A psychological thriller centered around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons set to detonate in the U.S.

Agent Helen Brody: Jack, the suspect is being tortured. This is unconstitutional.
Assistant Director Jack Saunders: Helen, if those bombs go off there will be no fucking Constitution!
Agent Helen Brody: How could you do this? How could you?
Steven Arthur Younger: You wanted proof. I needed a break. I can hold out now.
Agent Helen Brody: It was a shopping mall! 53 people are dead!
Steven Arthur Younger: That was your fault! God loves them. They're martyrs, all martyrs.
Agent Helen Brody: 53 of them. 53 bodies blown to pieces!
H: Don't do it Brody!
Agent Helen Brody: [picks up scalpel and holds it to Younger's chest chest] Shut up! Where are those bombs? Where are those fucking bombs?
Steven Arthur Younger: Do it! Do it! I love my country, you people crap on it! I love my religion, you people spit on it! Just remember something, I'm here because I wanna be here! I let myself be caught, because I'm not a coward! I chose to meet my oppressors face to face! You call me a barbarian? Then what are you? What, you expect me to weep over 50 civillians? You people kill that number every day! How does it feel Brody? This is not about me! This is about you! How does it feel? You have no authority here! None! There is but one authority, and it is not you! You are a blight, you are a cancer! How does it feel Brody?
Agent Helen Brody: H, they're children, innocent children!
H: There are no innocent children! Not his children anyway.
Agent Helen Brody: Just do what you have to do.
H: What I have to do, Agent Brody, is... unthinkable.
H: That man over there killed 53 people, some of them women and children and yet somehow I am the villian.
Colonel Kerkmejian: You keep your mouth shut, you maniac! You're fucking evil!
H: Oh, and he's not?
H: You do this and he'll say anything you want, and none of it will be true. Physical torture doesn't work.
H: So, uh, I guess that's why they've been using it since the beginning of human history, huh? For fun?
Agent Helen Brody: That's what makes you so special, is it? Our secret weapon against the enemy?
H: It's not about the enemy. It's about us. Our weakness. We're on the losing side, Helen. We're afraid, they're not. We doubt, they believe.
Agent Helen Brody: We have values.
H: And our values have cost us how many lives? It's not about that guy out there. He's not the problem. You are.
Agent Helen Brody: Can't you see that you've already won? You've proved that we are exactly the kind of people we say we aren't.
Agent Helen Brody: You know. You know what he does...
Rina Humphries: Of course.
Agent Helen Brody: How can you? You family, you children. You live in the same house with him. He's not normal.
Rina Humphries: Normal? Let me tell you something. I lost my first family in Bosnia. Three men come to my house. They rape me in front of my family, then kill everyone. My little boy, they kill last. These were my neighbors, they knew me. Very normal men.
[turns away]
H: Youssef! Do you believe I can do this?
Agent Helen Brody: H., he believes it, he believes it!
H: Faith is not enough, he has to know it!
Agent Helen Brody: He knows it!
H: Knowing is not enough! He has to see it.
[last lines]
General Paulson: This never happened. They never existed. Younger, the children, none of them.
H: There is no H. and Younger... there's only victory and defeat. The winner gets to take the moral high-ground, because they get to write the history books. The loser... just loses. The only miscalculation in your plan... was me.
H: Ahh... military intelligence. The great oxymoron.
H: Now, I remember 15 to 18 pounds of nuclear material missing, can't you fucking count?... 4 1/2 times 3 is 13 1/2... times 4... is 18
Interrogator Lubitchich: What the hell's happening?
H: I am. You're out.
[first lines]
Steven Arthur Younger: [into video camera] My name is Steven Arthur Younger. I am an American citizen.
Agent Helen Brody: [turning off equipment] Mr. Younger, I'm Special Agent Brody, FBI. Your situation here is illegal, and I'm going to get you out of here so you and I can sit down and talk.
Steven Arthur Younger: [tied up] I think you'll find that this is entirely legal. And necessary.
Agent Helen Brody: This is not what we talked about.
Charles Thompson: That's because you were only listening to yourself.
Steven Arthur Younger: What, you expect me to weep over 50 civilians?
Steven Arthur Younger: You people kill that number every day!
H: Every man, no matter how strong he is, lies to himself about something. I will find your lie. I will break you.

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