
Alexandria: Yeah.
Roy Walker: When you just touched my toe?
Alexandria: Yeah.
Roy Walker: You little liar.
Alexandria: No!
Roy Walker: Alexandria, were you lying to me?
Alexandria: I touch your big toe!
Roy Walker: [vindictively] Do you want me to finish the story? The masked bandit was too late. Odious had already tortured and hung the blue bandit and his crew.
Doctor: [suspicious Alexandria is not translating correctly for her mother] Alexandria, did she just ask me a question?
Alexandria: No, it's just how we talk.
Roy Walker: Next was the English naturalist: Charles Darwin. He loved all living things. Creatures, plants... everything alive.
Alexandria: I got you the bottle.
Roy Walker: I know. But there weren't enough for me too... go to sleep. Come on. Be a good bandit.
Alexandria: I don't want to be a bandit.
Blue Bandit: [dying] You must be strong.
Alexandria: [as herself and the Bandit's daughter] Not the time to sleep, now. Not the time to sleep. Wake up. Wake up, its not the time to sleep now. Wake up. Don't pretend to sleep. Wake up. Laugh-laugh. Not the time to sleep.
Otto: [Speaking to Alexandria] You know what I do when something frightens me? I say the magic words: Googly, googly, googly. Begone.
Alexandria: Why did Alexander didn't go from that buildings on his horse...
Roy Walker: What.
Alexandria: Why did Alexander didn't go from that middle of the buildings, from that buildings, on his horse?
Roy Walker: Well...
Alexandria: This Odious bad man?
Roy Walker: Oh yeah.
Governor Odious: [after being stabbed] I'm not feeling very well.
Alexandria: I don't like this story!
Darwin: Shoot, you animals. They'll pay you well for Darwin's hide.
[repeated line]
Luigi: Kaboom.

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