The notorious monster hunter is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula who is using Dr. Frankenstein's research and a werewolf for some sinister purpose.

Carl: [while stocking Van Helsing's kit for the trip to Transylvania] I don't know. You could blind your enemies, char-broil a herd of chargind wildebeests - use your imagination.
Van Helsing: No, I'm going to use yours - you're coming with me.
Carl: Oh, to hell and be damned I am!
Van Helsing: Carl, you just cursed! Not well mind you but you're a monk. You shouldn't curse at all.
Carl: Actually I'm just a friar so I can curse all I want... dammit!
Carl: Now, you won't turn into a werewolf until your first full moon. That's two days from now. So we have 48 hours to find a solution. But you'll still be able to fight Dracula's hold over you until the final stroke of midnight.
Van Helsing: Sounds like I have nothing to worry about.
Carl: Oh, my God, you should be terrified!
Van Helsing: Thank you.
Carl: Sorry.
Van Helsing: This thing... man... whatever it is... evil may have created it, left its mark on it... but evil does not rule it. So I cannot kill it.
Carl: Why does it smell like wet dog in here?
Van Helsing: [running past him] Werewolf!
Carl: Oh! You'll be needing silver bullets then.
[he produces a box of bullets and throws them to Van Helsing, rather deftly]
Van Helsing: Well done!
Frankenstein's Monster: You've been bitten. Bitten by a werewolf. Now you will become that which you have hunted so passionately.
[Van Helsing takes out a tranquilizer blowgun]
Van Helsing: I am sorry...
Frankenstein's Monster: May others be as passionate in the hunting of you.
Carl: [after saving the woman from the vampire children] They've all died.
Barmaid: Oh, thank you! You saved me.
[kisses him on the cheek]
Barmaid: How can I repay you?
[Carl leans in and whispers something in her ear]
Barmaid: But you can't do that! You are a monk!
Carl: Actually, I'm a just a friar.
Aleera: Anna, my love. It is your blood that shall keep me beautiful. What do you think of that?
[laughs triumphantly, then screams as Anna catches a silver stake and impales her through the chest]
Anna Valerious: I think if you're going to kill somebody, kill them! Don't stand around talking about it!
Van Helsing: There's something down here, it's carnivorous. Whatever it is it appears to be... human. I'd say it's a size 17, about 360 pounds, 8 and a half to 9 feet tall and he has a bad gimp in his right leg and, ah, 3 copper teeth.
Anna Valerious: How do you know he has copper teeth?
Van Helsing: 'Cause he's standing right behind you.
Van Helsing: Move!
Anna Valerious: We Transylvanians always look on the brighter side of death.
Van Helsing: There's a brighter side of death?
Anna Valerious: Of course. It's just harder to see.
Carl: Here, take this.
[he hands Van Helsing a bag, then begins to fill it]
Carl: Rings of garlic... holy water... silver stake... crucifix...
[they pass two monks test-firing a Gatling gun]
Van Helsing: Why can't I have one of those?
Count Vladislaus Dracula: There, there, my lovelies. Do not worry, I shall find another bride.
[Dracula's brides are appalled]
Verona: What?
Verona: Have you no heart?
Count Vladislaus Dracula: No! I have no heart, I feel no love. Nor fear, nor joy, nor sorrow. I am hollow... and I will live forever.
Aleera: Oh, my lord...
Verona: It is not so bad.
[Dracula's mood changes on a dime, and he begins to laugh]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: I'm at war with the world! And every living soul in it! But soon... the final battle will begin.
Aleera: Do we mean so little to you?
[said before Verona asks if Dracula has no heart]
Van Helsing: Now, Carl, whatever you do, don't stare at him.
[he opens the coach door, revealing the Frankenstein Monster shackled into the seat, struggling and snarling]
Carl: I'm staring at him.
[quickly turns away]
Carl: Is that a man?
Van Helsing: Actually, it's seven men. Parts of them, anyway.
Van Helsing: I have to pull the bolts off... this is going to hurt!
Frankenstein's Monster: I am accustomed to pain!
Van Helsing: It let's you know you're alive!
Carl: So you can remember everything about your life from the last seven years, but nothing before that?
Van Helsing: Not now, Carl.
Carl: There must be something?
Van Helsing: [dead serious] I remember fighting the Romans at Masada.
Carl: That was in 73 A.D.
Van Helsing: You asked.
Anna Valerious: He's the first one to kill a vampire in over a hundred years. I'd say that's earned him a drink.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Igor... Do unto others...
Igor: Before they do it unto me!
Carl: [after reading something from a book in the tower in the Valerious Manner] Well, that's interesting...
[hearing something, he goes to the window and sees hundreds of pygmy bats flying past]
Carl: Oh, that's not good! Must... warn... somebody!
Anna Valerious: [after Van Helsing has killed the Werewolf] You killed him!
Van Helsing: Now you see why people call me a murderer.
Igor: I am sorry, Master. We try and we try, but I fear we are not so smart as Doctor Frankenstein.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Truly. It would appear that the good Doctor took the key to life to his grave.
[the Werewolf climbs up onto the parapet. Dracula waves him away, dismissive]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Hunt them down. Kill them both.
[last lines]
Carl: She's dead.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: [to the other vampires] Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you... Van Helsing!
Carl: [about his invention] I know what it's for! I know what it's for!... Where are we going?
Van Helsing, Anna Valerious: Through that window!
Anna Valerious: What are these things?
Van Helsing: I think they're Dracula's children.
Anna Valerious: His children?
Van Helsing: A man, with three gorgeous women, for four hundred years?
Carl: [notices Van Helsing] Ah, there you are. So, did you bring Mr. Hyde back or did you kill him?
[acts obvious]
Carl: You killed him, didn't you? That's why they get so annoyed. When they ask you to bring someone back they don't mean as a corpse.
Van Helsing: Dr. Jekyll, you're wanted by the Knights of the Holy Order...
Mr. Hyde: It's Mr. Hyde, now!
Van Helsing: for the murder of twelve men, six women, four...
Mr. Hyde: [laughing] Four children, three goats, and a rather nasty massacre of poultry!
Van Helsing: Absinthe. Strong stuff.
[Anna takes a defiant swig and gives the bottle back to Van Helsing]
Anna Valerious: Don't let it touch your tongue... it'll knock straight on your aaaaaa...
[she gets cut off as the ground falls through]
[after Van Helsing's first, failed attempt to kill Dracula]
Anna Valerious: A silver stake? A crucifix? What, did you think we haven't tried everything before? We've shot him, stabbed him, clubbed him, sprayed him with holy water, staked him through the heart, and STILL he lives! Do you understand? No-one knows how to kill Dracula!
Van Helsing: Well, I could have used that information a little earlier.
Van Helsing: Now, my superiors would like for me to take you alive, so that they might extricate your better half.
Mr. Hyde: [laughing] I'll bet they bloody would.
Van Helsing: Personally, I'd rather just kill you and call it a day. But let's make it your decision, shall we?
Mr. Hyde: [pretends to think] Hmm, do let's.
[attacks him]
[the Werewolf arrives back at Castle Frankenstein and lands next to Dracula, growling menacingly. Dracula ignores him]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Werewolves are such a nuisance during their first full moon, so hard to control.
[just as the Werwolf is about to lunge at him, he stops and transforms back to Velkan, writhing in pain. Dracula strides majestically past him]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: I send you on a simple errand, to find out who our new friend is, and you have to stop for a little visit with your sister.
Velkan: Leave her out of this, Count! She doesn't know your secret, and I am soon to take it to my grave.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Don't wish for death so quickly. I intend for you to be quite useful.
Velkan: I would rather die than help you.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Oh, don't be boring, everybody who says that dies.
Top Hat: I see the Wolfman hasn't killed you yet.
Van Helsing: Don't worry. He's getting to it.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: You're too late, my friend! My children live!
Van Helsing: Then the only way to kill them is to kill you.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Correct.
Van Helsing: So be it.
Van Helsing: I missed you in London.
Mr. Hyde: No, you bloody did not!
[shows Van Helsing a bullet wound]
Mr. Hyde: You got me good.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: [Dracula's bride cower in fear] No, no, no. Do not fear me, everybody else fears me. Not my brides.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: You can't kill me, Victor.
[Dracula pushes himself onto the sword Dr. Frankenstein is wielding]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: I'm already dead.
[Anna Valerious falls back into the a wall, out cold]
Van Helsing: [catches her in his arms before she falls to the floor] I'm sorry about that too.
Frankenstein's Monster: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. I *will* have my vengeance!
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Give me LIFE!
Mr. Hyde: You're a big one. You'll be hard to digest.
Van Helsing: I'd hate to be such a nuisance.
Frankenstein's Monster: [hanging from a rope] Help! Help me!
Carl: But you're supposed to die!
Frankenstein's Monster: I want to live!
Carl: ...All right.
[seeing Dracula's children hatch and fly through the castle]
Van Helsing: This is where I come in!
[Dracula's minions have taken all of Frankenstein's equipment to castle Dracula]
Anna Valerious: Then we've lost.
Carl: Dracula can't bring them to life until the sun sets. We still have time.
Anna Valerious: "Time"? The sun sets in two hours, and we've been searching for his lair for over 400 years!
Carl: I wasn't around for those 400 years, was I?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: I'll take him away, far away, where no-one will ever find him.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Oh, no, Victor. The time has come for me to take command of him.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: What are you saying?
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Why do you think I brought you here, gave you this castle, equipped your laboratory?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: You said... you said you believed in my work.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: And I do. But now that it is, as you yourself have said, "A triumph of science over God", it must now serve my purpose.
[Van Helsing and Anna are both hanging off the sides of the carriage, hanging over the cliff. While the Monster is chained in his seat, Carl starts to pull Anna in, but Van Helsing's grip starts to fail]
Frankenstein's Monster: I can help!
Carl: You won't kill me?
Frankenstein's Monster: Only if you don't hurry!
[Van Helsing and Carl break into a mausoleum to hide the unconscious Monster]
Carl: I'm sure this is some kind of sin.
Van Helsing: Don't worry, God will forgive us.
Anna Valerious: For me this is all personal. It's all about family and honor. Why do you do it? What do you hope to get out of it?
Van Helsing: Oh, I don't know. Maybe some self-realization.
Anna Valerious: And what have you got out of it so far?
Van Helsing: Nightmares.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: I can tell the character of a man by the sound of his heartbeat.
[claps his hand in a rhythm of a heartbeat]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Usually when I approach...
[claps faster]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: I can almost dance to the beat.
[claps slower]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Strange that yours is so steady.
Anna Valerious: Oh, my God! The Frankenstein Monster!
Frankenstein's Monster: Monster! Who's the monster here? I have done nothing wrong, yet you and your kind still wish me dead!
Carl: Ah! Here's something new!
[pumps a drop of the yellow liquid onto his pinky finger]
Carl: Glycerine-48.
[snaps his wrist, causing a large explosion after the Glycerine-48 hits the floor. The workers shout and gasp in anger and shock]
Carl: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
Carl: [turns to Van Helsing, his magnifying glasses over his eyes] Sorry!
Monk: [offscreen in the background] What in the name of Allah is wrong with you?
Carl: [to Van Helsing] The air around here is thick with envy...
[Van Helsing appears to free the Monster]
Frankenstein's Monster: What are you doing? You must find the cure!
Van Helsing: My friends are doing it for me.
Frankenstein's Monster: Friends...
Van Helsing: Yes. You want one?
[drinking a freshly-killed man's blood from a glass]
Aleera: Thirty years old... perfectly aged.
[approaching the entrance to Castle Dracula]
Carl: Do we have a plan? I mean, it doesn't have to be Wellington's at Waterloo, but some kind of plan would be nice.
Van Helsing: We're going to go in there and stop Dracula.
Anna Valerious: And kill anyone who gets in our way.
Carl: [quickly turns around] Well, you let me know how that goes...
Frankenstein's Monster: Curse all you undead! You are nothing but dead bones and damned souls... you shall burn in the fires of hell!
Marishka: Why can't we just let the Werewolf kill her?
Verona: Never trust a man to do a woman's job.
Carl: Now, I've got some things that will put the bit back in your mouth...
[Van Helsing stops to inspect a rack of swords]
Carl: Oh, any idiot can make a sword.
[a hulking monk turns around holding a newly-forged sword, staring daggers at Carl]
Carl: Oh, sorry, Father.
Mr. Hyde: So, you're the great Van Helsing.
Van Helsing: And you're a deranged psychopath.
Mr. Hyde: We all have our little problems.
Carl: What are we doing here? Why is it so important to kill this Dracula anyway?
Van Helsing: Because he's the son of the devil.
Carl: I mean besides that.
Van Helsing: Because if we kill him, anything bitten by him or created will also die.
Carl: I mean besides that.
Carl: Viscous material, what did I tell you!
Anna Valerious: You make my skin crawl.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: This is not all I can do with your skin.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: [kisses/mouths Anna's neck]
Van Helsing: Next time, stay close, you're no good to me dead.
Aleera: Tch, tch, tch, so much trouble to my Master, so much trouble.
Van Helsing: Bless me father for I have...
Cardinal Jinette: Sinned! Yes, I know. You're very good at it. You shattered the Rose Window.
Van Helsing: Well, not to split hairs, but it was Mr. Hyde who did the shattering.
Cardinal Jinette: Thirteenth century. Over six hundred years old! I wish you a week in hell for that.
Van Helsing: It would be a nice reprieve.
Cardinal Jinette: Don't get me wrong. Your results are unquestionable, but your methods attract far too much attention. Wanted posters. We are not pleased.
Van Helsing: Do you think I like being the most wanted man in Europe? Why don't you and the order do something about it?
Cardinal Jinette: Because we do not exist.
Van Helsing: Well then neither do I.
Cardinal Jinette: When we found you crawling up the steps of this church, half dead, it was clear to all of us that you had been sent to do God's work.
Van Helsing: Why can't He do it Himself?
Velkan: Come on. Dracula unleashed you for a reason.
Van Helsing: The Cardinal has ordered you to keep me alive.
[he throws the bag back to Carl, then walks past him]
Van Helsing: For as long as possible.
Carl: But I'm not a field man! Van Helsing, I don't want to go to Transylvania!
Anna Valerious: Dwergi!
Van Helsing: Dwergi?
Anna Valerious: Dracula's servants. Industrious, but extremely vicious. If you get a chance to kill one, do it, because they'll do worse to you.
[the Dwergi rip a blackened corpse out of the machine's pod and throw it down in front of Velkan]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Look familiar?
[Velkan recognizes the crucifix around the corpse's neck]
Velkan: Father? No!
[charges at Dracula]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: [stops him easily with a finger] He proved useless. But I'm hoping with Werewolf venom running through your veins, you will be of greater benefit.
Van Helsing: [to a captive Igor] If they even suspect you of misleading them...
[he demonstrates a wicked-looked set of pliers in front of Igor's face, then hands them to Anna]
Van Helsing: Clip off one of his fingers.
Anna Valerious: I'll clip off something.
Van Helsing: He's not your brother anymore, Anna!
Anna Valerious: You knew?
Van Helsing: Yes.
Anna Valerious: Before or after I stopped you from shooting him?
Van Helsing: Before.
Anna Valerious: And still you tried to kill him!
Van Helsing: He's a werewolf. He's going to kill people!
Anna Valerious: It's not his fault! He can't help it!
Van Helsing: I know, but he's going to do it anyway!
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Success!
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Oh Count, it's just you.
[sighs in relief]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: I was beginning to lose faith, Victor.
[looks down at the angry mob]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: A pity your moment of triumph is being spoiled over a little thing like grave robbery.
Van Helsing: You're a genius!
Carl: A genius with access to unstable chemicals!
Aleera: Did I scare you?
Carl: No.
Aleera: Then maybe I need to try... a little harder.
Villager: He killed a vampire!
Carl: Isn't that a good thing?
Top Hat: The Vampires only take what they need to survive. Maybe two or three a month... but now they will kill for revenge!
Igor: Please, don't kill me!
Van Helsing: Why not?
Igor: Well, um... I... um... uh...
[Dracula sees Igor poking the werewolf with a cattle prod]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Igor!
Igor: Yes, Master?
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Why do you torment that thing so?
Igor: It's what I do.
Aleera: Don't play coy with me, Princess, you're just like all the other pretty little ancestors in your family. Saying you want to destroy my master, but I know what lurks in your lusting heart.
Anna Valerious: I hope you have a heart, Aleera, because someday I'm going to drive a stake through it.
[stalking the werewolf through the streets]
Van Helsing: Who's hunting whom?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Good God... I would kill myself before helping in such a task.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Feel free. I don't actually need you anymore, Victor. I just need him... he is the key.
[Upon seeing a baby vampire for the first time]
Van Helsing: So this is what you get when vampires mate.
Verona: Marishka! Kill the stranger!
Marishka: Love to!
Anna Valerious: Some say you're a murderer, Mr. Van Helsing. Others say you're a holy man. Which is it?
Van Helsing: It's a bit of both, I think.
Carl: How many commandments can we break in one day?
Count Vladislaus Dracula: How does it feel to be a puppet on my string?
Frankenstein's Monster: Let me go!
Carl: Where are you going to go? I don't know if you've looked in the mirror lately, but you kind of stick out in a crowd.
Anna Valerious: No! Find Velkan's gun! It has to be the silver bullets!
Anna Valerious: Show me your faces!
Van Helsing: Why?
Anna Valerious: Because we don't trust strangers.
Top Hat: Strangers don't last long here.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Hello, Gabriel.
[grinning to himself]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: You don't remember me? Allow me to refresh your memory I am Count Vladilaus Dracula, we have some history you and I.
[Carl hands Van Helsing his latest invention, an automatic crossbow]
Carl: A work of certifiable genius.
Van Helsing: If you don't say so yourself.
Carl: Well, I did say so myself.
Carl: You've never gone after vampires before, have you?
Van Helsing: Vampires, gargoyles, warlocks, they're all the same - best when cooked well.
Anna Valerious: What do you want?
Frankenstein's Monster: To exist.
Marishka: Too bad, so sad.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Don't we make a lovely couple?
[Anna looks at the mirror. Dracula is not in the reflection]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: I'm looking for a new bride, Anna, someone strong and beautiful. All it takes is one bite from me.
Anna Valerious: [Dracula hugs her tighter] You have no heartbeat.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Perhaps it just needs to be rekindled.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: [attacked by Van Helsing, as a werewolf] Don't you understand? We could be friends! Partners! Brothers-in-arms!
Carl: Are you always this popular?
Van Helsing: Pretty much.
[first lines]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: It's alive. It's alive. It's alive!
Verona: Stop your teasing Marishka and finish him!
Anna Valerious: You! Turn around. Let me see your faces.
Van Helsing: Why?
Anna Valerious: Because we don't trust strangers.
Van Helsing: Now that I have your attention.
Carl: [shouts] Vampires!
[jumps up and then looks at the couch where the barmaid he had just made love to is]
Carl: Now I remember.
Van Helsing: How do you know me?
Count Vladislaus Dracula: So, would you like me to refresh your memory? A few details from you sordid past?
Count Vladislaus Dracula: [Van Helsing thrusts a crucifix at Dracula. Dracula shrieks and angrily swats it away, then calms down, smiling beatifically, as if nothing happened] Perhaps that is a conversation for another time. But before you go, let me reintroduce myself.
[bows majestically]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: I am Count Vladislaus Dragulia. Born 1422. Murdered 1462.
Van Helsing: You're going to take them and lead them to the antidote.
Igor: No, I'm not!
[Van Helsing grabs Igor with his werewolf strength and throws him violently against the wall]
Igor: Yes, I am.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: I could never allow him to be used for such evil.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: I could. In fact, my brides are insisting on it.
Aleera: I want first bite!
Van Helsing: If you're late, run like hell.
[Anna turns away, but he grabs her back]
Van Helsing: Don't be late.
Van Helsing: That's why you're coming with me.
Carl: The hell be damned that I am.
Van Helsing: You cursed. Not very well, mind you, but you're a monk. You shouldn't curse at all.
Carl: Actually, I'm still just a friar. I can curse all I want, dammit.
Van Helsing: To have memories of those you have loved and lost is perhaps harder than to have no memories at all.
Igor: [Igor gloats in his knowledge about the monster to Anna and Van Helsing, as an homage to Lugosi's original appearance as Igor] You think you fool Igor, but Igor fool you!
Count Vladislaus Dracula: Welcome to my summer place.
Van Helsing: Bless me, Father, for I have...
Cardinal Jinette: Sinned! Yes, I know. You're very good at that. You shattered the Rose Window!
Van Helsing: Well, not to split hairs, sir, but it was Mr. Hyde who did the shattering...
Cardinal Jinette: 13th Century. Over six hundred years old! I wish you a week in hell for that!
Van Helsing: It would be a nice reprieve.
Cardinal Jinette: Don't get me wrong. Your results are unquestionable, but your methods attract far too much attention. Wanted posters? We are not pleased.
Van Helsing: Do you think I like being the most wanted man in Europe? Why don't you and the order do something about it?
Cardinal Jinette: Because we do not exist.
Van Helsing: Well, then neither do I.
[he gets up angrily, but the Cardinal presses a button, dropping a set of bars over the confessional's exit]
Cardinal Jinette: When we found you crawling up the steps of this church, half dead, it was clear to all of us that you had been sent to do God's work.
Van Helsing: Why can't he do it Himself?
Cardinal Jinette: Don't blaspheme! You already lost your memory as a penance for past sins. If you wish to recover it, I suggest you continue to heed the call.
Verona: Feed, my darlings! Feed!
Count Vladislaus Dracula: [after feeling Marishka die] if it's not the Christians, it's the Moors! Why can't they just leave us alone. We never kill more than our fill. And less than our share. Can they say the same?
Van Helsing: My life... my job... my curse... is to vanquish evil.
Count Vladislaus Dracula: All I wanted was life, Gabriel. The continuation of my kind.
[Dracula holds up his left hand, his ring finger has long ago been cut off]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: And perhaps also, the return of my ring.
Verona: I can feel fresh blood rushing through her veins!
Anna Valerious: [while looking at the cure for the werewolf curse] Go ahead, grab it.
Carl: Why don't you go ahead and grab it? If there's one thing I've learned, it's never to stick your hand into a viscous material.
Verona: Hello, Anna, my dear.
Van Helsing: [looking around for the werewolf] It's a little late for digging graves, isn't it?
Top Hat: It's never too late to dig graves. You never know when you'll need a fresh one...
[when Van Helsing turns around, he suddenly swings his shovel at Van Helsing's head. Van Helsing catches the handle and points his gun in Top Hat's face]
Top Hat: Oh, sorry! It's just... my nature.
Mr. Hyde: [landing on the ceiling next to a knocked out Van Helsing] Aaaah! Paris...
[walks to Van Helsing who is lying on the floor and picks him up with a chuckle. Then he walks to the border of Notre Dame's ceiling]
Mr. Hyde: [laughing] I... I think you will find the view over here to be rather spectacular.
[Van Helsing transforms into a werewolf, the one thing that can kill Dracula]
Count Vladislaus Dracula: We are both part of the same great game, Gabriel! But we need not find ourselves on opposing sides of the board...
[the Werewolf roars. Dracula transforms into a giant bat, and attacks him]
Van Helsing: Carl, I need you to do something
Carl: I'm not gonna like this am I?
Van Helsing: [Bangs on the canal gate feverishly while staying afloat; he looks on as the Frankenstein monster drifts away with the enemy] I must save him!
Carl: [Holding his head down] No, you can't.
Van Helsing: [Surprised] Why?
Carl: [Lamentingly] I cabled Rome earlier to apprise them of our situation.
Van Helsing: And what did they say?
Carl: [Speaks with sadness in his voice] Even if you somehow kill Dracula, Rome orders you to destroy Frankenstein as well.
Van Helsing: But he isn't evil!
Carl: Yes, but they say he isn't human either.
Van Helsing: Do they know him? Have they talked with him? Who are they to judge?
Carl: They want you to destroy him so he can never be used to harm humanity.
Van Helsing: And what of *me?* Did you tell them what *I'm* to become?
[Swiftly grabs hold of Carl's throat]
Van Helsing: Did they tell you how to *kill* me?
[He lifts him up with one arm, pinning him to the gate; the more he speaks, the tighter his grip gets around Carl's throat, while he struggles vainly to free himself]
Van Helsing: The correct *angle* of the stake as it enters my heart?
Anna Valerious: [Anna, terrified of his outburst tries to grab hold of Van Helsing to get him to release Carl] No! Stop!
Van Helsing: [His hand still tightening, his iris dilate and begin to glow an eerie, pale yellow as he yells] The exact measure of *silver* in each *bullet*? Huh?
Carl: [Croaks pitifully in Van Helsing's grip, and speaks pleadingly] No, I-I left you out!
Van Helsing: [Van Helsing's eyes look more and more savage. He grimaces and doubles over, releasing Carl from his grasp. Then he clutches himself, as a vicious roar bellows though his lips; he snarls and sneers while clenching his fists trying to fight away the curse. Anna and Carl look at him with both fear of and for him; as his eyes return to that of human, he realizes he has little time left and that he has hurt his best friend. He looks at Carl with regret] I'm sorry... It is starting...
Van Helsing: This thing... man... whatever it is... evil may have created it, left its mark on it... but evil does not rule it. So I cannot kill it.
Van Helsing: I have to pull the bolts off... this is going to hurt!
Frankenstein's Monster: I am accustomed to pain...
Van Helsing: It lets you know you're alive!

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