Boyka is back. This time he is fighting in the first ever inter-prison tournament with one knee.

Gaga: I put all my money on you. Good knee, bad knee, no knee, you're still the best fighter in the world. You're even better when you're angry. mmmm winning makes me hungry
Uri Boyka: You fucking Judas!
Gaga: Okay, okay I'm a fucking Judas. Now, that makes you what? Jesus?
Uri Boyka: No... that makes me angry.
Uri Boyka: I am the most complete fighter in the world.
Turbo: Where I'm from, there ain't shit for free.
Uri Boyka: Well, where I'm from, everything was for free, and it was all shit.
Turbo: [in solitary confinement in jail] Yo Russia, Russia! I need to take a shit.
Turbo: Say man I need to take a shit and I can't find no place to do it.
Turbo: Yo!
Uri Boyka: [also in in solitary confinement - shouting] What?
Turbo: Fuckin' need to take a shit and I can't find no place to do it man. What you think I should do?
Uri Boyka: [first looks up at some steel bars hanging from the ceiling] I think you should fuckin' hang yourself.
Turbo: Fuck you.
Raul 'Dolor' Quinones: They say Boyka is now king of toilets...
Uri Boyka: If I am king of toilets, then what does that make you when I beat the living shit out of you?
Gaga: I guarantee it, I absolutely guarantee it. You just cost me 5 million dollars you ancient fuck. I'm going to eat your brains with a spoon, do you hear me? I'm going to eat your fucking brains with a spoon!
Turbo: Why are you doing this?
Uri Boyka: you ask too many fucking questions.
Uri Boyka: You need to shut your fucking mouth.
[drops hammer in preparation to fight]
Turbo: You want some? Here it comes.
Uri Boyka: I have to win.
Turbo: You have to win?
Uri Boyka: You would not understand.
Turbo: Try me.
Uri Boyka: God has given me a gift. Only one. I am the most complete fighter in the world. My whole life, I've trained. For what? I must prove I am worthy of something.
Turbo: Damn. I'm gonna feel bad when I'm whipping that ass.
Gaga: I tell you, I don't know how these vegetarians do it. I've been eating this carrot for 24 hours and I'm still hungry.
Farnatti: It's all bullshit.

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