A young punk drifter heading to Vegas to pay off his gambling debt before the Russian mafia kills him, is forced to stop in a Arizona town where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong for him.

Grace: I bet right now, you don't know if you want to kill me... or fuck me.
Bobby: See, that's the difference between you and me, and why you live here and I'm just passing through.
Grace: [sitting on a bed, appearing as if she is about to seduce Bobby] Come here. You know what I wanna do? I wanna hang drapes...
[gets up and walks off]
Blind Man: Your lies are old but you tell them pretty good.
Bobby: You're just an ignorant, inbred, tumbleweed hick.
Sheriff Virgil Potter: She liked fuckin' her papa.
Grace: Fuck you, Superior!
Bobby: Is everybody fucking everybody in this crazy God damn town?
Grace: Don't you want to know? Was Jake my father? Was I fucking my daddy? Yes, I was! I was fucking my daddy! And I married him! I married him, okay? I just wanted to be a kid. And they took that from me. They treated me like meat. A piece of meat. Fuck him! Fuck the whole town, they deserve to die!
Jake McKenna: [walks in on Bobby and Grace kissing] Grace!
Grace: Jake! I thought you were in Phoenix.
Jake McKenna: Who the hell is this?
Bobby: Who the hell are you?
Jake McKenna: I'm her husband!
Bobby: Husband?
Jake McKenna: I got a mind to put you over my knee right now and paddle your ass raw!
[last lines]
Bobby: ...Arizona.
Blind Man: Everything is everything. And everything is nothing, too.
Grace: And here I made you all hot and sweaty...
Bobby: Darrell, 40,000 thousand people die every day. How come you're not one of 'em?
Bobby: Is everyone in this town on drugs?
Jake McKenna: [having sex with Grace from behind] Oh, fuck it away, fuck it away! But it ain't ever gonna go away!
Darrell: You think bad, and bad's what you'll get.
Bobby: That's an interesting philosophy there, Darrell.
Darrell: Yeah. And no charge.
Toby N. Tucker: I don't think you know who I am. The name's Toby N. Tucker. People round here call me TNT. You know why?
Bobby: Because they're not very imaginative?
Toby N. Tucker: 'Cause I'm just like dynamite, boy, and when I go off, somebody gets hurt.
Bobby: And a waitress named Flo.
Bobby: [looks at Jake] What about him?
Grace: Let him watch. I want him to know what he's missing.
Darrell: Damn. Gonna be another hot one today. Sometimes I don't even want to get out of bed. Course, I don't want to get out for the cold ones neither.
Bobby: Listen to me you stupid fuck...
Darrell: No! You listen to me goddamnit! Ya sorry son of a bitch! You owe me money! And this car aint goin' no place 'till I get it!
Bobby: I'm here to get my car back.
Darrell: You got the money?
[Bobby gives him the money]
Darrell: Two hundred dollars in hundred dollar bills, this morning you was flat out broke.
Bobby: That's none of your fucking business.
Darrell: I don't want no dirty money. I run a clean business!
Grace: I don't want to go to Mexico, Bobby. I want to stay with you. Don't you think I care about you?
Bobby: I think you're a lying, backstabbing, psycho bitch... and one day you'll kill me. But it's nice to know you care.
Bobby: I don't know whether to fuck you... or kill you!
Flo: Now you can fuckin' take it, or you can fuckin' leave it.
Grace: [laughing insanely] You hit me... Bobby!
[stops laughing]
Grace: You motherfucker!
Bobby: It's not just a car. It's a sixty-four-and-a-half Mustang convertible.
Jenny: You like Patsy Cline? I just love her. I wonder how come she don't put out no more new records.
Bobby: Because she's dead.
Jenny: Oh... that's sad. Don't that make you sad?
Bobby: I've had time to get over it.
Darrell: Ya think bad, then bad's what ya get.
Bobby: That's a pretty decent philosophy you got there.
Darrell: Yeah, well, no charge.
Bobby: You're a slimy bastard who'd have his wife killed to get his hands on some money.
Jake McKenna: What does that make you?
Bobby: The slimy bastard that's gonna' do it.
Bobby: What do you do?
Grace: A little of this, a little of that. Mostly I tell fortunes.
Jake McKenna: A man with no ethics is a free man. I don't envy you that.
Blind Man: It's the desert that makes you crazy. The loneliness out here. Nobody to talk to. People on the run.
Toby N. Tucker: I'll beat you so bad I'll make your mother sick!
Bobby: You don't know what you're fighting for!
Toby N. Tucker: My honour! That's what I'm fighting for!
Bobby: [as he walks into the town of Superior for the first time] Just like a town, only uglier.
Jake McKenna: What brings you to Superior, Bobby?
Bobby: Car overheated.
Jake McKenna: Darrell taking good care of you, is he?
Bobby: Darrell's dumb as a sack of hammers.
Blind Man: I'm about 50% Indian.
Bobby: [Sarcastically] Congratulations.
Jake McKenna: You're a man without scruples. Oh, I can smell it on you.
Jake McKenna: [Rubs his hand on Bobby's sweaty hair, then smells it] Yeah, that's the sweat of a man that hasn't an honest bone in his body.
Grace: [indicates his two missing fingers] You should be more careful.
Bobby: Yeah I know...
Jake McKenna: [having sex with Grace from behind] You've been a bad girl, Grace!
Grace: You're pretty full of yourself.
Bobby: Yeah, I like that about me.
Toby N. Tucker: [Threatening Bobby in the street] That tears it, mister. I'm gonna' bust you up but good. I'm gonna' take you and break you into a million pieces, and... take those pieces and break 'em into a million more. You don't even know what you're dealing with here, mister. I'm crazy - I'm *psycho* crazy!
Jenny: Bye, Mister. Don't go nowhere without me. I wanna have your love child.

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