This must-see epic depicts the birth of Islam. In the 7th century Mohammed is visited by Angel Gabriel who urges him to lead the people of Mecca and worship God. But they're exiled in ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Bilal: There is no compulsion in religion. A man may take many years, or only need minutes. It is God who decides the time.
Hamza: Mohammed, when I hunt the desert at night, I know God is not kept in a house.
Narrator: Unless you desire for your neighbour, what you desire for yourself. You don't have faith A man goes to bed with his belly full, while his neighbor is hungry. He isn't a Muslim
Bilal: The Ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr A man reading is handsome in the side of god. So, learn to read and when you have learned teach.
Jaafar: The people of the book, Jews with their Bible, the Christians with their testament must be respected by you for their books likewise came from god
Narrator: You must all think of Muhammad as more than a man. He was collecting firewood one day. Let me do it, I said Why? He said, You're the prophet of god, you can't go round scratching for firewood. But he looked at me mumbling. God does not like the man who considers himself above other men, he said. So, I laid back and watched him. Suddenly he stopped. He stood to his full height and came to me. Yes! I am the Prophet of god, he said, but even I do not know what will become of me
Hind: At least, he kept his word, they haven't forced any door
Abu Sofyan: He's stolen hearts, not walls. Its a permanent victory
Hamza: Besides their numbers, I'd say its a fair fight we see them and they see us what faces me has never frightened me
Zaid: There are no different races in Islam and Arab is not superior to foreign not a white man superior to a black. All return equally to god
Narrator: Muhammad took no revenge and allowed all. He declared Mecca a holy place Noone may shed blood or cut down a tree, or kill a living thing in Mecca. Soon, all Arabia was converted not only to the new worship but to the new laws, manners, attitudes contained in Islam The Prophet had lived to see his work done, and now he began to feel the nearness of death. One great act of his Prophet would remain the setting of its seal. He called the people to him and he spoke for the last time. His message was to surrender to god and humanity to man. Oh, mankind! Listen well! I may not be with you much longer the weak among you feed them and watch what you eat. Dress them as you are dressed, you will meet your god and he will call you to count your actions. Let those who are present warn those who are absent. You are all are descendant from Adam and the best among you is he who most regards god. Think deeply about what I say. Let all your feuds be abolished you must know that every Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim and all Muslims are brothers of one-another. Between Muslims, there are no races and no tribes. Not must you take anything from your brother except what is given freely. Do not oppress and do not be oppressed. O my people! I'm but a man, It may be that the angel of death will visit me soon and death will overtake me. But I have left you a book, revealed by god, The Qur'an, which is light and guidance. Now he repeated to the people the final repetition of the Qur'an, the sea of determination not Muhammad's words, but god's word This day I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favour to you and I have chosen for you Islam as your religion
Abu-Talib: Men see the world too well from a mountain
Hamza: The Prophet is seeing you! You are not to rob or try to perish this. And if a rogue does, cut him loose. I said, cut them loose and give them water and share your food, equal mouth-fulls. And if they walk, walk beside them. Any prisoner who can teach 10 Muslims to read will go free.
Ammar: His eyes are shut but his heart is open