The population of Detroit has almost completely disappeared, but a few remain. As daylight disappears they realize that the Dark is coming for them.

Rosemary: We can wait till morning.
Luke: You sure there's one coming?
James: I exist.
Rosemary: Why does this one work and all the others don't?
Luke: [smiling] It's a Chevy.
Luke: I'm here because I will myself to exist.
Paul: [waking to see Rosemary] Am I in heaven?
Luke: Better. A bar.
Briana: That's my bed.
Briana: [seeing a horse] Look.
[first lines]
Concession Girl: [squinting] You, um... Would you... your light...
Paul: What? Oh, uh...
Concession Girl: My bad.
Paul: ...I'm such a moron.
Concession Girl: How's the flick ?
Paul: Ah... Ah, you know. Adam Sandler gets in a mess, wife gets pissed, rinse and repeat, predictable, formulaic, fart jokes...
Concession Girl: Yeah.
Paul: You wouldn't like it.
Concession Girl: Mmm. How would you know what I like?
Luke: I'm gone.
James: Then go, motherfucka, go!
[last lines]
Voices: [presumably Luke, Paul and Rosemary] I exist.

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