I love the ocean, wide-open space and trees, but I'm not a gardener or anything like that. I think I may be, eventually. I was raised in the city, so I don't have that skill set, but my heart is more with the dirt than the concrete. It's an unrequited love with nature - a one-way love affair. David Duchovny
I think one of the most poignant things is unrequited love and loneliness. Wilbur Smith
People do incredible things for love, particularly for unrequited love. Daniel Radcliffe
I went to the University of Vermont because I had a kind of unrequited love for this high school girlfriend. She wasn't even at the University but at another school nearby. But I thought if went to a school near her, just maybe... I was really remedial about girls in so many ways. Ben Affleck
On the streets, unrequited love and death go together almost as often as in Shakespeare. Scott Turow