Selene, a beautiful vampire warrior, entrenched in a war between the vampire and werewolf races. Although she is aligned with the vampires, she falls in love with Michael, a human who is sought by werewolves for unknown reasons.

Singe: For years, we've been trying to combine the bloodlines. And for years, we've failed. It was useless. Even at the cellular level, our species seemed destined to destroy each other. Yet the key, we knew... was to locate the rarest of bloodlines... a direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus... Hungarian, a warlord... who came to power in the early seasons of the fifth century. Just in time to watch a plague ravage his village. He alone survived. Somehow, his body was able to change the disease... mold it to his benefit. He became the first true immortal. And years later, he fathered at least two children... who inherited the same trait.
Viktor: The sons of the Corvinus clan. One bitten by bat, one by wolf... one to walk the lonely road of mortality as a human. It's a riduculous legend, nothing more.
Singe: That may be... but our species do have a common ancestor.
Viktor: There is a decendant of Corvinus lying there
[points to Marcus' grave]
Viktor: ... not three feet from you.
Singe: Yes. But he's already a Vampire. We needed a pure source... untainted. An exact duplicate of the original virus. The Corvinus strain itself, which we learned... was hidden away in the genetic code of his human descendants... and passed along in its dormant form... down through the ages to Michael Corvin. His blood allows for a perfect union between our species.
Viktor: There can be no such union. And to speak of it is heresy.
Singe: We'll see. Once Lucian has injected him...
Viktor: Lucian is dead.
Singe: According to whom?
[Kraven has left]
Viktor: [to Selene] I can assure you my child... Kraven will pay with his life.
Singe: Soon this house will lie in ruins.
Selene: Not before you.
Singe: No, wait. Wait. You and you alone will know the truth of this. If Lucian was able to get his hands on the blood of a Pure-Born... a powerful elder like Amelia... or yourself
[motions to Viktor]
Singe: ... and inject it along with Michael's blood...
Viktor: [Whispers] Abomination.
Singe: Half-Vampire... Half-Lycan... but stronger than both!
[first lines]
Selene: [voiceover] The war had all but ground to a halt in the blink of an eye. Lucian, the most feared and ruthless leader ever to rule the Lycan clan, had finally been killed. The Lycan horde scattered to the wind in a single evening of flame and retribution. Victory, it seemed, was in our grasp, the very birthright of the vampires. Nearly six centuries had passed since that night, yet the ancient feud proved unwilling to follow Lucian to the grave. Though Lycans were fewer in number, the war itself had become more perilous, for the moon no longer held her sway. Older, more powerful Lycans, were now able to change at will. The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one. A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era. Like the weapons of the previous century, we, too, would become obsolete. Pity, because I lived for it.
Lucian: We were slaves once. The daylight guardians of the vampires. I was born into servitude. Yet I harbored them no ill will. Even took a vampire for my bride. It was forbidden, our union. Viktor feared a blending of the species. Feared it so much he killed her. His own daughter. Burnt alive for loving me. This is his war. Viktor's. And he spent the last 600 years exterminating my species.
Lucian: You're acting like a pack of rabid dogs. And that, gentlemen, simply will not do. Not if you expect to defeat the vampires on their own ground. Not if you expect to survive at all.
Michael Corvin: They'll kill you too for helping me!
Selene: I know.
Kraven: Let me tell you a little something about your beloved dark father. He's the one that killed your family. Not the Lycans. He never could follow his own rules. Said he couldn't abide the taste of lifestock. So, every once in a while, he'd go out and gorge himself on human blood. I kept the secrets, and cleaned up the mess. But he's the one who crept room to room that night, dispatching everyone close to your heart. But when he got to you, he just couldn't bear the thought of draining you dry. You, who reminded him so much of his precious Sonja, the daughter he condemned to death.
Selene: Lies.
[last lines]
Selene: [voiceover] Though I cannot predict the future, the consequences of this night will reverberate through the halls of both great covens for many years to come. Two vampire elders have been slain, one by my own hand. Soon, Marcus will take the throne, and a tide of anger and retribution will spill out into the night. Differences will be set aside. Allegiances will be made. And soon, I will become the hunted.
Viktor: [Selene enters Viktor's chamber and kneels before him] Come closer, my child.
Selene: I've been lost without you, my Lord; constantly hounded by Kraven and his never-ending infatuation.
Viktor: [chuckles] It is the oldest story in the book; he desires the one thing he cannot have.
Kraven: Engaging with Death Dealers in public, and she has to run after some human, that is *not* what I had in mind! You were told, you were *told* to set up shop and lay low...!
Lucian: [grabs Kraven by the throat] Calm yourself, Kraven. The human doesn't concern you. Besides, I've laid low for long enough.
Kraven: Just keep your men at bay, Lucian, at least for the time being. Don't make me have to regret our arrangement.
Lucian: You just concentrate on your part. Remember, I've bled for you once already. Without me, you'd have nothing. You'd *be* nothing.
Selene: Jump.
Michael Corvin: Are you fucking kidding me?
Kraven: Put on something elegant - and be quick about it!
[turns to leave]
Selene: Kraven, I'm serious!
Kraven: Other than food, why would a lycan stalk a human?
Selene: It wasn't the Lycans. It was you. How could you bear my trust knowing that you killed my family?
Viktor: Yes, I have taken from you but I have given so much more. Is it not a fair trade for life I have granted you? The gift of immortality?
Selene: And the life of your daughter? Your own flesh and blood?
Viktor: I loved my daughter. But the abomination growing in her womb was a betrayal of me and the coven. I did what was necessary to protect the species. As I am forced to do yet again.
Kraven: Is there another way out?
Lucian: I guess it never occurred to you that you might actually have to bleed to pull off this little coup.
[Erika helps Selene escape]
Selene: Why are you helping me?
Erika: I'm not. I'm helping me.
Viktor: What's... this... *ruckus*?
Viktor: Your incompetence is becoming most... *taxing*.
Selene: Whether you like it or not, you're in the middle of a war that has been raging for the better part of a thousand years. A blood feud between vampires and lycans. Werewolves.
Michael Corvin: Huh?
Selene: Consider yourself lucky. Most humans die within an hour after being bitten by a lycan or any immortal. The viruses we transmit are deadly.
Michael Corvin: So... if you bit me, what happens? I become a vampire instead?
Selene: No, you die!
Michael Corvin: I have to go... I have to get back...
Lucian: There's no going back, there's no going anywhere. The vampires will kill you on sight, just for being one of us. You ARE one of us!
Michael Corvin: Your war... it has nothing to do with me...
Lucian: My war?
Selene: Lycans are allergic to silver. We have to get the bullets out quickly, or they end up dying on us during questioning.
Michael Corvin: What happens to them afterward?
Selene: We put the bullets back in.
Michael Corvin: I want to stay with you...
Kahn: [Selene is shooting rather aggressively at a statue head when Kahn walks in] I sure hope you never get pissed off at me.
Singe: [examining Trix's body] Look at this mess.
Raze: AG rounds, high content. Prevented him from making the change.
Singe: [pulls one out] No point in taking out the rest. Silver's penetrated his organs. Regeneration's impossible at this point.
Viktor: You know why I have been awakened, servant?
Kraven: No, my lord, but I will soon find out.
Viktor: You mean - when you find her?
Kraven: Yes, my lord.
Viktor: You must let her come to me. We have much to discuss, Selene and I. She has shown me a great many disturbing things. Things that will be *dealt* with soon enough. This covern has grown weak, decadent. Perhaps I should have left someone else in charge of my affairs.
Viktor: Still, her memories are chaotic. There is no sense of time.
Kraven: Please, my lord, let me summon assistance. You are in need of rest.
Viktor: I have rested enough. What you will do is summon Marcus.
Kraven: But he still slumbers, my lord. Amelia and the council members are arriving tomorrow night to awaken Marcus - not you, my lord. You have been awakened a full century ahead of schedule.
[Adam is trying to verify Michael's story of what happened to him]
Dr. Adam Lockwood: A full-grown man bit you?
[Michael shows him the wound]
Dr. Adam Lockwood: Sure it wasn't a dog?
Michael Corvin: [angrily] I said it was a man.
Raze: We were ambushed. Death Dealers; three of them.
Lucian: And the candidate?
Raze: We lost him.
Lucian: You lost him?
Lucian: You may have killed me cousin, but my will is done regardless.
Viktor: Now tell me, why have you come to believe that Lucian still lives?
Selene: But I've given you all the proof you need.
Viktor: Incoherent thoughts and images, nothing more - which is precisely why the awakening is performed by an elder. You do not possess the neccesary *skills*!
Selene: But I did see Lucian, I shot him, you must believe me.
Viktor: The chain has never been broken, not once, not in fourteen centuries, not since we elders first began to leapfrog through time - one awake, two aleep - that's the way of it. It is Marcus' time to reign, not mine!
Selene: But I had no choice, the coven is in danger and Michael is the key...
Viktor: [snaps head loudly] Ah, yes... the lycan.
Selene: How can you trust him over me?
Viktor: Because he's not the one who has been tainted by an animal.
Selene: We have a serious problem.
Lucian: The vampires didn't realize you were following a human, did they, Raze?
Raze: No.
[He groans as Singe yanks another shuriken out of his chest]
Raze: I mean... I don't think so.
Lucian: You don't think or you don't know?
Raze: I'm not sure.
Viktor: There is a good reason why these rules were created, and they are the only reason we have survived this long!

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