The attempted assassination of the American President is told and re-told from several different perspectives.

Luis: Is everything going to plan?
Suarez: To the last detail.
Luis: And the President? Are you sure they sent a double?
Suarez: The beauty of American arrogance is that they can't imagine a world where they're not a step ahead.
Rex Brooks: [sees a camera focused on protesters] Who's the clown on Two? Camera Two, are you gonna move or what? We're here for the summit, not the sideshow! I swear it's like training a freakin' dog!
President Ashton: He doesn't even look like me.
Rex Brooks: [from control room] Alright, Angie, after this I need a 50-second fill about the conference.
Angie Jones: This isn't the only story here, Rex. The protesters...
Rex Brooks: Which I don't give a shit about, and unless they set themselves on fire, they're not our story.
[last lines]
Mark Reinhart: Reports out of Salamanca now suggest that the President is out of intensive care. His condition is listed as stable. President Ashton has made a point of reassuring Americans that he's all right and the summit will continue in the days to come. Meanwhile, word from Spanish and United States authorities is that they've shot and killed the lone assassin responsible for today's attack. Our own Joan Kendrick has more.
Holden: [to Taylor, about Barnes] What are the chances he freaks out in the middle of a walk?
Thomas Barnes: [walking by] I'd put it at 50/50.
Kent Taylor: This war will never end.
Angie Jones: The President of the United States has been shot.
Ted Heinkin: [to President Ashton] You can't give the order. You've been shot!
Enrique: [frantic] We have to go! You're all in danger! We have to go!
Enrique: What have you been doing?
Veronica: Nothing. Taking in the crowd.
Enrique: Some more than others? I just saw you now.
Veronica: You saw nothing.
Enrique: It didn't look like nothing.
Veronica: You don't have to worry about him, I promise. Enrique, you're the one that I want, there is no one else. How many ways do I need to say it? When you've finished here we'll go away together, just you and me. I love you. Did you remember to bring my bag?
Thomas Barnes: Thanks.
Kent Taylor: For what?
Thomas Barnes: For getting me back out here.
Kent Taylor: Don't thank me yet.
Thomas Barnes: Why the fuck did you do this?
Rex Brooks: [after she realizes Angie is going off topic about the protestors in Spain] What is she doing? Kevin, shut her down.
[Kevin cuts the camera]
Mark Reinhart: [confused] Thanks for that report, Angie.
Rex Brooks: Angie, what the hell was that?
Angie Jones: Not everyone loves us, Rex.
Rex Brooks: Save the punditry for someone whose paid to have an opinion.
Angie Jones: I'm cool with censorship, I know the American people love that.
Rex Brooks: [smiles] Come on, Angie. Lighten up.
Angie Jones: Got it!
[first lines]
Mark Reinhart: Good morning, America. It's now 12 noon in Salamanca, Spain. In a short time, world leaders from over 150 countries meet here in Plaza Mayor to sign up to President Ashton's bold new counterterrorist strategy. Since 9/11, more than 4500 people have been killed in the rising tide of global terror. Those lives will not soon be forgotten as today, the world comes together to take a stand against this violence. We may be on the brink of a historic agreement between Western and Arab leaders. Security services are on high alert in Salamanca, where we now go live to our news team on the ground and our reporter Angie Jones.
Thomas Barnes: [yelling] There's a bomb in the podium!
Suarez: For the moment, the Americans think they've dodged a bullet. Do not be late.
Javier: Don't worry about me.
Suarez: I won't. Your brother spoke very highly of your Special Forces training. Do not disappoint him.
Mayor De Soto: [speaking to crowd] This is a wonderous day. Today, we make history!
[repeated line]
Javier: Where's my brother?
President Ashton: This intel is certain?
Phil McCullough: Absolutely.
President Ashton: Then why aren't we focusing on the ones who are here actually doing this?
Phil McCullough: We are.
President Ashton: This summit is too important.
Phil McCullough: I know that sir, but we're looking for five people out of six million. We are trying.
President Ashton: Try harder!
Howard Lewis: What's your name?
Anna: Anna.
Howard Lewis: That's a pretty name. You know, you look about the samr age as my son.
[after Anna bumps into Howard and drops her ice cream cone]
Suarez: I think that's my cue.
Howard Lewis: Yeah. It's nice to meet you.
Suarez: Nice to meet you too. Best of luck.
Suarez: [to Howard] What are you seeing?
Thomas Barnes: Control is compromised!
Enrique: [to Javier] Surprised to still see me alive?
Enrique: [Talking about the bomb] We have to go!
Holden: [to Howard] Stand back, sir.
Howard Lewis: Litsen to me! He's telling the truth!
President Ashton: Thank you Thomas.
Thomas Barnes: You're welcomed sir.
Phil McCullough: Mr. President, we have to act strong
President Ashton: No we have to BE strong. We have the world's sympathy. Let's HONOR them.
Suarez: I go where ever the furute brings me.
Howard Lewis: That must be nice. No family, right?
Suarez: No. None that I know of.
Suarez: Has the package arrived?
Felipe: As we speak.
Suarez: Perfect. Javier will be by.
Felipe: Understood.
Suarez: Felipe... You will make us very proud.

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