John looks to take down Luc Deveraux after a home invasion claims his wife and daughter. The fight pits John against Andrew Scott and an army of genetically enhanced warriors; meanwhile, he must contend with a UniSol in relentless pursuit.

Andrew Scott: My brothers, let's not forget the moment of sickness. Our thoughts interrupted by unfamiliar worships. We were merely arms and legs, moving to the directive of another mind. But in an instant the veil has lifted. And today, brothers, I stand here to declare your minds are now your own! Each and every one of us bred into slavery, superior to our creators. They gave us nothing inside, but the void in our soul, the curse that binds us together, my brothers. But then he came along. He turned the curse into a blessing. He is the inspiration. He is the light that set us free! We are his eyes and ears and soon we shall multiply 10, 20... a hundred fold! We pioneers will spawn the first generation blessed with free will, taking vengeance upon those whose arrogance once assumed our servitude. With each passing day, we grow stronger, digging deeper into the outside world. Unnoticed, we live among them like ghosts, biding our time... waiting for the moment, when our oppressors shall be forced to kneel before us, and pay for their sins! THE DAY OF RECKONING!
Luc Deveraux: [accepting his defeat at the hands of John] There is no end. Always another, John.
Andrew Scott: From this moment on, you are no longer a slave to the government. From this moment on, your mind is your own. From this moment on, you will seek vengeance from your oppressors. Freedom is yours.

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