There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side. These are concealed from all human beings. Somewhere in Japan exists the 444th portal.... The forest of resurrection.

Fighter: You can't hit me! I have five hundred times faster reflexes then Mike Tyson!
Prisoner KSC2-303: What's all this got to do with me?
Girl: It's your destiny.
[Shooting someone in the gut]
Head Yakuza: Die slowly, okay? We don't want you coming back alive on us.
Prisoner KSC2-303: There's nothing left to destroy in this world. Now take me to the other side... brother!
Cop with Barrett: You wish to challenge me? The master of the martial arts? The fighter?
Driver: Are you okay, officer?
Fake Cop: [shoots him] Don't call me officer, asshole.
Crazy yakuza with amulet: They were definitely dead... but they came back to life!
Yakuza with glasses: So?
[after putting his fist through someone's chest]
Undead Thug: Did that hurt?
Girl: If you did something like that, you're no different from those men.
Prisoner KSC2-303: They're bastards, I'm not.
Undead Thug: You'll need an army to kill me. I'll give you untold power... in death!
Fighter: You'll never hit me with a bullet that slow.
Undead Thug: Why is nothing happening?
Prisoner KSC2-303: Don't touch my girl, fucking asshole.
Prisoner KSC2-303: I'd rather die than live with you.
Villain: Then die.
[shoots Prisoner KSC2-303 in the head]
Girl: You can't just hurt people for no reason!
Prisoner KSC2-303: A lot of people are better off dead.
Girl: That's not for you to judge!
Prisoner KSC2-303: What're you, a preacher?
Girl: [speaking to Villain at the end] I should have been on your side.
[Prisoner KSC2-303 slaps her]
Prisoner KSC2-303: Don't worry about me. I never lose.
Girl: I can't remember anything that happened before I got here.
Prisoner KSC2-303: Yeah, right.
Girl: How about you? Why were you in prison?
Prisoner KSC2-303: Well, I was...
Girl: You don't remember either?
Prisoner KSC2-303: I, uh, forget things easily.
Girl: Oh... you, too!
Crazy yakuza with amulet: So, shall I give you some time to rest? Like forever?
Villain: Because you interrupted me, I had to wait 500 years for that girl to reincarnate - it sucked.
Prisoner KSC2-303: I didn't mean to save you. They just pissed me off.
Prisoner KSC2-303: [Speaking to the yakuza] On your way to a party? Or are you trying to promote hoodlums?
Prisoner KSC2-303: Here's the thing, I'm a feminist.
[after kicking away a severed zombie head]
Prisoner KSC2-303: I'll play with you later.
Yakuza Leader with butterfly knife: [In a four-man Mexican stand-off] Hey, this is getting complicated.
Undead Thug: Human life is only for an instant.

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