There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side. These are concealed from all human beings. Somewhere in Japan exists the 444th portal.... The forest of resurrection.

[after putting his fist through someone's chest]
Undead Thug: Did that hurt?
Girl: If you did something like that, you're no different from those men.
Prisoner KSC2-303: They're bastards, I'm not.
Undead Thug: You'll need an army to kill me. I'll give you untold power... in death!
Fighter: You'll never hit me with a bullet that slow.
Undead Thug: Why is nothing happening?
Prisoner KSC2-303: Don't touch my girl, fucking asshole.
Prisoner KSC2-303: I'd rather die than live with you.
Villain: Then die.
[shoots Prisoner KSC2-303 in the head]
Girl: You can't just hurt people for no reason!
Prisoner KSC2-303: A lot of people are better off dead.
Girl: That's not for you to judge!
Prisoner KSC2-303: What're you, a preacher?
Girl: [speaking to Villain at the end] I should have been on your side.
[Prisoner KSC2-303 slaps her]
Prisoner KSC2-303: Don't worry about me. I never lose.
Girl: I can't remember anything that happened before I got here.
Prisoner KSC2-303: Yeah, right.
Girl: How about you? Why were you in prison?
Prisoner KSC2-303: Well, I was...
Girl: You don't remember either?
Prisoner KSC2-303: I, uh, forget things easily.
Girl: Oh... you, too!
Crazy yakuza with amulet: So, shall I give you some time to rest? Like forever?
Villain: Because you interrupted me, I had to wait 500 years for that girl to reincarnate - it sucked.
Prisoner KSC2-303: I didn't mean to save you. They just pissed me off.
Prisoner KSC2-303: [Speaking to the yakuza] On your way to a party? Or are you trying to promote hoodlums?
Prisoner KSC2-303: Here's the thing, I'm a feminist.
[after kicking away a severed zombie head]
Prisoner KSC2-303: I'll play with you later.
Yakuza Leader with butterfly knife: [In a four-man Mexican stand-off] Hey, this is getting complicated.
Undead Thug: Human life is only for an instant.
Fighter: You can't hit me! I have five hundred times faster reflexes then Mike Tyson!
Prisoner KSC2-303: What's all this got to do with me?
Girl: It's your destiny.
Prisoner KSC2-303: There's nothing left to destroy in this world. Now take me to the other side... brother!
[Shooting someone in the gut]
Head Yakuza: Die slowly, okay? We don't want you coming back alive on us.
Cop with Barrett: You wish to challenge me? The master of the martial arts? The fighter?
Crazy yakuza with amulet: They were definitely dead... but they came back to life!
Yakuza with glasses: So?
Driver: Are you okay, officer?
Fake Cop: [shoots him] Don't call me officer, asshole.

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