Set in 1944, Valiant is a woodland pigeon who wants to become a great hero someday. When he hears they are hiring recruits for the Royal Homing Pigeon Service, he immediately sets out for ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Von Talon: I'm a vegetarian.
Mercury: And yet you wear a leather cape.
Felix: [talking to Valiant about being in the RHPS] If it weren't for my wooden drumstick and this shrappnel in my poopdeck, I'd be out there right now!
Bugsy: I've been SHANGHAIIIIED!
Valiant: It's not the size of your wingspan that counts, no, it's the size of your spirit.
Lofty: Could you burp on cue?
Bugsy: Yeah, I can burp on all the letters, not just Q.
Charles De Girl: [to Valiant, Bugsy, Lofty, Toughwood, and Tailfeather] I won't lie to you - you will definitely be eaten by falcons.
Bugsy: How did you find us?
Charles De Girl: Well, the was the plane and the explosion. And the screaming, and the pleading. More screaming. The begging, the crying, the whining, whinging, yelling, boohooing...
Valiant: Yes, um, enough about that.
Bugsy: Definitely, yes.
Rollo: [Repeated line] Sabotage!
Sergeant: Gentlemen you are the fliers of the FUTURE!
[Tailfeather and Toughwood crash into each other]
Sergeant: [Holds face] The FAR future!
Felix: It's not the size of your wingspan that counts. It's the size of your spirit!
Tailfeather: Are you ready to drop?
Toughwood: I think I may have dropped already!
Valiant: [shouting] Quiet!
Lofty: Any moment now, Gutsy will fly out and tell us the plan!
Lofty: [the plane Gutsy was in explodes] Right then. Who has the backup plan?
Bugsy: Oh you want the backup plan? Um... WE DIE! Yeah, *that's* the backup plan!
Von Talon: There will be awards, parades, and commemorative stamps!
Bugsy: I've got a doctor's note!
Bugsy: Hello, mate!
[first lines]
Lofty: [seeing Valiant & Bugsy] For a, quote, 'elite unit', unquote, they seem to be letting in anything with wings
[to Bugsy]
Lofty: , including those flies circling your bottom.
Bugsy: I may not be very conscientious, but I do object.
Cufflingk: [preparing to torture Mercury] You want us to pluck out his feathers?
Underlingk: And... heh... CLIP his wings?
Cufflingk: HURT... his feelings?
[both chuckle]
Von Talon: No, no, no, no! Worse. MUCH worse.
[raises cage]
Von Talon: We have ways of making you squawk.
[yodeling music begins]
Mercury: Argh! What kind of birds are you?
Victoria: I don't care if you're a hero or not, just concentrate on the getting back.
Toughwood: France is scary!

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